Effects of LED Spectral Quality and Light Intensity on Plant Growth

In horticultural operations, LED lamps are becoming recognized as an important advance in artificial lighting. Among other benefits, LED lighting systems can offer durability, long operating lifetimes, and high energy efficiency. Researchers published a study in the March 2016 issue of HortScience that shows that continuous spectrum LEDs made specifically for horticultural can be superior to conventional white LEDs in terms of plant response and energy efficiency.
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Quality of Light is an Essential Factor in Choosing LED lighting for Business Environments, says Leapfrog

Contrary to popular marketing notions, a recent poll by Leapfrog Lighting, places quality as a highly significant factor in choice of LED bulbs. With 82.5% of business owners rating quality of light as extremely important or important, energy savings, environmental benefits and lower cost of ownership are no longer the decisive factors in a buying decision. Only 5.8% of those polled indicated quality was "not important."
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Cree Delivers Breakthrough Light Quality for Linear Lighting Applications

Cree, Inc. introduces the LS Series linear LED luminaire, designed to replace the hundreds of millions of fluorescent strip, wrap and industrial fixtures currently installed in North America. The Cree® LS Series linear LED luminaire offers a market leading combination of sleek aesthetics and high performance, and complements Cree’s extensive troffer and linear luminaire portfolio.
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