National Lighting Bureau Appoints New Chairman

 David Errigo, vice president of sales for luminaire manufacturer LumenOptix, has been elected chair of the National Lighting Bureau (NLB), the independent, not-for-profit, lighting-education foundation sponsored by professional societies, trade associations, manufacturers, utilities, and agencies of the U.S. government.
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Panelists at National Lighting Bureau Weigh in Opinions on IES TM-30-15

The Color-Rendering Index (CRI) is a well-established tool used to indicate how accurately a given light source renders color when compared to a "reference" light source. The higher a given light source’s CRI (rated on a 0% to 100% scale), the better its color-rendering ability is assumed to be.
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National Lighting Bureau Outlines 2014 Accomplishments

 “I have to believe that we are on the verge of some major breakthroughs, in large part because of the versatility and tunability of LED lighting.” So said the National Lighting Bureau’s outgoing chair, Howard P. Lewis (Viscor Group of Companies), in reviewing the Bureau’s 2014 accomplishments at the conclusion of his fifth and final year in office. The Bureau is an independent, IRS-recognized, not-for-profit lighting-education foundation that has served as a trusted public-information source since its founding in 1976. Its purpose is to help people make better decisions about lighting.
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National Lighting Bureau Launches 35th High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program

The National Lighting Bureau’s has announced its 35th annual High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program. The unique program is open to owners, architects, engineers, interior designers, facility and property managers, contractors, manufacturer’s representatives, utility employees, users, and virtually anyone else associated with a new or upgraded illumination system that provides at least some of the many benefits of what the Bureau calls High-Benefit Lighting(r).
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2013 Another Strong Year for the National Lighting Bureau

“The National Lighting Bureau has once again performed yeoman service for North America’s lighting community.” So said National Lighting Bureau Chair Howard P. Lewis (Viscor Group of Companies) in reviewing the Bureau’s 2013 accomplishments at the conclusion of his fourth year in office. The Bureau serves as an independent, IRS-recognized not-for-profit lighting-information source created (in 1976) to help people make better decisions about lighting.
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The National Lighting Bureau’s Board of Directors Share Insight on a Variety of Lighting Industry Topics

The National Lighting Bureau’s Board of Directors give an interview on topics including the role of market channels, the role of education, photopic/scotopic effect, perception of brightness and more.
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