Acquisition Synergies Expected to Help MLS and LEDVANCE Shine Brighter

Due to a major asset restructuring, from July 18, 2016, shares trade of MLS, China’s leading LED packaging manufacturer, remained suspended until May 2, 2017. MLS announced it would spend up to RMB 4 billion (around US$580 million) to acquire the whole ownership of Guangdong Mingxin Optoelectronic, which holds a 100% stake in LEDVANCE. By doing so, MLS would gain full control of LEDVANCE, originally Osram’s lamps and lighting unit. This partnership is expected to create synergies in manufacturing, distribution, R&D, and branding, offering both sides important competitive advantages in the post LED lighting era.
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Opportunities: Next Emerging LED Markets

LEDs have become mainstream lighting applications. In recent years, market penetration rate of LED lighting has increased rapidly, and in 2016 the downtrend in prices became less noticeable. However, market growth has slowed, suggesting that global demand has become uneven.   
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LEDinside: Top Three Emerging LED Markets with Huge Economic Potential

China’s strategic “One belt, one road” policy has sparked local manufacturers interests of exporting products abroad, but most are afraid to take action. Statistics from different research organizations have varied widely. Many research organizations only speak about potential opportunities at investor conferences, few talk about potential investment risks.
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LEDinside: Latest LED Market Opportunities and Challenges

Intense market competition from Chinese manufacturers has driven down profits for LED manufacturers, cost efficient technologies and getting the most out of cost/performance ratios has driven LED chip technologies to ever new economic developments.
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Emerging Markets LED Industry Trends

Manufacturers, who hope to leave the fiercely competitive Chinese lighting market and other mature lighting markets, are turning their attention to emerging Southeast Asian markets or even Russia, said Roger Chu, Research Director of LEDinside at LEDforum 2014 which took place in Taipei, Taiwan last month.
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Taiwan Manufacturers Revisit Istanbul to Showcase LED Lighting Solutions

The Green Trade Project Office under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs is set to return to Istanbul for the third exhibition event of its 2014 Green Light campaign, leading a delegation of exhibitors to participate once again in the LED and LED Lighting Exhibition, scheduled to be held on September 25-28 at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM).
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Government Policies Spur Thai Lighting Market Growth

Thailand’s LED lighting market demands have increased since the government heavily promoted energy efficient lighting, while LED luminaire prices have dropped, according to a report by Economic Daily News.
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China LED Exports to Russia Grow Exponentially in First Half of 2014

Intensified market competition in the Chinese market caused local manufacturers to turn their attention to emerging oversea markets. Russia has become a dark horse in China’s LED industry, quickly ascending to second largest export market status in less than one year. In 2013, the country could not even be found among China’s top five LED export markets.
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Taiwan MOE Attends EXPOLUX Brazil to Deepen Presence in Southern Hemisphere Market

The Green Trade Project Office under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs has continued to deepen its presence in the emerging Southern Hemisphere market, leading a delegation of Taiwanese LED lighting manufacturers to participate in the biennial EXPOLUX trade show scheduled to be held on April 22-26 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in an effort to help Taiwanese companies expand business opportunities.
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