Environmental Lights Debuts Continuous LED Strip Light

Environmental Lights launched announced the launch of the new Continuous LED Strip Light. (Image: Environmental Lights) Continuous LED Strip Light is a new style of strip light that utilizes chip on board LEDs to create one diffused line of light. It is ideal for use around reflective surfaces, such as marble floors and countertops, because it eliminates the dots seen with standard SMD LED strip light. It also enables designers to use diffused light in tight spaces where standard channel systems wouldn't be ideal. The LED chips on Continuous LE...
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Why the Bugatti Chiron Taillight Can Be A Single LED Strip Light

Luxury car brands often incorporate innovative car light designs, such as dynamic smart LED headlights or eye-catching tail light designs to give their cars a more distinctive look, but super race car Buggati Chiron’s single LED light strip taillight design had some in the industry scratching their heads.
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Pimp Your Soles with Blinky Shoes

It usually can be costly to transform your favorite sneakers into flashy LED ones, but Blinky Shoes is offering a much more economic DIY version for upgrading your Converse or Nike sneakers into a brightly colored shoe.
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Flexfire LED Strip Light Manufacturer Opens New Distribution Center in Tustin, California

Flexfire LEDs, a producer of linear LED lighting products and accessories, announces the opening of a new distribution center at 14761 Franklin Ave, Unit G, Tustin, CA, 92780. The U.S.-based company applauds the opening as an opportunity to expand its global operations, and further solidify its standing as a leading producer and supplier in the global marketplace for signature brand LED strip lighting products and accessories.
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE