Litecool Develops Narrow Beam LED Packages Without Secondary Optics

Litecool have shown promising results for new LED package design that gives focused light beams with no secondary optics or reflectors.
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Litecool Launches Dielectric LED Packages

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), has produced LED packages using a new dielectric material that has a thermal conductivity of 1000 W/mK – 3 times higher than copper and 30 times better than alumina ceramic.
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Litecool Opens New LED Packaging Lab

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), has opened a new clean room facility to research, develop, prototype and test new LED packaging technologies. The laboratory includes all the equipment needed to mount bare LEDs into packages, COBs and arrays. This will speed up time to market for new packaging technologies from Litecool.
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Litecool Files PCB-Free LED Package Patent: “Lumen Block”™

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), a innovator in LED packaging and thermal performance, announced today that it has filed a patent on a PCB-free LED package known as Lumen Block™. This new technology enables the assembly of LED arrays with no circuit board putting the LED package directly on the heat sink for ultimate thermal performance and cost reduction.
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Litecool Launches New LED Modules

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), announced its LineX modules achieved new levels of light output, efficiency and light intensity. This enables more high powered lighting applications with minimal form factor and maximum reliability.
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