Philips Says Lighting Business IPO Could Raise More than $950 M

Philips has decided on the price for its initial public offering for its lighting unit recently, and estimates the spinoff could raise between EUR 694 million and EUR 844 million (US $785 million to US$ 954 million), reported Wall Street Journal.
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Philips Lighting IPO Announcement Leaves These Potential Acquisitors Heartbroken

Royal Philips announced on Tuesday its lighting business’s “historical” Initial Public Offering (IPO), which will result in the listing of the lighting business on the Dutch bourse , and aims to sell at least 25% of its shares in the lighting company. The announcement ended contending Chinese and foreign investors takeover bid of the lighting business.
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Chinese financial institutes: Osram's Lighting Business Average Worth About EUR 720M

The word was out last Friday that Osram is in the process of selling its lamp business, which comprises traditional lighting businesses and LED luminaires, with Chinese manufacturers showing the greatest interest in bidding for the German company’s prized luminaire businesses.
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GE’s New Energy Business Changes the Power Game

GE announced recently the creation of Current, a startup that combines energy hardware with a digital backbone to make power simpler and more efficient for customers.
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Osram Supervisory Board Approves Lamp Business Spin-off

Osram is making further progress regarding its realignment. In an extraordinary meeting, the supervisory board of OSRAM Licht AG approved the carve-out of the general lighting lamps business. As an independent entity, the business will be able to operate more freely on the market and realize strategic options, such as partnerships, more easily. Jes Munk Hansen, until now CEO of the Americas region, will lead the lamps business in the future. "Today's supervisory board decision lays the foundation for our strategic orientation toward growth, innovation and technology leadership," said Olaf Berlien, Chief Executive Officer of OSRAM Licht AG.
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[Update] Osram Parts with General Lighting Businesses to Focus on Specialty Lighting

German lighting manufacturer Osram announced it will be spinning off its conventional lighting business and LED bulbs business recently.
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[Breaking News]: Osram Spins Off General Lighting Business

German lighting giant Osram announced it will be spinning off its general lighting business including general LED lighting into an independent company.
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[Update] Philips Lumileds and Automotive Lighting Business to Trade under New Brand Name in 2015

Philips Lumileds and Philips automotive lighting business will be rebranded under a new company name in 2015, said Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director, Asia, Philips Lumileds at LEDforum 2014, which took place on Friday in Taipei, Taiwan.
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