New LUXEON 2835 Commercial Serves Indoor Lighting Applications That Prioritize Lumens Per Watt And Lumens Per Dollar

San Jose, CA – July 13, 2021 – Lumileds today introduced its new LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs engineered and designed to support the growing demand for a high volume, high-efficacy mid-power LED to serve commercial indoor lighting applications. “The architectural and commercial luminaire and lighting fixture markets have their own needs and characteristics,” said Product and Marketing Manager Ryan Dong. “Manufacturers of commercial lighting prioritize lumens per Watt and lumens per dollar over almost everything else and we deliver both ...
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Lumileds Breakthrough Assures Uniform Dimming Performance from LED to LED

Lumileds introduced the first LED engineered for architectural applications that require uniform light output through the entire dimming range and operating conditions. The new LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Deep Dimming mid-power LED is designed for LED to LED flux uniformity across the entire dimming curve, down to 1%, that is required to achieve consistent visual performance. From full intensity above nominal current of 65mA to 1% intensity at 0.65mA, every LED will provide the same flux performance in the application. Key to the performance is forward voltage vari...
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Lumileds Announces New LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs with High Power, Small Size and Flexibility

Lumileds released a small and powerful new color LED, LUXEON Rubix, which is designed to deliver maximum flux at drive currents up to 3A and unmatched design flexibility. With LUXEON Rubix, engineers are freed from the design constraints of pre-configured modules and can create custom arrays with smaller optics supporting smaller size luminaires. (Image: Lumileds) “LUXEON Rubix introduces a size and power ratio that has never before existed for color LEDs,” said LP Liew, Product Marketing Manager at Lumileds. “Think of LUXEO...
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Lumileds Launches LUXEON 5050 LED with Better Flux and Efficacy for Outdoor and Industrial Lighting Applications

Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy. Typical performance is now 675 lm with 172 lm/W in full bin shipments and higher performance is available. (Image: Lumileds) “LUXEON 5050 LEDs are already installed in millions of fixtures worldwide and this performance enhancement extends the energy efficiency and long life benefits that cities and business require...
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LUXEON New Stylist Series Showcases Bread and Pastries in Their Most Appetizing State

Lumileds introduced FreshFocus Technology for bread & pastries, LEDs used to show food items in their most appetizing light. FreshFocus Technology is part of the LUXEON Stylist Series, Lumileds transformative line of LEDs designed to provide the perfect lighting environment for fashion retail, fresh food and restaurants.
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Lumileds LUXEON 2835 Line Delivers Upgraded Performance for Varied Lighting Applications

Today Lumileds introduces the perfect upgrade for an industry standard LED package, the LUXEON 2835 Line. LUXEON 2835 LEDs are available in five configurations of light output and string voltage and ESD protection to meet a variety of illumination application needs including retrofit lamps, downlights and troffers. “The LED retrofit bulb and other application segments are taking off right now. We decided to optimize for each application requirement via different offerings within the LUXEON 2835 Line,” explains Matthew Everett, Senior Director of Mid Power Products.
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Lumileds Launches Next-Gen LUXEON CoB Core Range with Breakthrough in Efficacy

Today Lumileds introduces its third generation of Chip on Board (CoB) arrays, the LUXEON Core Range (Gen 3), extending its market leadership in the CoB space with a breakthrough in efficacy. With the LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 3), luminaire designers can enjoy 10% higher efficacy at constant flux compared to previous generations.
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Philips Lumileds to Introduce LUXEON CoB 1202s

Joining the acclaimed LUXEON CoB group, Philips Lumileds introduces LUXEON CoB 1202s. LUXEON CoB 1202s has unsurpassed light quality with a compact array that delivers industry-leading center beam candle power (CBCP). With the same performance as the LUXEON CoB 1202, LUXEON CoB 1202s contains a smaller LES and footprint than most competitors with similar performance parts. 
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Philips Lumileds' LUXEON 3535 2D Mid-Power LED Boosts Performance by 10%

The LUXEON 3535 2D has increased its typical flux output by 10%, delivering optimized performance in combination with the Quality of Light needed for distributed light source applications. Specifically, for LUXEON 3535 2D 2700K 90 CRI parts, typical flux levels have increased from 55 lumens to 61 lumens. Simultaneously, typical voltage has been lowered—resulting in an efficacy increase of more than 10%. This increase in performance will drive the adoption of LED lighting for consumer bulbs, by providing the color quality to which consumers are accustomed with their lamps. 
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LUXEON LEDs Upgrades Bulbs to the New Level

LUXEON Rebel LEDs are at the heart of the winning L Prize bulb from Philips as well as dozens of different retrofit bulbs being sold around the world today. “Our success with the L Prize is tangible proof of superior performance under real-world operating conditions,” said Steve Barlow, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing at Philips Lumileds. “LUXEON has quickly become the LED of choice when quality, efficiency, reliability, and performance, are essential to our customers’ retrofit bulb requirements.” The company’s Illumina...
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LUXEON Rebel LEDs Honored with Electron D’Or 2011 Award

LUXEON Rebel LEDs were recognized with in Paris, France with the Electron D’Or award from ElectroniqueS. Thirteen innovative products in different categories were recognized for excellence. With new combinations of correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering (CRI) for white LEDs as well as a broadening of the color portfolio, LUXEON Rebel LEDs are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the lighting community. Complete information about the LUXEON Rebel portfolio, the award winning LUXEON A and LUXEON S illum...
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Philips Lumileds's LUXEON A & S be the focus at 2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

With the slogan of “Freedom from Binning,” Philips Lumileds launched new products, which were immune to the LED bin code issue, with their color coordinates locked within 3-Step MacAdam ellipses at 2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Philips Lumileds's LUXEON A provides consistent quality of light from LED to LED,something that both luminaire manufacturers and the lighting design community can count on today and into the future Hot tested and specified at a junction temperature of 85°C ensures the LED’s real wor...
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Philips Lumileds' New LUXEON® Rebel LEDs to Combine Customer Requirements for Color Temperature and Color Rendering

Philips Lumileds expanded its LUXEON® Rebel family of LEDs with nine new emitters designed specifically for illumination solutions such as recessed lighting, street lamps and retrofit bulbs. The new LEDs have been optimized for specific color temperature and color rendering combinations and deliver performance that makes these new emitters uniquely qualified to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and similar programs for a broad range of illumination applications.  
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LUXEON Rebel LEDs Power Next-Generation Floodlight

Steinel, a German manufacturer of intelligent lighting fixtures, has introduced its XLed range of security floodlights powered by LUXEON Rebel LEDs that use one-third of the energy consumed by conventional floodlights. The XLed is available as the XLed 25, with 25 LUXEON Rebel for very high luminous flux and total power consumption of about 60 watts, and the more compact XLed 10 with 10 LUXEON Rebel and total power consumption of approximately 25 watts.
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LUXEON Rebel ES—World’s First Power LED Specified for Minimum 100 Lumen Per Watt Performance

Philips Lumileds today released LUXEON Rebel ES, the world’s first high-efficacy power LED specified to deliver a minimum of 100 lumens per Watt. As the global demand for efficient lighting solutions increases, Philips Lumileds is focusing on the performance characteristics that are most important to the lighting industry. The company’s attention to efficacy makes it simpler to create solid-state lighting solutions that eclipse conventional solution efficiency in many applications such as outdoor and refrigeration.
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First Solid-State Street lighting Solution to Be Implemented in Portugal

The first solid-state street lighting solution in Portugal is to be implemented along the Fidalgo Aprendiz in Pombal City. LUXEON Rebel LEDs from Philips Lumileds, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, are used in the new streetlight developed by BlueSpan, a provider LED lighting solutions. The streetlight's technical design was the result of a cooperative development effort between Philips Lumileds and optics expert Fraen.
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A 4” Deep LED Sign to Be Built in Mineta San Jose International Airport

How should the signage look like in the airport in heart of Silicon Valley? Jacobs Carter Burgess — the architectural firm overseeing the expansion and renovation of the Mineta San Jose International Airport — has come up with the idea of  a sleek, modern, eco-friendly sign design in a 4” deep sign cabinet—the slimmest double-faced illuminated sign ever produced.
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AsianSignals Announces New Rebel LED Emitter Board

Recently, AsianSignals has released its most powerful and efficient copper-clad LED array emitter board - the Rebel Spot 36. The company says the Rebel Spot 36 is their continuing exploration into leveraging FR-4 copper laminate techniques in achieving a low cost, easy to use, and effective mounting solution for the Luxeon Rebel LED.
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Osaka First LED Street Lights Using Philips LUXEON LEDs

Philips Lumileds announced the first street lights in Osaka, Japan has been lit by its LUXEON power LEDs, This reflects the emergence of solid-state lighting as an energy-efficient alternative to street lamps using standard light sources.
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Philips MASTER LED Bulb Recognized as an Innovative Solution

Two French institutions Francais du Design and Equip’Hotel Paris honored Philips MASTER LED, a solid-state light bulb identical in form factor to a conventional light bulb for its innovative design and sustainability. Philips notes its MASTER LED is the first LUXEON Rebel based replacement bulb that delivers on the promise of high efficiency, uncompromised quality light, and long-life, in a package that makes it simple for people to use and feel good about using.
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LiteLED’s SL Series deliver a low profile, energy efficient replacement for fluorescent and neon solutions with Philips LUXEON LEDs

UK lighting manufacturer LiteLED has released the SL Series linear LED luminaire, a strip light that is smaller, longer lasting and provides superior task efficiency compared to the neon or fluorescent lamps. LiteLED says the SL Series was designed to address the specific demands of under-cabinet, cove and refrigeration lighting applications.
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Philips’s Luxeon LEDs Lumen Maintenance Exceeds Energy Star Guidelines

Philips Lumileds reveals that test data for its Luxeon Rebel LEDs shows performance that exceeds Energy Star® guidelines in terms of the ISEMA's LM-80 lumen maintenance benchmark for 6000 hours.
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Philips LED modules illuminate 100-year-old UK crane/visitor center

Royal Philips Electronics let the Titan Crane in Clydebank, Scotland more striking visual display at night. This great icon to the River Clyde’s shipbuilding heritage has been fittingly restored after a £3m redevelopment plan to transform it into a unique exhibition and visitor center. The two-year restoration project was carried out by urban regeneration company, Clydebank Re-built, whose vision also included a spectacular lighting design to show off this historic landmark to full effect.
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Future Lighting Solutions Announces Its First True Color Mixing LED Optic

Future Lighting Solutions announced the availability of its first off-the-shelf optic for uniform mixing of multiple LED light sources. The company says Polymer Optic's 230 Color Mixer Reflector can uniformly mix light from up to four closely mounted Luxeon Rebel LEDs (from Philips) into a single +/- 5 degree full width at half maximum (FWHM) beam.
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LUXEON® Rebel LED Delivers on Lighting Industry’s Demand

Recently, Philips Lumileds has delivered tens-of-millions of cool, neutral and warm white LUXEON Rebel power LEDs at all performance levels delivering the quality, color and uniform light output needed by the lighting industry.
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Utility Installs LED Street Lighting, Gets Positive Response from Residents

Recently, Philips Lumileds announced that Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL), a municipally owned utility in Lansing, Michigan, expanded its trial of LUXEON-based street lamps with the addition of six new fixtures illuminated by neutral white LUXEON Rebel LEDs.
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New breakthrough form LUXEON(R) LED Innovations and High-Volume Manufacturing Drive in Illumination

It’s reported that Philips Lumileds' latest white-light technology advancements and high-volume manufacturing of power LEDs are driving new developments in consumer electronics and illumination applications, ranging camera phones to refrigeration to task and indoor and outdoor area lighting.
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First Linear Optic for LUXEON Rebel LEDs is offered by Future Lighting Solutions

Recently, Future Lighting Solutions announced the availability of the new Linear Optic 210 from Polymer Optics Limited designed specifically for linear arrays of LUXEON Rebel LEDs. A single optic is easily affixed to a linear array of LEDs already assembled on a PCB board, resulting in fast, low-cost assembly that reduces the footprint required for the LED lighting system in a luminaire.
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