NEMA Argues California LED Color Temperature Regulations Will Make Lights Less Efficient

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) called on the California Energy Commission (CEC) today to ensure that California consumers have access to the most efficient and cost-effective LED bulbs currently on the market.
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LED Streetlights Ruining Nighttime Mood for New Yorkers

Global LED streetlight installments have often been the center of controversy, even though the streetlights are capable of cutting energy consumption costs. Citizens exposed to the new LED streetlights have often complained the lights were too bright, or in certain cases ruining scenarios. New Yorkers have been the latest to complain about the glare and uncomfortable lighting emitted from LEDs.
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IHS: What Color Are Your Lights?

The smart lighting industry has recently released a flurry of new product announcements for color-changeable and white-temperature tunable luminaires -- including Cree, which has added color tunability to their SmartCast solution -- however, with most consumers happy with their existing white color lighting, how will be market be affected by the rise of these new products?
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Dutch University Develops Warm Color LEDs with Different Coating Material

When the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded this October to three Japanese-born scientists for the invention of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs), the prize committee declared LED lamps would light the 21st century. Now researchers from the Netherlands have found a novel way to ensure the lights of the future not only are energy efficient but also emit a cozy warmth.
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Human Centric Smart Lighting, Are We There Yet?

Smart lighting emerged in recent years as a promising technology that has attracted investments from many institutes and LED companies, but further R&D is required before the technology can become truly human centric, said Pei-Ting Chou, Manager, Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories, ITRI, at LEDforum 2014, which was held on Oct. 24, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.
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L.J. Star White Paper: Keep Light Cool for Best Sight Glass View

L.J. Star Inc., a supplier of sight glass lighting, has released a new white paper that discusses the results of a study used to determine which color temperature of white light is best suited for illuminating the interior of stainless steel process vessels. A good view is essential for observing the characteristics of the process medium and for verifying process steps such as clean-in-place. 
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Ledzworld Launches Color Temperature Adjustable LED MR16 Lamp

Ledzworld will display at Light + Building next week a breakthrough color temperature adjustable LED MR16 lamp that perfectly emulates the color tones of halogen light bulbs when dimmed. Now users can create the right color temperature ambiance through dimming while enjoying the energy-efficient and long-lasting benefits of LED lighting.
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Seven Challenges Lighting Designers Face when Using LEDs

Do LED lights always live up to manufacturers label claims in real-life applications? Not all the time, according to James Wallace, Principal and Design Director of Light Plan and Director of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA). Speaking at a presentation at 2014 Taiwan Solid State Lighting Forum organized by Industrial Technology Research Institute at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on March 20, 2014, Wallace highlighted seven obstacles lighting designers still face when using LEDs as a light source.
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