New Mexico’s Largest City to be lit up with 19,000 LED Streetlights

In October of 2015 the City of Albuquerque in New Mexico, U.S., through the Department of Municipal Development and Department of Accounting and Financial Services/ Purchasing Division, released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the evaluation and implementation of energy efficiency and reduced maintenance project for city owned street lighting. After much review of all proposals received, Citelum Group was selected as the winning bidder. As part of their contract, Citelum will evaluate and develop a plan to convert approximately 19,000 city-owned street lights to LED.
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UK Towns to Spend Millions in LED Streetlight Upgrade

Two towns Tiverton and Crediton located in UK will be among the first locations in Devon County to receive LED streetlight upgrades, reported The Gazette.
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Bengaluru Gives out More than 5M LED Bulbs to Local Residents

Bengaluru, the capital of Kanakata State in India, has distributed more than 5 million LED bulbs to local residents since it launched the energy efficiency program three months ago, reported The New Indian Express.
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New Zealand City to Roll out LED Streetlight Retrofit Project

Gisborne Council in New Zealand announced it will replace over 950 old high pressure sodium street lights with upgrades to new LED power-saving lighting in the district over the next three years.
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Dubai to Install 160,000 LED Light Bulbs and Solar Panels for New Housing Project

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will supply 2,000 existing and new homes from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) project with 160,000 LED light bulbs and photovoltaic panels. The move aims to reduce the demand for energy as well as the long- and medium-term costs for electricity, the plan follows the signing of a MoU between DEWA and MBRHE in 2015.
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Plessey Wins GBP 6.7M Grant for LED Production Expansion

Plessey announced UK’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF) has officially granted £6.7 million (US $10.26 million) towards the expansion of the Plessey LED manufacturing facility in Plymouth, England. 
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