Seoul Viosys to hold civil and criminal liability for contempt of court against the company ignoring judgment

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a global optical semiconductor company and a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, took a stand on SL VIONICS (formerly Semicon Light), which completely denies Seoul Viosys' patent winning report and judgment, and disclosed the contents of the patent litigation complaint and judgment. Seoul Viosys submitted a complaint to the Florida court in the United States at the time of the lawsuit in 2021. In the complaint disclosed by the court, it is stated that SL VIONICS' products infringe...
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Seoul Viosys Obtains Permanent Injunction Against UV LED Products That Infringe Violeds Patented Technology

ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Viosys (“SVC”) (KOSDAQ: 092190), a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., announced that the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida issued a permanent injunction against Namsung America, Inc. (“Namsung”).  Namsung sold home electronics incorporating UV LEDs manufactured and supplied by SL Vionics Co., Ltd. (previously known as Semicon Light).     Prior to the lawsuit, Namsung ignored repeated notices of patent infringement from SVC. ...
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No Virus Transmission Detected at 300 Stores with Seoul Viosys UVC Air Purifying Sterilizer

· Seoul Viosys to provide free UV sterilization technology license for the safety of public health   ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a global optical semiconductor company, provided free air purifying sterilizers applied with Violeds, its UV LED sterilization solution technology, to more than 300 self-employed people suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. Later, when surveyed by phone, the beneficiaries said there was no outbreak of virus transmission at their stores, according to the Seoul Viosys announcement on the 21th. ...
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Seoul Viosys Announces That Violeds Sterilizes Omicron Variant As Well

ANSAN, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a company specializing in optical semiconductors, announced an experimental result confirming that its Violeds technology sterilizes 99.99% Omicron Variant (SARS-CoV-2 Variant: B.1.1529) in one second, which has been spreading around the world. “Violeds is an innovative sterilization technology that we have developed and started mass-production for the first time in the world, and no one can produce it without permission to use the patents of Seoul Viosys, its affiliate S...
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Seoul Viosys Files a Patent Lawsuit Seeking to Enjoin Sales of UV LED Products in Europe

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Hague District Court in the Netherlands, seeking to enjoin UV LED products in European countries.    This litigation arose out of an earlier patent lawsuit filed by Seoul Viosys against FNAC Darty Group, a large European retailer, in France in September 2021. At that time, the Judicial Court of Paris ordered the search and seizure of evidence of suspected...
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Seoul Viosys Announces Provisional Performance for 4Q 2021

Seoul Viosys' provisional sales in the 4Q reached KRW 107 billion, a year-on-year growth of 13.7% in 2021. Micro LED sales, a key technology for next-generation displays, grew for four consecutive quarters. WICOP mc for Metaverse VR to be unveiled at CES 2022 ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 092190), a company specializing in optical semiconductor devices, announced its provisional performance of 107 billion won in the 4Q of 2021. On a consolidated basis in 2021, annual sales were K...
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CES 2022: Seoul Viosys' WICOP mc, a Metaverse VR Display Technology, to Make Its Debut

ANSAN, South KoreaSeoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 092190), a company specializing in optical semiconductors, will debut its WICOP mc (WICOP Micro Pixel) products at CES 2022 in Las Vegas on January 5th, which adopt the world’s first No-Wire & No-Package WICOP technology. Seoul Viosys announced on the 16th that the WICOP mc, made in the form of a micro-display for metaverse (three-dimensional virtual world) VR, will be specially unveiled at the exhibition hall. [Picture 1] WICOP mc (WICOP Micro Pixel) by Seoul Vio...
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Seoul Viosys Reports the Third Quarter Results

    8.2% YoY sales growth in the third quarter, 146% increase in cumulative revenue, and annual sales growth 12% ~ 14.3% expecting     Sales growth of WICOP technology based Mini LED and Micro LED for three consecutive quarter     Expected to grow up to 10% in Violeds market share compared to 2020   ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading global compound semiconductor provider, announced it achieved sales of KRW 130...
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Seoul Viosys’ Air Purification Disinfector to Reduce Possibility of COVID-19 Infection by One-Thirtieth

Ÿ   Violeds air purification disinfector achieves virus reduction rate of more than 90% in 10-minute use. Ÿ   It is urgent to supply to multi-use facilities with no window for ventilation such as restaurant, wedding hall, church and gym  Ÿ   Seoulviosys will provide global companies with licensing of more than 100 related patents to help prevent the COVID-19 pandemic   ANSAN, South Korea – Seoulviosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global compound semiconductor device provider and a subsidi...
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Seoul Viosys Overcomes Efficiency Challenges of Micro LED to be a Game-Changer of Display Industry and Starts Mass Production

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global compound semiconductor device provider and a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced Seoul Viosys and the Santa Barbara’s Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC) team led by Nobel Prize-winning physics Professor Shuji Nakamura, of University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) succeeded in developing blue and green micro LEDs with 1 μm diameter and addressed issues related to red micro LEDs of less than 70 μm, which could not ...
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SETi’s Violeds Technology Solution to Support Delta Variant Spreading Prevention

Columbia S.C. – Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) and Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global providers of UV LED technology and subsidiaries of Seoul Semiconductor, announced surface disinfection test results: Violeds solution fully disinfected the Covid-19 delta variant by 99.3% in one second and 99.9999% in five seconds, at the online press conference held on August 4, 2021. In addition, in the SETi and Seoul Viosys’ own experiment, Violeds not only removed fine dust, but also disinfected 90% of viruses in the air in 5-...
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Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology Proves 99% Disinfection of Covid-19 Delta Variant in a Second to Support Airborne Viruses Prevention

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global compound semiconductor device provider and subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced it has confirmed that the highly infectious COVID-19 delta variant (SARS-CoV-2:B.1.617.2) was disinfected (inactivated) by 99.3% in one second according to a surface disinfection experiment using Violeds technology conducted by the Korea University research team in July 2021. In the air disinfection experiment using Violeds technology conducted in Seoul Viosys’ laboratory (60㎥), the vir...
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Seoul Viosys Records All-time High Second Quarter Revenue

ANSAN, South Korea (July 6, 2021) – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading global compound semiconductor provider, announced today that it achieved a record high consolidated revenue of KRW 131.0 billion in the second quarter. The second quarter consolidated revenue increased by 27% year-on-year and by 7.5% quarter-on-quarter. Overall sound growth continued from the second generation technologies including WICOP, Violeds and general visible LED while WICOP leads revenue growth recording over 15% quarter-on-quarter. Seoul Viosys&rs...
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Violeds Technology Applied to Natural Vitamin D Generation Technology, Indoor Livestock Production

ANSAN, South Korea – Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (“SETi”) and Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global providers of UV LED technology, announced that SETi and FarrPro have developed and tested ‘Violeds’ technology to modern pig farrowing facilities to supplement piglet vitamin D3 synthesis. Seoul Viosys and SETi have researched and mass-produced Violeds for the past 20 years. FarrPro, Inc. is a U.S. based manufacturer of precision livestock farming solutions for the animal production sector.   ...
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Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology with Proven Virus Disinfection Adopted by SK magic

• Seoul Viosys, the world’s No. 1 UV LED company • Violeds, the eco-friendly disinfection technology, has been adopted by SK magic, the largest household appliance company in Korea • Air purifier equipped with Violeds reduces airborne viruses and fungi by 99.9%   ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global provider of UV LED technology and subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced it has applied Violeds technology with proven virus disinfection to All-clean Air Purifier Virus Fit (...
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Seoul Viosys Reports Historical High 2021 First Quarter Earnings

The 2021 first quarter revenues and operating profit grew 40% and 342% YoY respectively Seoul Viosys expects 21% to 31% YoY growth for the second quarter 2021, signaling sustaining growth to continue Violeds revenue grew 91% YoY in the first quarter and to lead UV LED market expansion as top global player Seoul Semiconductor, its parent company, achieved top 3 spot in the global LED market in 2020   ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading global optoelectronic semiconduct...
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Seoul Viosys Records Historical High First Quarter Earnings

Achieved the historical highest first quarter sales at KRW 120 billion amid low seasonality New sales recognized from the 2nd generation leading technology products such as Micro LED and VCSEL Expected to grow up to double digits in sales this year as sound growth trend continues   ANSAN, South Korea (April 6, 2021) – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading global compound semiconductor provider, today announced that despite low seasonality, it achieved the highest first quarter sales of all time (preliminary sales announc...
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【Exclusive Interview】Seoul Viosys UV-C LED revenue ranked first in the world and China in 2020

After many years of dedicated investments in researching and developing UV LED products, Seoul Viosys has earned its reputation as one of the world’s leading UV LED suppliers. Besides having a product portfolio that covers the entire UV LED spectrum, the company is also ahead of its competitors in the major market segments such as curing, phototherapy, and disinfection (including surface disinfection, air purification, and water sterilization). The COVID-19 pandemic that continues to wreak havoc around the globe has dramatically raised people’s awarene...
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SETi and Seoul Viosys Develop Portable “Photon Stand” Surface Disinfection Unit That Kills Viruses in 10 Minutes

ANSAN, South Korea (February 5, 2021) – Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (“SETi”) and Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global providers of UV LED technology and subsidiaries of Seoul Semiconductor, announced the development of a portable surface disinfection unit, the “Photon Stand,” as a new Violeds UV-C LED technology application. Designed to disinfect COVID-19 occurrence areas, such as hospital rooms contaminated by infectious patients, or other locations, such as schools and children’s day-car...
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Seoul Viosys Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Revenues and Operating Profit Results

The FY 2020 revenues and operating profit grew 23% and 166% respectively Seoul Viosys expects 38% to 50% YoY growth for the first quarter 2021, signaling a big leap year   ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading global compound semiconductor provider, today announced financial results for the 2020 fiscal year with revenues of KRW 431.3 billion and operating profit of KRW 27.2 billion (operating margin of 6.3%) on a consolidated basis. This growth in revenues comes despite of global ...
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Seoul Viosys Begins Mass Production of 25Gbps VCSELs for 5G Communication Applications

With the launch of 25Gbps VCSELs, Seoul Viosys is targeting the $1.1B VCSEL market including 5G and data communication application market Seoul Viosys is fully equipped for mass production of VCSELs, with initial approval to supply three major customers Mass production of VCSELs for sensor applications is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2021   ANSAN, South Korea (January 28, 2021) – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a leading compound semiconductor provider, announced that for the first time in Korea, Seoul Vi...
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Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys Introduce Four Application Solutions Applied the World’s First LED Technologies at CES 2021

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 046890) and Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global compound semiconductor providers, announced that they participate in the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show ‘All Digital CES 2021’ from January 11 to 14 (EST), and introduce four application solutions with the world’s first LED technologies. Under the theme of ‘Light Everywhere’ and the concept of ‘Light for every moment’, Seoul Semiconduc...
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Seoul Viosys Recorded the Highest Quarterly Revenue Since its Establishment in the Third Quarter and Operating Profit Increased by 256 YoY

Increased proportion of high value-added products such as Violeds, an optimal solution for virus protection, profit margins continue to rise through cost innovation Thin and small WICOP, a core technology for Mini and Micro LED to further expand into automotive and LED backlight business Seoul Viosys leading the 2nd generation LED technology, its World’s first products settled as the industry standard Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”) (KOSDAQ 092190), a leading compound semiconductor solution provider, today announced financi...
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【Exclusive Interview】Seoul Viosys Sees UVC LED Business Bloom in 3Q20

After years of investment on UV LED R&D, Seoul Viosys has become one of the leading UV LED companies in the world. The company covers products with full range of wavelengths and its UVA LED and UVC LED products are taking leading positions in the industry. As COVID-19 epidemic keep sweeping the world, awareness of public health and health management has increased significantly. Many consumers and branding vendors have also begun to pay much attention to UVC LED-related products with disinfecting functions. According to “TrendForce 2020...
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UV LEDs in Air Conditioners to Sterilize Coronavirus in the Air

Several researchers have proved the effectiveness of UVC radiation from both LEDs and lamps on deactivating coronavirus for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Seoul Viosys, who experts in UV LED technology, announced a new application of installing UV LEDs in air conditioners. Seoul Viosys partnered with Gree Electric Appliances, a Chinese air conditioner maker, to launch a new series of air conditioner products adopting Violeds UV LED technology. (Image: Seoul Viosys) The UV LED embedded air conditioners will provide disinfection on the ...
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Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology Applied in Portable Air Purifiers to Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Seoul Viosys and SETi have reported a wide range of applications with its Violeds technology, which was claimed to achieve 99.9% sterilization of coronavirus. After the collaboration with automotive component supplier and home appliance makers to apply the technology for car interior disinfection and laundry tank cleaning, the two company announced the launch of portable air purifier with Violeds under the brand “VAC.” SETi and Seoul Viosys are going to release Violeds technology adopted portable air purifiers to reduce the risk of infection from different pat...
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Seoul Viosys Provides Violeds Technology to China’s Hisense and Haier for Laundry Tank Cleaning

Seoul Viosys, the subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor focusing on UV LED technology, announced that its Violeds technology has been adopted in washing machines and are now mass produced by Chinese companies Hisense and Haier. The laundry tank sometimes contains invisible contamination and germs, causing odors and molds in the washing machine. By implementing Violeds technology from Seoul Viosys, the Chinese companies solved the problem of laundry tank sterilization and deodorization. Seoul Viosys posted its 1Q20 financial results last week noting that its business p...
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Seoul Viosys Reports Revenue Growth with Strong Demand in UV LED

Seoul Viosys, the subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2020. The company registered a consolidated revenue of KRW 87 billion (US$ 71.17 million), which increased by 10% YoY. Seoul Viosys has reported boosting inquiries for its UV LED products “Violeds” for disinfection applications as the coronavirus outbreak stimulated the awareness of consumers for ‘Clean Technologies.’ As a result, despite that sales of visible LEDs declined, Seoul Viosys still reported a double-digit overall grow...
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Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology Adopted for Interior Automotive Disinfection

Seoul Viosys announced that its Violeds technology has been adopted by China-based automotive component supplier Yanfeng for in-vehicle UV disinfection. Adopting Violeds technology, the Yanfeng’s in-vehicle UV sanitizer can detect for absence of occupants before activating lamps for a period of 10 minutes that can sterilize the cabin including cockpit, seating and steering wheel. The sterilization lamp is embedded in the ceiling for maximum coverage and allows for sterilization of the harmful bacteria and viruses inside. (Violeds technology adopted by Yanfeng for ...
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Seoul Viosys and SETi’s Violeds Technology Proves 99.9% Sterilization of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 Seconds

Seoul Viosys and Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) announced that that they have succeed in achieving 99.9% sterilization of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 seconds. Tests were conducted with the research group of Korea University by using a compound semiconductor Violeds technology that is being mass-produced. As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, SETi and Seoul Viosys devoted resources to show how Violeds technology can directly sterilize the virus. The goal has always been to provide technology for a cleaner world, and this includes minimizing the...
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San Jose, CA – April 26, 2022 – Lumileds today announced a new, higher performance level comprised of 21 new parts for its horticulture and illumination mid-power 3030 LEDs. Typical flux, PPF, and efficacy have increased 2%. In a lumi... READ MORE

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