Former TCP Lighting CEO Ellis Yan Settles Lawsuit with Former Lawyer for $3.9 M

U.S. LED manufacturer TCP International Holding (TCP) ex-CEO Ellis Yan has settled a lawsuit brought up by former lawyer Laura Hauser, for US $3.9 million, according to a Cleveland.com report.
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Innovative Products at LED Expo Thailand 2015

The Thailand LED luminaire market is still pretty much focused on conventional replacement products, such as LED T8 tube lights and LED bulbs, but some bold manufacturers are hoping to introduce smart LED lighting products as observed at LED Expo Thailand 2015, which took place in late May this year at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.
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Drivers Propelling Smart Lighting Developments (Part 1)

About two years ago, LED manufacturers that turned up at LED Forum 2013 were skeptical about smart lighting taking off anytime soon. Many industry insiders projected it would be a niche market that would take another two years before fully blossoming, while others believed at the time only gadget lovers would warm up to the products. Their predictions have been fairly accurate so far.
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TCP Lighting CEO Optimistic About LED Industry Potential

Many LED industry experts have been worried that LEDs long lifetimes of more than two decades would result in longer replacement cycles that could become obstacles to company business models. Pessimistic manufacturers even forecast LED orders could eventually ease as time moves on. Ellis Yan, the CEO of U.S. manufacturer TCP Lighting (TCP), however, shared a very different outlook during a recent interview with LEDinside in Taipei, Taiwan.
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TCP Lighting’s Taiwan Branch to become its New Southeast Asia Headquarters

Leading U.S. LED manufacturer TCP Lighting will be using its Taiwan arm as its new Southeast Asia headquarters, said the company CEO Ellis Yan in a recent interview with LEDinside in Taipei, Taiwan. As the next step of its business strategy, TCP Lighting plans to venture into Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and others. “We will be training staff in Taiwan, before sending them to neighboring Southeast Asian countries,” explained Yan.
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TCP Investigates Recent Employee Claims

TCP International Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: TCPI) ("TCP" or "the Company") today issued the following statement in response to the lawsuit recently filed by its General Counsel: 
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TCP Employee Files Business Misconduct Complaint against Company CEO

A Technical Consumer Products, Inc (TCP) employee has filed a lawsuit against company CEO Ellis Yan for alleged business misconduct and aggressive behavior towards employees in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Ohio, U.S., according to several Cleveland media reports.
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