Philips Lighting Proposes Appointment of New Supervisory Board Members

Philips Lighting announced that its Supervisory Board will propose the appointment of two new members, Jill Lee and Gerard van de Aast. 
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Foreverlamp Appoints New President and COO

Foreverlamp, a privately held company founded by Peter Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group, announced a new President and a slate of Executive officers. The changes are designed to allow the company’s leadership team to maximize time and attention to focus on seizing additional new growth opportunities and initiatives for LED lighting.  
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Seoul Semiconductor Appoints New CEO for Europe Operations

Andreas Weisl (38), former Vice President Europe of Korean LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor (SSC), has taken on the position of CEO at Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH based Munich, Germany, with effect from Nov. 11, 2016.
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MLS Nominates LED Veteran Guoqing Tang as Independent Director

MLS board recently nominated Guoqing Tang, a seasoned professional in China’s LED industry, as one of the company’s independent director.
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LSI Industries Appoints Jay Matsueda as New Marketing Director

LSI Industries is pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Matsueda as Senior Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications for the Lighting Solutions division. Jay will report to Shawn Toney, President of LSI Lighting Solutions. 
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GTAT Appoints David Keck as CEO

GT Advanced Technologies,announced that Tom Gutierrez is retiring from the company and has resigned as Chief Executive Officer and as a director. The Board of Directors appointed David Keck, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Polysilicon and Photovoltaic business, as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.
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Lighting Science Group Appoints New Executive Vice President of Sales

Global LED manufacturer Lighting Science Group Corporation announced today that Daniel Horan has been appointed Executive Vice President of Sales. Horan brings a strong track record of proven sales and strategies to guide the company’s expansion of global retail and on-line sales capabilities. He will be playing a key role in bringing Lighting Science’s innovative LED product assortment - ranging from biologically correct lighting for home and work to retail and commercial applications - into the hands of the global consumer through these critical channels.
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NVC Lighting Removes Wu Changjiang from CEO Role

The board of directors of the Company (the “Board”) announces that it has resolved to remove Mr Wu Changjiang (吳長江) from the office of chief executive officer of the Company, and to appoint Mr Wang Donglei (王冬雷) as the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company. The Board has also resolved to remove Wu Changyong (吳長勇), Mu Yu (穆宇) and Wang Minghua (王明華) from their offices of Vice President of the Company, to requisition for an extraordinary general meeting of the Company (the “EGM”), and to propose an ordinary resolution at the EGM to remove Mr Wu Changjiang (吳長江) from the office of executive director of the Company.
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MaxLite Appoints New Vice President of Operations

MaxLite, a global manufacturing and marketing leader of energy-efficient lighting solutions, announces the appointment of Paul Shaskan as vice president of operations.
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