LED Streetlights Reduce Insect Populations By 50%

Study shows energy efficient lights are more harmful than the sodium bulbs they are replacing CREDIT: PHOTO: DOUGLAS BOYES ‘Eco-friendly’ LED streetlights are even more harmful for insect populations than the traditional sodium bulbs they are replacing, a new study has shown. The negative impacts of light pollution on insects including moths - which provide essential food sources for a variety of animals and are important pollinators - are well known. However, scientists behind this latest research say it is the first investigation into the e...
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Haryana Rolls out Mandatory LED Bulb Installations

Authorities in the Haryana state located in Northern India have made LED bulbs mandatory for all central and state government offices, public sector agencies, institutions and establishments to use LED lamps, reported The Economic Times.
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PG&E Looks to Switch 60,000 Streetlights to LEDs Across Contra Costa County in 2016

On June 27, Pacific Gas and Electric Company kicked off the upgrade of 7,677 streetlights to LEDs in Clovis. The conversion is expected to save the city approximately US $48000 per year, reported the Fresno Bee.
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New Hampshire City to Switch 5,500 Streetlights to LEDs

Nashua is a city in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The City officials approved a US $ 1.5 million project to upgrade high pressure sodium streetlights to LED streetlights, reported Union Leader.
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Surrey to Switch 28K Streetlights to LEDs and Improve Public Safety

Surrey, a city of British Columbia, Canada is to join other Canadian cities in switching streetlights to LEDs. The conversion is estimated to cost CA $11million (US $8 million), reported CBC.
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InteLink Technology Releases Energy Saving LED Streetlight

Control and Management Software CMS is a user-friendly, intuitive, managing platform for smart lighting. Web-based and special encrypted technology makes it both secure and convenience. As powerful as it is, CMS featured with a bunch of useful functions allows operator could execute management at their fingertip. The core technology Zigbee is advanced, low power consumption and highly secured. This technology enable street lights compose to a wireless network. Manager could control the street light network remotely through 3g to adjust the brightness of each street light. Enriches efficiency of maintain personnel and has access in every mobile devices in a web-based platform.
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Queen’s Necklace in India Reverts to Sodium Vapor Streetlights

After celebrating its centennial birthday earlier this month, the iconic golden’s Queen’s Necklace on the Marine Drive in Mumbai will be reclaiming its lost glow by bringing back sodium vapor lights, reported Indian media Mid Day.
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Lumileds' New CoB LEDs Provides Greater Flux for Exterior Luminaires

Designers of high lumen streetlights, high bay fixtures and downlights are taking advantage of Lumileds latest addition to its successful LUXEON CoB Core Range portfolio, the LUXEON CoB 1216. These arrays provide a 40% greater flux than Lumileds existing CoBs in an identical mechanical footprint. “We continue to push our chip-on-board technology to higher efficiency, which is important in all applications but particularly in outdoor fixtures,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director for CoB LEDs at Lumileds. “With the new line of arrays, customers are achieving 150 lm/W at nominal condition, which, combined with our lowest in the industry thermal resistance, leads to the most cost efficient systems.”
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