UPRtek Signed Distribution Agreement with Dragon Image in Oceania

United Power Research Technology (“UPRtek”) announced the signing of an agreement with Dragon Image ("Dragon Image "), for the distribution in Australia and New Zealand markets. Under the terms of the agreement with Dragon Image, Dragon Image will exercise market and handle commercial activities for UPRtek handheld spectrometer MK350 series and flicker meter MF250N in Australia and New Zealand.
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UPRtek Adds New LED Spectrometer to Product Portfolio

For any place where ambiance is important, you’ll have just what you need, and you didn’t know you needed, and more than you’ll ever need. To expand your operations and manager your LEDs efficiently, and with high confidence in data you are accumulating. Because of all, you’re just in the time for a new wave in advanced optical light measuring technology.
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HONGFANG is Not A UPRtek Affiliate or Online Distributor

The following concerns a online sales representative, HONGFANG, who has no legal authorization granted them to market or represent in any manner the product "MK 350" from the company UPRtek, who holds all rights to this product.
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UPRtek Basic MK350N have been Accepted of 2013 IES Progress Report

Each year, the Progress Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) solicits the lighting industry for product submissions. Accepted products are featured in the committee’s Progress Report at the IESNA annual conference and published in the IESNA’s publication, LD+A. The Progress Committee selects products that represent advancements to the art and science of lighting.
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UPRtek LED Meter MK350S Wins Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2014

MK350S was on market at end of year 2013, the adding new functions of CRI, COMPARE, LOG, LUX.G, BIN, CHCEKER, BROWSER and more than 30 lighting measurement units are try to fulfill all kinds of users. The lighting applications all over the human life are extending MK350S market to LED manufacture, cinema, lighting design, glasses design and plant factory industry.
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UPRTEK Launches Remote WiFI Spectrometer Control Application

According to a Google research report, Taiwan’s smart phone penetration rate from 2012 to 2013 increased from 32 percent to 51 percent (//services.google.com/fh/files/misc/omp-2013-tw-local.pdf) this means smartphones multi-functions has brought more convenience to people’s life. UPRTEK’s vision for smart phone applications began in 2010, the company has invested in R&D of mobile application research for both iOS and Android, the current major two operating systems.
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UPRtek Makes a Name for Taiwanese Manufacturers in the Handheld Spectrometer Market

The gradually maturing LED industry is also driving up light measurement demands. Taiwanese manufacturer UPRtek released its first popular portable spectrometer MK35ON in 2012. The company followed up on this success with the launch of a newer and more professional spectrometer, the MK350S Advanced in late 2013. 
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UPRtek Issues Notice on Unauthorized Online Retailers

It has come to our attention that RUIMINGSI operates a web site of www.mk350n.com, where the product MK350 is being displayed and marketed. No permission, or license to conduct such business has been issued to RUIMINGSI from UPRtek. Furthermore, we believe RUIMINGSI maybe committing an act of fraud in that they are providing instructions to potential customers for processing payments without actually providing the product. 
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