【Exclusive Interview】Brightek Focuses on Optical Sensing for Information Transmission and Communication to Create Immersive Experiences

Specializing in automotive applications, Brightek has recently begun focusing on optical sensing for message transmission and communication to create immersive experiences, offering value-added integration services to customers. TrendForce was honored to interview Mr. Chih Hung Tseng, general manager at Brightek, during ALE 2023 (Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition). During the interview, Tseng shared the company’s latest progress in optical sensing applications targeted at the automotive market. Brightek has been striving to integrate its in-vehicle am...
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Brightek Invites You To Visit 2018 Shanghai Auto Lamp Exhibition

Brightek will exhibit on Shanghai Auto Lamp Exhibition at Booth T231 from March 28th to March 29th, displaying a variety of automotive LEDs with newly-launched products on site. 
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Brightek Showcases Holistic Lighting Solutions at 2017 3rd Shanghai Int’l Auto Lamp Expo

The 3rd Shanghai International Auto Lamp Expo and the 12th Auto Lamp Industry Development Technical Forum, organized by the Committee of GTB and CATARC, opened its curtain under the spotlight. The exposition gathered the whole automotive lighting supply chain, from providers of key components- driver ICs, optoelectronic components, and waterproof auto lamp films- and car light manufacturers, to Chinese major automakers. LEDinside here had an interview with Brightek Optoelectronics on its automotive lighting solutions.
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Brightek Showcases All Series Automotive LED Lighting Products in Shanghai

Brightek entered the automotive LED lighting market in 2007, and all its high power LEDs are manufactured in Taiwan, while its low to mid-power LED products are produced in Shenzhen, China. The company is a 10-year veteran on the market and provided clients with many interior and exterior automotive lighting solutions including brake lights, Compound Rear Lights (CRL), Daylight Running Lights (DRL), turn lights, and decorative lights. The company is working closely with clients in R&D and product certification.
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Brightek Gains Market Presence in Chinese Automotive Brands, Enters Joint Venture Brand Markets

Brightek Optoeletronic started to develop automotive LED products in 2007, manufacturing high power automotive LEDs in Taiwan and low power ones in Shenzhen, China. The company has developed automotive LEDs for eight years, providing various exterior vehicle lights and attracted attention from the LED market in recent years. Weiming Pai, General Manager of the company spoke to LEDinside in an exclusive interview about their experience in automotive lighting market.
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Brightek Launches New 365nm UVA LED

In the wavelength domain of UVA, 365nm is another main wavelength beside 385nm~405nm, and it is mainly applied to:
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Brightek Announces The Launch Of New Infrared LED For Face Recognition Applications

With the growing popularity of handheld devices nowadays, face recognition becomes the hottest technology after fingerprint authentication in response to the rising trading mechanism of mobile payment and mobile commerce to strengthen personal data protection. Face recognition technology is used to detect and to recognize user’s facial features which can unlock handheld devices and PCs and authorize on-line transactions while convenience and safety are guaranteed for users. The application of face recognition will gradually be introduced to mobile devices to replace the traditional password entry and to reinforce transaction security.
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