Smart Lighting with Sensors to Secure Safety for People’s Office Return

LED applications covering lighting and disinfection have become crucial technologies to support people’s safety when COVID-19 is still posing a threat globally. During the pandemic, technology builders continue to enhance applications and create new possibility to leverage the functions of LEDs aiming to provide safer environments for people. Enlighted, a IoT platform provider, added workplace digital contact tracing application to its IoT platform to help employees return safely to manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical labs, offices and more. The application pr...
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Enlighted Introduces Lighting Control Solutions for IoT Applications

IoT solutions specialist Enlighted released a new wireless lighting controls solution, Enlighted One, which delivers quick deployment and cost savings. Enlighted’s wireless technology is well-known for reducing labor and material costs, and streamlining lighting deployments. Enlighted One further speeds installation and commissioning time with an even simpler solution. By eliminating information technology (IT) components like network cables and gateways, cloud connections, and mobile apps, jobs can be done faster and without dependencies on IT specialists. (Imag...
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Enlighted Launches 5th-Generation IoT Sensor for Brilliant Buildings

Enlighted, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, continues to drive innovation with its 5th-generation smart sensor. Engineered with insight from installations in more than 200 million square feet of buildings that have collected 10’s of terabytes of data, it is the most powerful and smallest sensor Enlighted has developed. Featuring a 32-bit ARM® processor with enhanced processing and memory capacity, it offers out of the box future-proofing with unparalleled levels of upgradability. It is the first IoT-Ready™ Profile 1 compliant IoT sensor on the market.
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Enlighted is Named in the Global Cleantech 100 for the Fourth Year in 2018

Enlighted, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, announced it was named in the prestigious 2018 Global Cleantech 100, produced by CTG (Cleantech Group), whose research and events services keep its audiences and clients in touch with emerging trends, leading innovation companies and all key players in sustainable innovation.
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Enlighted Calls Lightfair Attendees to Move Beyond Smart Lighting to the IoT

Enlighted, Inc., a major provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, is encouraging Lightfair International 2017 attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the distinct difference between smart lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Eaton and Enlighted Deliver Connected Lighting for Smart Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Power management company Eaton announced a collaboration with Internet of Things (IoT) leader Enlighted to accelerate the deployment of advanced sensory networks in commercial and industrial buildings. 
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Enlighted’s Customer First™ Program Advances Lighting Manufacturers’ Participation in the IoT for Commercial Buildings

Enlighted, a leading technology innovator and provider of energy efficiency solutions, has launched a unique partner collaboration program with lighting manufacturers. The Customer First™ program integrates Enlighted technology directly into partners’ lighting fixtures to enable smart lighting solutions being demanded by market leaders seeking to optimize their real estate portfolios.
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