Interview with Lighting Designer Randy Burkett

The latest Philips Lumec blog entry by the company’s Sabrina-Santoro gives delves into the world of lighting designer Randy Burkett.
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Korean Artist Design Lights Up to Music Beats

In this latest lighting project entry by Adam Burton, Social Media Manager, Zumtobel Lighting introduces a new lighting display that “dances” to music beats. Famed Korean artist Sung Wan Kim uses his installation "I will dress you, howl bowel owl" to play with the mediums of light and sound. In collaboration with the musician David Michael DiGregorio (aka dogr), Sung Wan Kim has composed an audio piece using the works of poets such as Rainer Maria Rilke as a source of inspiration. A key component of the project - the lighting - was realized in cooperation with Zumtobel.
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Three U.S. Finalists Compete for Prestigious GE Edison Award

GE Lighting announced three finalists in its 31st annual international GE Edison Award competition from the GE Lighting Institute, a teaching facility at the heart of GE Lighting’s Nela Park world headquarters in East Cleveland, Ohio. This year’s finalists represent an arts performing center, the headquarters for a global investment firm, and an event and conference addition to a cultural center.
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Jim Campbell Moving LED Sculptures Enliven New York Art Scene

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Jim Campbell from March 7 - April 19, 2014. The show will focus on the pioneering artist's most recent series of sculptural light installations. A consummate innovator, Campbell is considered one of the leading artists working today in the field of new media.
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Seven Challenges Lighting Designers Face when Using LEDs

Do LED lights always live up to manufacturers label claims in real-life applications? Not all the time, according to James Wallace, Principal and Design Director of Light Plan and Director of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA). Speaking at a presentation at 2014 Taiwan Solid State Lighting Forum organized by Industrial Technology Research Institute at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on March 20, 2014, Wallace highlighted seven obstacles lighting designers still face when using LEDs as a light source.
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New TARA2000-AUT-SAFE family includes unique interlock loop method for completely safeguarding ultra-fast detection of faults that can compromise eye safety Interlock method reduces bill of materials resulting in lower system cost 940nm emitte... READ MORE

40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE