Sony Reveals Pricing for Its 8K, 4K LED and OLED TV Lineup

Sony announced the price and availability for its 2020 TV models demonstrated at CES earlier this year. The 2020 TV lineup includes series of 8K/4K LED TVs and 4K OLED TVs from US$599.99 to US$9999.99. The most expensive product announced by Sony this time is its Z8H 8K HDR LED TVs, the 85-inch model will cost US$9999.99 and the 75-inch one is US$6999.99. With Sony’s Full Array LED technology with 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, the product series features local dimming to address better contrast similar to Mini LED backli...
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Philips Reveals First 4K OLED TV

Philips has unveiled a 55-inch 4K OLED TV at IFA 2016 that it has coined 901F TV, reported the Verge.
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LG Electronic to Launch New 4K OLED TV in Taiwan

Senior LG executives spoke about the company’s OLED TV market strategy at a press conference hosted at The Humble Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan earlier Tuesday.
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LG 4K Curved OLED TV to Hit UK Market by October

LG has launched two new 4K curved OLED TVs in the UK, available in 77in and 64in screen sizes. The OLED TVs will be available in the UK by October 2014 at US $ 10,000 and US $34,000 respectively.
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