Lighting Designers Relit San Diego Trolley Station with Dynamic RGB LEDs

The San Diego Trolley Station at One America Plaza bustles each day with commuters traveling to and from work and tourists out and about seeing the historical sites of the city. Unlike typical dim and dismal public transportation stops, this station is adorned with a distinguishing feature—a stunning canopy of steel girders and opaque glass designed by acclaimed architect, Helmut Jahn. The canopy covers the waiting area and creates an overpass for the trolley as it enters and exits the station.
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Co-workers Pay Tribute to Lighting Designer That Died in Paris Attack

Nathalie Jardin, the 31-year- old lighting designer who has been working at Bataclan for almost four years, was one of the 89 people killed in the terrorist attacks at Bataclan in Paris on Friday night, Nov. 13, 2015, reported Live Design.
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Lighting Designer Helen Diemer on Career in Lighting

Helen Diemer, President of The Lighting Practice in Philadelphia, PA, started her career as an electrical engineer, but was quickly drawn to lighting design. After graduating from Penn State University as an architectural engineer, she joined the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and International Association of Lighting Designers(IALD) and blazed her career path in lighting design. She joined The Lighting Practice in 1994; five years after Al Borden founded the firm.
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Interview with Amospheric Strategist Galina Zbrizher

When Galina Zbrizher of Total Lighting Solutions in Vancouver, Canada started working in the lighting industry about 30 years ago, lighting design and technologies were still in the early stages of development. She participated in shaping the industry by serving on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), serving as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) – Toronto Section, a Chair of the IES Hospitality Facilities Committee and active contributor to the IES Design Guide for Hotel Lighting DG-25, by serving seven years on the LIGHTFAIR® International Conference Advisory Committee, and finally as a judge for several lighting design competitions and contributing author for lighting design publications.
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Lighting Designer Henning Schletter Lights Up Jaguar XEguar Berlin Launch with GLP LED Bars

Experienced German lighting designer, Henning Schletter (of Imaginary Lights) has become one of the first creatives in the world to adopt GLP’s new impression X4 Bar 20 LED batten lights – deploying them at a major product launch for Jaguar, in front of a star-studded audience that included British actor, and Hollywood star, Idris Elba.
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Lighting Designer Claudia Paz Transforms Public Spaces into Art

Peruvian lighting designer Claudia Paz shared her insight on the creative process of architectural lighting design during a presentation at Philips Color Kinetics in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, on September 25, 2014. The renowned lighting designer discussed her key influences and most memorable projects, including her involvement with the recent Banco del Crédito de Peru (BCP) Affinity lighting installation.
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