Nan Ya Photonics Aims to Innovate in High-Value Health and Hazardous LED Lighting Applications

These days, LEDs are increasingly being used as replacements for traditional lamps and other electronic appliances. This makes sense, since lighting in general is responsible for up to 20% of the world's electricity consumption. As a result, it has become even more crucial to develop advanced LED materials and technology that produce more light while maintaining efficiency and reliability. In many ways, Taiwan is a leader in the LED industry, since it consistently places at the top of global rankings for LED component output value, while continuing to introduce leading-edge technological advancements.
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Emberlight Smart Socket to Challenge LED Smart Light Industry

Just as the LED industry is getting comfy with the concept of smart lights, a new company Emberlight has stepped up the game with a socket capable of turning any dimmable light into smart lights--be it incandescent, halogen, CFL or LEDs.
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Architainment Gives a Peak into LED Technology Development

The Re:Lit project isn’t just about picking up the phone, it is about developing working relationships and seeing what happens. Architainment have a great support network which front a huge range of lighting. It’s also great to go and see how people operate and be able to talk openly with manufacturers, rather than rush everything into a demo session or short lunch break. 
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Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy... READ MORE

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted the large-scale search for practical solutions that can prevent the spread of the deadly virus — from researchers and scientists committed to finding a solution, to the manufacturers and consu... READ MORE