Edison Expands Production While Client Orders Remain Guarded

Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Edison Opto consolidated revenue for November reached NT $213 million (US $7.2 million), a monthly decrease of 2.23 percent but yearly growth of 32.2 percent. With the year drawing to a close, clients are observing the market before ordering. December revenue is forecasted to remain level.
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Edison Revenue Down in September

Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer Edison’s consolidated revenue for September experienced a monthly decrease in September. 
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LEDLink and Edison Enter Hand in Hand into Backlight Market

Secondary optics lens manufacturer LEDlink passed Edison’s direct backlight product certification in August for LEDlink’s direct backlight OD 22mm and 30mm standard sized secondary optic lenses. By passing the certification, the optic lens can also be used in panel lighting. The two companies now plan to make their way into the direct backlight market.
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The Cooling Solutions for Edison Opto’s EdiLex Zhaga LED Modules

The combination of Edison Opto’s SLM module with MechaTronix’s ModuLED Passive Cooler  offers high lumen and perfect cooling performance     In order to enable the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers, Zhaga, which is an industry-wide cooperation between companies, has defined interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines. Although the LED engines which comply with the Zhaga standards all have the same shape and can be mounted in the same way, that doesn’t mean they all perfor...
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Capacity of Edison in Q2 is Fully Loaded with the Large LED Order from Mainland China

The energy-saving lamp manufacturers from mainland China are actively transforming from the traditional energy-saving lamps to LED lights, Epistar and Edison top in this transformation, Epistar has cooperated with downstream packaging factories to provide light engine; and Edison received a big order from the energy saving lamp manufacturer from mainland China, so that the capacity of Edison in the second quarter is fully loaded. Mainland China is the world's largest production base of energy-saving lamps, its global market share is more than 80%. As the price of LED ...
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Edison Opto’s Full Range New Products will be Showcased in 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The Taiwanese leading manufacturer in high power LED market, Edison Opto, will participate in the 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and showcase their latest LED products (from components, modules to high/low bay). The debut of Edison Opto’s new products will demonstrate their professional integration and development abilities from upstream to downstream. By that time, Edison Opto is expected to attract the attention of customers of lighting industry. Components: Edison Opto is about to release high voltage (HV series) components, such as Fe...
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Edison Opto Launches 150W Energy Efficient High Bay for Large Area Lighting

The Taiwanese leading LED manufacturer - Edison Opto launches an energy efficient lamp for large area lighting – 150W LED high bay which provides high brightness and superior light quality. The 150W high bay was showcased in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and was highly inquired. It attracted the attention of industry and demonstrated Edison Opto’s remarkable R&D achievements. The light source of 150W LED high bay is Edison Opto’s high brightness Federal 3535 Series component. The 150W high bay is composed of many LED emitt...
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Edison Opto will showcase the high efficiency and high cost-performance ratio products at the Light Middle East 2012

Edison Opto, a Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in high power LED market, has been enhancing their R&D capability since their establishment. This year, Edison Opto has introduced many high power LED products which fit the market demand and environment protection, such as EdiLex Spot Light Module (SLM) and EdiLex Linear Series Module which were showcased in many international exhibitions. At the Light Middle East 2012, Edison Opto will showcase the above-mentioned products and their debut appearance EdiPower II HS and Edixeon C Series produ...
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Edison Opto introduces the ultra-high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series, and sets up a high standard among the LED industry

Due to the rise of environmental consciousness and the increase in electricity tariff, the LED lighting market is getting active. Edison Opto, a Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in high power LED market, has been developing the products which fit the market demand and environment protection actively since their establishment. Recently, Edison Opto has successfully developed the high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series, and showed their sophisticated R&D capability. The Edixeon C Series are available in cool white and warm white. Featuring...
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The Latest LED Products of Edison Opto attracted customers' attention at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012

The world's biggest lighting exhibition—17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 was held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China from 9 to 12 June, 2012. This year, the organizer established an Asian LED exhibition area and attracted more than 1800 exhibitors to showcase their products. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition offered a world class industry platform where visitors and exhibitors can gain a comprehensive overview of LED development in both the Asian and global lighting. Edison Opto, a Taiwane...
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Increasing Orders Boost Taiwan LED Stocks

Benefit from the government's recent announcement that it will hike electricity rates, Taiwan several major LED lighting firms, such as Everlight, Edison and Unity Opto, have received large orders from corporate customers who want to cut operating costs through wider use of energy-efficient lighting. Therefore, the increase in orders in LED lighting have even boosted demand for LED chips and will lead to full capacity utilization at upstream suppliers in the LED chain in the second quarter. According to Mirae Asset Management analyst Arch Shih, “We e...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from Jason Wu, Chairman of Edison Opto

Aiming to become the leader of Taiwan’s LED lighting industry, Edison Opto has been committed to high power LED development over ten years. It has not only founded an LED component brand but also proposed Lighting Design Manufacturing Service (LDMS), the first integrated lighting service program of its kind in the industry to provide customers a series of lighting solutions. Besides, it has a unique insight into the channel management. LEDinside had the honor to invite Mr. Jason Wu, chairman of Edison Opto to talk about its product planning and channel strategy.
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Edison Debuts on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

Edison Opto Corp. debuts its first public offering on the main board of the Taiwan Stock Exchange at the price of NT$108 On Nov. 12.
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Edison expects LED lighting to take off in 2011

Recently, a leader of High-power LED packaging house Edison Opto thought LED lighting would grow up quickly in 2011 and the company revenues would reach NT$10 billion (US$331.54 million) in 2012 with the expanding capacity.
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Edison Opto introduces new planar light source - EdiPower® II

Edison Opto expands its product portfolio with the newly developed EdiPower® II series.
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Edison Opto introduces new LED products and have been CE certified

Edison Opto has introduced a new energy-saving product - LED high low bay module in 2009, to satisfy market demands, Edison Opto developed four different angles of the high low bay in order to satisfy various market demands, such as 40°, 60°, 90°, 120° and the floodlight.
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Edison Opto announces EdiLine III arrays for its growing demand and application

With the standard linear packaged selections of 1W and 3.5W EdiLine III series, Edison Opto recently announces a new module selection for EdiLine III arrays. EdiLine III array is factor-mounted with Pb-free reflow soldering on MCPCB. With the MCPCB and provided M2 screw sockets, the EdiLine array is easily-mounted and applied in a variety of fixture or design applications.
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Edison Opto introduces EDIS module for High Bay Applications

Featuring ultra high power EdiStar emitter, the circular EDIS module integrates thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical aspects to deliver a total LED lighting solution. Depending on the application, EDIS module is available in 50W and 100W, with three CCT options at Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White for each. The ultra-high power 100W EdiStar emitters offer 7,000lm, equivalent to the brightness of 400W mercury lamp with less energy consumption as much as 70%.
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Edison Opto expands its product portfolio with the new, linear type LED, EdiLine III

Through continuous model advancement, Edison Opto has introduced EdiLine III for enhanced adaptability and robustness. EdiLine III is available in two types of packaging – 1W and 3.5W. The 1W device is measured at 41.25 x 4.0 x 0.8mm, with luminous flux of 100 lumens at cool white; while the 3W device is measured at 95.6 x 5.6 x 0.8mm with luminous flux of 330 lumens at cool white (CCT: 5,000~10,000K). Features:
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Edison Opto achieves uniform white light with MAPLE uniform coating technique

Mixing luminescence phosphor with silicone and dispensing it on a blue light emitting chip is a common LED package method in producing white light. The quality of white light depends heavily on the uniformity of phosphor on the blue die. Often times, when coupling secondary lens on white LED, it will reveal yellow circling. Such yellowing greatly shadows the quality of white light.
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Edison Opto has made four virtual application videos available on the official homepage.

By transforming text-form documents to 3D animated objects, the virtual application is Edison Opto’s new approach in helping the users for a quick, clear and accurate design-in guide using LED products.
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Edison Opto to debut new Federal module series

Edison Opto, a Taiwan based high power LED packaging manufacture, will debut the latest Federal module series.
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Edison Opto introduces selective SSL bin groups in accordance to ANSI C78.377

In response to the latest industry chromaticity standard for solid-state lighting, Edison Opto has introduced the SSL bin groups in accordance to the 8 ranges defined by ANSI C78.377. In this rapid industry, the quality and efficiency of LED applications upgrade from time to time.To qualified and unified all products of LED lightings, many industry standards, including ENERGY STAR, has adopted the ANSI C78.377 bin group guideline to help consumers defined it.  
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Edison Opto offers 27W & 100W modules targeted for Street Lighting

As major cities worldwide has initiated green lighting by replacing local street lights with LED light source for the benefit of energy-saving, Edison Opto has introduced 27W and 100W modules tailored for street lighting application. The 27W street lighting module consists of 24 high power Edixeon LEDs, each equipped with a proprietary elliptical secondary lens, achieving a luminous efficacy up to 83lm/W. The LEDs are mounted on a metal core PCB (121x135mm) for easy assembly.
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A leap for LED application with Edison Opto’s 100W EdiStar ultra high power package

With the advancing adaptation of LED application in signage, mobile, backlighting and general lighting, Edison Opto continues to exceed industry expectation and introduces 100W EdiStar series into its ultra high power product line.
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Epistar and Delta to Cooperate on LED Lighting Business

Recently, Taiwan’s No.1 LED chipmaker Epistar Corp. entered into alliance to tap LED lighting market with Delta Electronics Inc. Both companies’ executives have confirmed reports related to their cooperation on the lighting business. Delta has pledged to buy its partner’s chips.
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Edison Opto announced Federal series LED

Edison Opto, a Taiwan-based high power LED packaging manufacturer, has announced Edixeon Federal series into its Edixeon family of products
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20 Watt EdiPower LEDs

Edison Opto, a Taiwan based high power LED packaging manufacture, has introduced its popular product, 20Watt EdiPower. The device is measured at 14.5mm x 14.5mm x 0.7mm, with luminous flux of 1,000 lumens for cool white LED (CCT:5,000~10,000K), and 780 lumens for neutral white LED (CCT:3,800~5,000K), and 620 lumens for warm white LED (CCT:2,670~3,800K) at a drive current of 1,400mA.
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