Bradford City Center Illuminated with Colorful RGB LED Lights

The City of Bradford in West Yorkshire has a history of industry and textiles production, evident in the listed Victorian architecture that remains today. Iconic buildings include City Hall, the former Wool Exchange and St George’s Hall - the oldest concert hall in Britain.
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Vishay Intertechnology Releases RGB LED

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new high-brightness, tricolor LED optimized for interior automotive lighting, RGB displays, and backlighting. Featuring separate red, green, and blue LED chips inside the compact 3.5 mm by 2.8 mm by 1.45 mm PLCC-6 surface-mount package, the Vishay Semiconductors VLMRGB6112..enables individual control of each chip, making it possible to realize every color within the color room defined by the gamut triangle area inside the CIE 1931 color space through color mixing.
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Lighting Designers Relit San Diego Trolley Station with Dynamic RGB LEDs

The San Diego Trolley Station at One America Plaza bustles each day with commuters traveling to and from work and tourists out and about seeing the historical sites of the city. Unlike typical dim and dismal public transportation stops, this station is adorned with a distinguishing feature—a stunning canopy of steel girders and opaque glass designed by acclaimed architect, Helmut Jahn. The canopy covers the waiting area and creates an overpass for the trolley as it enters and exits the station.
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EVERLIGHT Releases New Three-in-one RGB LED for Automotive Interior Applications

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, introduces 67-63U(AM), a three-in-one RGB LED with compact size and color transformation which has also passed AEC-Q101 as quality guarantee. EVERLIGHT's 67-63U(AM) is characterized by strong product features and quality which makes it ideally suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications.
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Almoe Group UAE Adds Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED PARs to Rental Collection

Leading Dubai-based AV and IT specialist, Almoe Group - which operates across the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and India - have invested in 100 Chroma-Q Color One 100 premium performance colour-changing LED PAR fixtures for their busy rental inventory.
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Sydney Landmarks Lit up with Colorful LED Projections

Technical Direction Company are bringing Sydney-siders their large-format video projection technology to two Must See events this year.
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Traxon Technologies Launches Cove Light AC HO RGBW

Traxon Technologies, a global leader in solid state lighting and control systems, launches Cove Light AC HO RGBW in 230V and 277V. Comprising pure white and RGB LEDs in optimized configuration, Cove Light AC HO RGBW truly generates seamless color mixing and unlimited lighting effects for indoor ambiance and accent.
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Learning How to Play the Piano with LED Keyboards

Traditional methods of learning to play an instrument can be frustrating for beginners, especially when it comes to memorizing instrument key position and music scores.
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ISSI Expands FxLED Family with Audio Modulated LED Driver

Integrated Silicon Solution, a leader in advanced memory and analog IC solutions, announced its high performance matrix LED driver for use in automotive, consumer, industrial and emerging IoT applications. The IS31FL3732 is a compact LED driver for RGB color-effect with pre-programmed lighting and animation functions. These pre-programmed functions are accessed via a fast 1MHz I2C compatible interface with robust EMI performance, which reduces microcontroller demand, enhances performance and improves battery life.
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Nexus 6 Has Hidden LED Indicator Light Features

Google flagship smartphone Nexus 6 has hidden a RGB LED light on top of the speaker grill, according to a Xda Developers Report.
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AmbiLED for Computer Monitors Gains Support on Kickstarter

Past Kickstarter ambient lighting projects were mainly focused on bringing colorful LED lights to TVs, and making home entertainment an immersive experience. Recently, a UK team has gotten even more personal by bringing DIY ambient lighting systems to the computer screen.
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SunLED Launches New Full Color Illumination LED

Look no further than SunLED’s new RGB for your high brightness, multi-color design requirements. This 4-leaded PLCC package provides a high intensity output in a reflective casing for an optimal mixture of colors in a compact footprint. With this cost effective RGB, you can seamlessly create any color of the visible spectrum with the adjustment of forward current. 
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Elation Introduces a Versatile RGB LED Color Changer Light For Indoor/Outdoor Use

Elation Professional has introduced new IP-rated Design LED 36 Pro, the company notes it like a chameleon so that rugged and powerful LED color changer can adapt to any application, whether indoor and outdoor architectural, entertainment, exhibition and production applications — anywhere a color changer is needed.
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Sharp: Chip LEDs offer up to 90 lumen per watt

In addition to the LED Lighting Module “Zenigata“, Sharp plans to expand its LED Line-up with white and RGB high brightness chip LEDs. It consists of 21 different types of white light LEDs and 11 different types of monochrome and RGB LEDs. The company notes they offer a high light performance of up to 90 lumen per watt.
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UPEC announces high-power RGB ceramic LED — HP 650 Series

UPEC Electronics Corp. announces the high-power RGB ceramic LED — HP 650 Series.
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Tokyo Electron Device launches RGB LED Control Driver

Recently, Tokyo Electron Device Ltd has launched an RGB LED control driver - the TE7118PF, for LED control applications such as LCD backlights, indoor LED lightings, and LED illumination lights. The TE7118PF can handle high voltages and has a constant-current output in the range 5mA to 30mA which can be configured via an external resistor.
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ON Semiconductor Introduces RGB LED Pixel Drivers for architectural lighting apps

Recently, ON Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of high-performance, energy-efficient silicon solutions, has expanded its line of constant-current, LDD(TM) products acquired from Catalyst Semiconductor, including two new high-brightness RGB LED pixel drivers - the CAT4103 and CAT4109.
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The Breakthrough of Backlighting LCD Displays with RGB LEDs

Recently, Microsemi Corporation announced the first public demonstration of its breakthrough color management solution for RGB LED backlighting of LCD displays, at Electronica 2008, Hall A4.525, in Munich.
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LED backlights have a bright future in LCD TVs

It’s reported that the use of LED backlights in LCD TVs will start to grow rapidly from 2009 as TV makers introduce slimmer models.
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Seeing “Green Displays” at FPD International 2008

Now, some manufacturers were becoming more and more serious about energy-saving technologies and other green technologies. At FPD International 2008, there exhibits booths of Korean and Taiwanese panel manufacturers, looking for their green technologies. Standing out the most at every booth were low power LCD TV panels.
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LSCG Supplies LED Lighting Systems for Dutch Nightclub

Recently, Lighting Science Group (LSCG), a global developer and integrator of intelligent and efficient LED solutions, announced that it has installed several integrated LED systems to create an interactive, dynamic lighting experience for the newly opened Club Devo in Goes, Netherlands. Using close to 100 percent LED technology for its lighting needs, Club Devo is the first nightclub in Europe believed to implement LED lighting systems on such a large scale.
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RGB-LED Development Board Includes Wireless Remote

Addressing the high level of interest in solid-state lighting, TPS62260LED LED develoipment board from Texas Inatruments enables lighting designers to develop and evaluate a variable-color RGB-LED lighting system using an RF lighting control for management of lighting intensity and color. The board combines three OSRAM high-brightness LEDs (red, green and blue) with an MSP430F2131 microcontroller to control the brightness of each LED using the output of three dedicated TPS62260 solid-state lighting drivers (SSLD).
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Forge Europa Produces Flexible and Rigid RGB and Single Color LED Strips

Forge Europa of Ulverston, UK, has introduced a line of LED light strips. The company's strips are either rigid or flexible and can come in a choice of RGB combination or single colors such as cool white, warm white, red, amber, green, and blue. The RGB strips measure 400mm, and the single color strips measure 500mm. The strips have a single connection at one end, and up to four strips can be connected end-to-end for illumination lengths of 1600mm or 2000mm.
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