Pixelligent Technologies Awarded $2.15 Million in Grant Funding from U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Defense

Pixelligent Technologies awarded 2 grants from the Dept. of Energy to advance its leadership position in OLED Lighting technology and a grant from the Dept. of Defense to further develop its Lubricant technology application.
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Pixelligent Technologies Recognized as a Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2017 Winner

Pixelligent Technologies, the leader in high-index advanced materials (PixClear®) for the display, solid state lighting and optical components markets, announced that it has been recognized as a Manufacturing Leadership Awards winner for its outstanding achievement in engineering and production technology leadership in developing its PixClearProcess™.
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Pixelligent New Taiwan Office to Head its Asian Market Strategy

Advanced optical material specialist Pixelligent is ramping up its deployment strategy in Asia, and set up a new office in Taoyuan, Taiwan two months ago, said the company CEO Craig Bandes in an exclusive interview with LEDinside.
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Pixelligent Closes $10.4 Million in Funding

Pixelligent Technologies, the leader in high-index advanced materials for Solid State Lighting and Display applications and producer of PixClear® products, announced that it closed US $10.4 million in new funding. The round was led by The Abell Foundation, The Bunting Family Office, and David Testa, the former Chief Investment Officer of T. Rowe Price. Funds will be used to complete the installation of additional manufacturing capacity, open new offices in Asia, and continue to drive innovation in lighting, display and optical applications.
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Pixelligent Focuses on Improving Light Extraction Efficiency with Zirconia Nanocrystal Technology

How can LED and OLED manufacturers improve light extraction efficiency? Advanced materials specialist Pixelligent CEO Craig Bandes recently spoke to LEDinside about the company’s zirconia nanocrystal technology, and its applications in different end markets encompassing LED packages, OLED technology, optical components and panel displays.
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Pixelligent Projections for High Refractive Index Applications in 2016

Pixelligent, the leader in high-index advanced materials, announced today its 2016 predictions for high refractive index applications in the electronics markets that it serves.
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Pixelligent Introduces New ETA Materials for Display and Optical Components

Pixelligent, the leader in high-index advanced materials, today launched a new family of PixClear® materials for display and optical components and films. The PixClear product line is now available in a new solvent system -- a low boiling ethyl acetate (ETA) -- that delivers the same high performance while easing integration with customer manufacturing processes. Now leading manufacturing companies will have the choice of a standard, high boiling propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (PGMEA) or the low boiling ETA for their testing. These materials are available in both 20 percent and 50 percent loadings for PixClear PG and PixClear PB.
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Pixelligent Demonstrates New OLED Light Extraction Technology for Increased Light Output

Pixelligent, the leader in high-index materials, announced today the development of a new OLED light extraction technology that dramatically increases light output in their customer's OLED Lighting devices. Pixelligent founder and chief technology officer, Dr. Gregory Cooper, presented the new technology at the 17th Annual OLEDs World Summit.
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Pixelligent Introduced New Light Extraction Materials for OLED Lighting

Pixelligent Technologies, the leading manufacturer of high index materials for demanding optoelectronics applications, announces the addition of four new OLED lighting products to its PixClear® Zirconia nanocrystal family. These new products will deliver revolutionary light extraction and efficiency for a wide variety of OLED Lighting applications.
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Pixelligent Closes US$3.4M in Funding

Pixelligent Technologies, producer of PixClear®, the leading producer of nanocrystal dispersions for demanding applications in LED lighting, OLED Lighting, and Optical Coatings and Films markets, announced today that it closed US $3.4 million in new funding. The funds will be used to support accelerating customer growth throughout the world and to increase its manufacturing capacity to 40+ tons per year starting in 2016.
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Pixelligent Closes $5.5 Million in Funding

Pixelligent Technologies, producer of PixClear™, the leading nanocrystal dispersions for demanding applications in the Solid State Lighting and Optical Coatings & Films markets, announced today that it closed $5.5 million in new equity funding. The funds will be used to support its accelerating customer growth in Asia, the EU and the U.S., and also to hire application engineers, product managers, manufacturing engineers, and staff scientists.
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