UK Supermarket Optimizes Lighting to Solve Meat Discoloration Problem

The right lighting not only speeds up the growth of plants and boosts energy of people; it also slows down the discoloring of prepacked meat and lessens the problem of food waste. UK supermarket Coop tackled the issue of meat discoloration by changing the lighting of its refrigerators. The packaged meat stored in refrigerated cabinets would discolor over time and look less attractive to customer. The discoloration is a big issue for grocery retailers as they often have to withdraw the products from sale while they are still safe to eat. (Image: Philips Lighting) Coop in th...
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U.S. Grower Accelerates Rooting of Plants with Philips LED Grow Lights

Bordine’s is the largest family-owned grower and retail garden center operation in Michigan. The original Bordine’s location, which opened in 1939 in Rochester Hills, is one of the nation’s busiest garden centers. In the company’s 75-year history, Bordine’s has expanded to four locations including the 100-acre Bordine’s Farm in Grand Blanc, which was purchased in 1999.
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Lightings That Complete Gourmet Experience

Fast food restaurants simply rely on buzzing fluorescent lighting to bring in the customers; it’s bright, well-lit, simple and practical. At the other end of the spectrum is Dans le Noir, an international group of six restaurants in which the food is served in absolute darkness. The complete absence of any light at all is designed to heighten the experience of the other four senses. However, between these two extremes, there is an array of lighting choices, varying in intensity and tone that are fundamental to the ambience of any restaurant.
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Cree Kicks Off Sports Lighting Campaign with Aid from Soccer Captain Abby Wambach

In an intensely fought semi-final match on June 30, the U.S. women soccer team beat German team 2-0 at FIFA Women’s World Cup and secured its spot in the competition finals. Sharp-eyed viewers might recognize the team’s captain Abby Wambach had recently showed off her impressive goal shooting skills in U.S. LED manufacturer Cree’s sports lighting advertisement. The ad featuring Wambach had attracted more than 550,000 views in two weeks across all Cree and Abby Wambach social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, said Mike Watson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Cree.
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Ritsumeikan University Prevents Sneaky Recordings with LED Lighting System

A research team from Ritsumeikan University in Japan has developed a LED lighting system that can prevent unauthorized video recordings via mobile devices in public spaces.
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Global LEAP Awards Names Winning Off-Grid Color Televisions and LED Lighting Appliances

Winners have been named for the inaugural Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Appliance Awards competition, a Clean Energy Ministerial initiative to identify and promote the world's best, most energy-efficient off-grid color televisions and LED room lighting appliances.
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Heraeus Celcion Announces Proven Performance Benefits for LED Lighting Applications

Heraeus Precious Metals, world leader in industrial precious and specialty metals, is pleased to announce the continuing performance growth and reliability of Celcion™.
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LED Lighting Manufactures Race to Stake Claim in Distribution Channels

LED lighting over the next 3-5 years will experience rapid development. Whoever gains access to distribution channels will ultimately win the market as they are the key recourse for LED lighting application. Channels and brand name still remains as the main barrier for lighting applications. Brands with control over export markets will be in an active position. Lighting manufacturers employ different channel strategies depending on the market segments and client demands. High quality distribution channels are conducive towards manufactures that have a controlled accounts receivable turnover ratio and can avoid producing bad debts, as this can increase company revenue and profits.
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Adoption of HV LEDs Expands as Industry Moves to Cut Costs

LED lighting application is gradually maturing. In order to continue lowering costs for LED lighting products, there is a growing trend of manufacturers adopting High Voltage (HV) LEDs to simplify the power supply design. A large chunk of commercial and street lighting already uses HV LED components, according to Epistar. The company views is very optimistic of future  HV LEDs development in the lighting market. In the company’s product portfolio, mid voltage and high voltage LED chips makes up 10 percent of the company’s lighting products.
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