Nanochemistry Innovator Light Polymers Releases Crystallin®: Spectrum-Specific LED Downlighting

Light Polymers revealed the upcoming Crystallin® product line, with spectrum-specific, lyotropic based photonic films. Lyotropic material technology is now being applied to create an advanced photonic film that enables safe, comfortable, high color rendering index (CRI) downlights. Saving 20% to 25% on electricity costs, Crystallin®downlights have less lumen drop and color shift over time versus current LED based downlight offerings.
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Zumtobel's SUPERSYSTEM II – Compact Dimensions Combined with Comprehensive Lighting Competence

SUPERSYSTEM II is a multifunctional LED lighting tool famed for its stringent miniaturisation and virtually limitless usability. The addition of recessed downlights and spotlights in three different sizes and with extremely low installation depths, along with recessed tracks and corresponding accessories, now offers yet more flexibility and enhanced design possibilities.
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Tridonic Introduces Compact System Solution for Downlights – Fourth Generation DLE

The fourth generation of the DLE ADVANCED module proves itself through high module efficacy and flexibility in driver selection. Users can select the most suitable LED driver depending on the application.
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Amerlux Adds Upper Reflector with Solite Lens as a Standard Offering for Square Downlights

Resolving the challenge to project even illumination from square downlights when using a round LED light source, Amerlux has developed a patent-pending upper reflector that can be combined with the Solite optic for square downlight families. This cutting edge optical technology eliminates glare, dark corners and non-uniformity within square trims while delivering clean, visually comfortable and highly efficient lighting with Evoke 2.9", Evoke 4.75" and Hornet 3.5" downlight families.
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Amerlux Introduces LED Downlight Solution for Hospitality and High-Rise Living

Designed to elevate the experience of urban residential luxury and hospitality settings, Amerlux introduces Essenza LED, a small luminaire offered in a round or square trim design for downlights, wall washers and shower lights. Essenza is designed for shallow plenums down to 4" while offering the aesthetics, flexibility, nanotechnology engineering and code-ready attributes to complete any design perfectly.
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WAC Lighting Unveils Architecturally Scaled LED Downlights for Fine Retailers

WAC Lighting has unveiled an architecturally scaled family of luminaires engineered with precision that has resulted in sophisticated lighting designs. The new 4.5-inch Volta LED downlight series represents an innovation in design and technology for retailers. This high lumen family of fixtures enables lighting designers an advanced system for a clean, uncluttered ceilings with Invisible Trim™ options in high illuminance retail, hospitality and residential applications where comfortable ambiance is desired.
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Philips Lighting Launches LED Downlights for Architectural Lighting

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, today announced a new addition to the Philips Lightolier portfolio of products with the debut of the Philips Lightolier Calculite LED Generation 3 downlight.
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Bartheleme Releases Two New LED Downlights

Barthelme LED Solutions complements its luminaire portfolio with two high quality downlight series in three performance packages and twelve individual forms for indoor illumination. With the new recessed downlights Treviso, and the surface-mounted downlights Trieste, from the Nuremburg manufacturer of customized lighting systems, the user benefits in the implementation or expansion of numerous lighting scenarios. 320 possible configurations assist planners, designers and architects in the composition of a tailored lighting concept. The downlights of the Treviso and Trieste series are manufactured in Germany and satisfy highest quality demands.
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CSL® Expands Low Power Density Eco-Downlights

CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting), manufacturer of high performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial and residential projects, has released their newest Eco-Downlight offerings: 1", 3" and 5" LPD (Low Power Density) Eco-Downlights. Introduced at the June Dallas Market, the new LPDs round out CSL’s Eco-Downlight collections. As LEDs continue to become brighter and brighter you need less and less wattage per square foot. “Low Power Density” LEDs have the reliability and quality of CSL’s normal downlights in a smaller wattage package.
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DOE Webinar: Dimmable LED Downlights in Hospitality Facilities

On Tuesday, September 9, the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Alliance will host a 60-minute live webinar entitled Better than CFL? Dimmable LED Downlights in Hospitality Facilities.
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GE’s Lumination Launches RS Series LED Downlights

Now offered in 4-inch and 6-inch versions, the Lumination™ RS Series LED DownLight from GE Lighting provides a contractor-grade, energy-efficient lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces. With a variety of one-to-one replacement options for incandescent, halogen and screw-in CFL recessed cans, the Lumination RS Series LED DownLight is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, making it ideal for the simplest of projects.
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GE’s Lumination™ LED DownLights Now Offered in More Versatile and Designer-Friendly Options

GE’s Lumination™ LED DownLights are now available with new reflector finishes and anodized color options, offering even greater versatility and customization of the energy-efficient Lumination DI Series for new construction of high-end retail, commercial office and hospitality spaces.
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Cree Retrofits Arizona Walgreens with Energy Saving LED Lighting

 Walgreens Co., one of the nation’s leading retailers, selected energy-efficient LED lighting by Cree, Inc.  for its Goodyear, Ariz. location, delivering superior illumination while lowering the total cost of ownership compared to fluorescent lighting alternatives. The 14,820 square-foot store now features Cree® LED troffers, linear luminaires and downlights, saving the retailer thousands in annual energy and maintenance costs.
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GlacialLight Releases 6” Surface Mounted LED Down Lights with AC and DC Input

GlacialLight, a division of lighting and technology manufacturer GlacialTech, announces the newest addition to its down light range with 6” surface mounted down lights. The GL-DL06-SM down light series are all-in-one lighting fixtures which can be installed without drilling holes in ceilings or walls. These surface mounted lighting fixtures are highly compatible with a range of electrical standards around the world and offer high quality light at various color temperatures. Non-dimmable, 3-in-1 dimmable, AC-TRIAC dimmable, and DC input options are available.
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GE Launches Lumination RI Series LED Downlights for High and Low Ceiling Spaces

Maintaining the finely tuned aesthetics in retail, office and hospitality spaces while reaping energy savings has never been easier than with the Lumination RS Series LED DownLight from GE Lighting. Offering specification-grade, one-to-one replacement and standard 90 CRI, a lighting upgrade utilizing the Lumination RI Series downlights can bring increased flexibility, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs to your facility, all while enhancing the original design integrity of your space. GE’s Lumination RS Series LED Downlights offer manageable retrofit lighting solutions for high and low ceilings.
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