Billion Electric Supports Taipei Freeway Smart LED Streetlight Network Project

Billion Electric, the global leader and developer of enterprise-level ICT and Intelligent Energy Management technologies, is pleased to announce that its LCMS™ (Smart Street Light Control and Management System) has been adopted by the Taipei City Government to complete a freeway Smart LED Street Light project in the city. In the cooperation with the Taiwanese Ministry of Economy, Billion LCMS™ demonstrates the capability to automatically report street light failures and repairing information, advanced scheduling and dimming features, and control intelligence and energy-efficiency.
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Billion Electric Installs Smart Connected Lights in Taipei

Billion Electric, a leading networking and energy management solutions provider, today announces that it is in a strategic partnership with numerous LED streetlight vendors to deploy its Smart Streetlight Control Solution (LCMS) for a city-wide street light infrastructure project, providing automatic dimming and energy saving controls based on environmental illumination, motion, and regional sunrise and sunset schedules. Billion is in collaboration with the Bureau of Energy, Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs to expand its system capacity controlling up to 6,000 street lights for a freeway project.
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Billion Electric to Unveil Remote Interior Lighting Control System at Computex 2015

Billion Electric, one of the largest cellular CPE and energy management solution providers in the Asia-Pacific rim, will debut Billion’s Interior Lighting Control and Management System (ILCMS) designed to remotely monitor and manage residential, commercial and industrial luminaries during Computex, Taipei from June 2nd -4th. Incorporating the Billion’s BEsmart Energy Monitoring Cloud and Smartphone APP, operators not only can track the energy consumption of different lighting fixtures, but also schedule certain dimming time to automatically switch lighting on/off to minimize energy waste, boost lighting efficiency and save up utility at an economic cost.
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Billion Electric to Showcase at Expo Electronica Russia and Poland Light

Billion Electric, a pioneered leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced LED power supply and lighting solutions, today announces to exhibit its latest outdoor LED drivers and Smart Lighting Solution at EXPO Electronika Russia and Poland LIGHT.
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Billion Electric: A New Pioneer in Smart Lighting Solutions and LED Drivers

Billion Electric (TAIEX: 3027) announced the launch of Smart Lighting Control Management System (LCMS) and High Efficiency Class 2 Drivers to the global LED Lighting market.
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