[Exclusive] LITE-ON Technology and II-VI Build Strategic Partnership Agreement for LiDAR

LITE-ON Technology Corporation, a global leader in optoelectronic components and II‐VI Incorporated, a leader in semiconductor lasers, have announced a partnership on the volume manufacturing and commercialization of packaged semiconductor lasers for mass-market light detection and ranging (LiDAR). LEDinside was honored to have an exclusive interview with Sander Su, Associate Vice President, OPS SBG, LITE-ON Technology Corporation, to share the LiDAR market prospective and market strategies. (Sander Su, Associate Vice President, LITE-O...
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Lextar and Epistar Continues Its Shipment of Mini LED Backlight Products; Lite-On Reports LED Revenue Increase

Taiwanese LED companies announced their revenue of January 2019. Epistar and Lextar posted on-month revenue increase while Lite-On reported growth in LED products. Epistar registered a revenue of NT$ 1.27 billion (US$ 41.16 million) for January which increased by 6.56% MoM but dropped by 32.4% YoY. Impacted by the trade dispute and political uncertainty, business growth in the global LED market is not expected by the industry players. To cope with the sluggish market, Epistar has focused on Mini LED backlight products targeting high-end display applicatio...
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【CES 2019】Advanced Smart Lighting Applications

Connected LED lighting enables numerous applications when integrated with sensors and other components. Smart lighting and related applications are becoming more and more common in our daily lives through the integration of healthcare, education and commercial real estate. As the global smart lighting market continues to grow, LEDinside estimates that its market scale might reach US$ 13.4 billion in 2020. This year at CES, many companies have integrated smart lighting with a wide range of applications to demonstrate the potential of connected LED lighting. Household ...
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Lite-On Expands Its Investment in Vietnam and Jordan in Response to the Trade War

Lite-On Technology has announced capital increase in its subsidiaries in Vietnam and Jordan for expanding production capacities outside China. The total amount of the investment is US$ 97 million
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Win the Patent Lawsuit against Boston University

The U.S. Federal Circuit has reversed a court’s ruling in a patent infringement dispute between Boston University and Epistar, Everlight and Lite-On.
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[Financial Updates] Taiwanese LED manufacturers Lite-On, Unity Reported Growing Lighting Revenue

Global consolidated revenue of LiteOn and its subsidiary in August 2017 was NTD 18.62 billion, up 6% MoM and down 12% YoY. Because of the stable demand in the end market benefiting LiteOn’s core business, its consolidated revenue from January 2017 to August 2017 hit NTD 140.54 billion, down 2.4% YoY.
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Lite-On Partakes in Stanford GPC Digital Cities Program

Taiwan-based LED lighting company Lite-On announced its participation in a digital cities program run by the Global Project Center of Stanford University. Through collaboration with experts in various fields including finance, city management, and infrastructure planning, it aims to tailor its solutions toward the concept of smart cities.
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LiteOn to March into Middle East

Lite-On Technology on 22nd June held its shareholder meeting of 2017, on which it reported a cash dividend of NT$ 2.92 with a dividend payout ratio of 72% and a dividend yield of 5.8%.
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Lite-On Revenue Soars in 3Q16

Taiwanese LED manufacturer Lite-On reported double digit growth for third quarter of 2016, reported Money DJ.
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Lite-On’s Consolidated Revenue in July Sets New Record High in Last 9 Months

Taiwanese LED manufacturer Lite-On’s latest financial performance in July 2016, showed its global consolidated revenue reached NT $19.4 billion (US $630 million), setting a new record high in the last nine months.
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Lite-On's Intelligent Energy Saving Product Portflio Wows Visitors at Int’l LED Lighting Exposition 2016

Lite-On Technology Corporation remains to be competitive and continuingly offers up –to-date products and service to clients by seamlessly tracking the market development. Under the theme of “intelligent Energy Saving”, Lite-On showcased varied product ranges, including automotive lighting, smart manufacturing, wearable tech, home automation and intelligent medical system as solutions for IoT applications at the Int’l LED Lighting Exposition, which took place in June 15-17 at TWTC Nangnag Exhibition Hall in Taipei. LEDinside had the opportunity to interviewed Sander Su, Director of Global Sales Marketing , Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing (Automotive electronics) on the company’s products and strategic planning.
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Lite-On Denies Market Rumors of Closing Down its LED Business

Taiwanese LED manufacturers have been affected by Chinese manufacturers’ low pricing strategies, even the Taiwanese LED stock market was hit hard, reported SET News.
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MLS Replaces Lite-On as Second Largest Cross-Strait LED Manufacturer

Spurred by government policies and market demands, China’s LED package and module manufacturers have shown exponential growth in the past few years, according to a CNA report.
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Lite-On Revenue Up 18% in June 2014

Lite-On Technology Corporation reported a combined revenue of NT $20.24 billion (US $676.35 million) for June 2014, up 3 percent MoM, and growth of 18 percent compared to the same period last year. Lite-On core products maintained growth on the back of rebounding end market demands and increased market share. Consolidated revenue from January to June this year was NT $110.2 billion, up 14 percent YoY. 
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Lite-On's Net Profits in the Second Quarter Soars by 42% Q-o-Q

Lite-On Technology reported second quarter 2013 consolidated revenue of NT$50.01 billion, up 7% Q-o-Q. Thanks to a better product mix, operating efficiency and higher scale of profitable products, the gross margin and operating margin in the second quarter were 14.8% and 4.8%, with sequential growths of 0.1% Q-o-Q and 0.6% Q-o-Q respectively. Net profits in the second quarter reached NT$2.24 billion with a growth of 42% Q-o-Q, and an EPS of NT$ 0.98. Despite ICT market declines, Lite-On's core business units’ Q2 sales continued to gain momentum, with...
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Lite-On Technology Acquires Power Innovations

Lite-On Technology, a global leading Opto-electronic component manufacturer based in Taiwan, announced today that the Board has approved a cash acquisition of 100% stake of Power Innovations International Inc., a private U.S. company offering power management solutions for a wide variety of market segments, including aviation, exploration, military, emergency services, industrial and medical applications worldwide. The acquisition is expected to further strengthen Lite-On’s power management and system integration capabilities in Cloud Computing. Headquartered in A...
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Taiwan-based LED Firms Enter the Automotive Lighting Market

LED lighting market is booming but price competition has been causing profits reduce. According to this situation, Taiwan-based LED firms propose to improve technology and enter the automotive lighting market. Lite-On Automotive Corporation, the subsidiary of the Lite-On Group, has been focused on the automotive lighting market. The Lite-On Group got revenues from automotive applications in 2012 were about NT$8-9 billion (US$265-298 million) and it expects to reach NT$10 billion in 2013. Lite-On pointed that the automotive lighting market is a niche market wi...
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Taiwan LED Makers Move to Deploy Operations in China’s LED Lighting Market

Taiwanese LED makers have hailed huge growth potential for LED lightings, as the Chinese government banning imports and sales of 100W-and-above incandescent lamps in the country starting on October 1, 2012. According to official statistics, China’s attempts to impose restrictions on use of incandescent lamps make sense, given the fact that such comparatively inefficient lightings consumed 12% of the total electricity used for general lighting in the country in 2010, when domestic sales and output totaled 1.07 billion and 3.85 billion units, respectively. Chinese officia...
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Lite-On Said to Instead of Lextar for Philips Supplier

Sources from industry executives have released that Lite-On Group takes the place of Lextar as Philips contract supplier of LED lighting. It’s a huge order that Lite-On has won from international big name company since it entered into alliance with Epistar and mainland Chinese lighting fixture makers. Under Philips contract, Lite-On will supply LED packages and modules, Epistar will provide chips and some mainland Chinese manufacturers will supply light fittings. According to Lite-On executives, the company’s revenue for the second quarter would su...
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Taiwan LED Industry Ready to Revive in 2012

As 2012 comes, Taiwan LED industry looks forward to a Healthy Year in 2012,and some manufactures have started to revive. Huga Optotech ended unpaid furlough practice when New Year comes, signaling that Taiwan’s LED industry is getting out of its worst days. Its Taiwan’s only publicly held LED maker to have its employees take unpaid leaves in October, 2011, to cope with slumping market for backlights. Huga Optotech’s president, C.N. Huang, pointed out that the firm decided to end the practice in late December in anticipation that market would pic...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from Hsiang-Jui Wu, General Manager of Advanced Lighting Solutions SBU, Opto SBG, Lite-On Technology

Lite-On Technology is the most experienced and largest optoelectronics supplier for the semiconductor industry. Since its establishment in 1975, it has been keeping the development and management of LED business, which is regarded as its core business. Lite-On has not only succeeded in enlarging its product scope but also presented remarkable performance in diversified LED application products. LEDinside is honored to have invited Hsiang-Jui Wu, General Manager of Advanced Lighting Solution SBU, Opto SBG, Lite-On Technology to share his experiences and achievements in LED package business of these years. 
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Nanjing City Cooperates with Taiwan Lite-On on Eco-friendly Energy and Lighting Technologies

Nanjing City Mayor Ji Jianye on his Taiwan visit,announced that the city has developed a long-term cooperation on eco-friendly energy and lighting technologies with Taiwan`s Lite-On Group to address the city`s needs for the products for public-work projects set in mainland China`s 12th Five-Year Development Plan. As part of the cooperation, Nanjing, has contracted the group to supply LED streetlights to replace traditional lights....
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Wellypower、 Everlight and Lite-On reported December 2010 revenues

LED chip packaging company Wellypower Optronics announced its consolidated revenues for December 2010 hit a record high of NT$820 million (US$28.16 million), and the company got revenues of NT$8.9 billion in the whole years, up 25.4% on year. In December, Wellypower’s LED products sales had a 55.62% share in the total revenues, while CCFL sales was at NT$319 million (38.93%) and lighting products was at NT$44.67 million (5.45%). 4Q10 revenues were NT$2.39 billion, which better than market expectations.
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Lite-On completed First Optoelectronic Semiconductor Product Carbon Footprint Declaration

Recently, Lite-On Technology (2301) reported that it has completed the world's first Optoelectronic Semiconductor Product Carbon Footprint Declaration and Environmental Product Declaration Type III, which a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration and can be used as a base for improving the environmental impact of Lite-On's optoelectronics (LED) products.
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Lite-On Technology reports 3Q financial result

Lite-On Technology (2301) reported 3Q worldwide consolidated sales of NT$31.86 billion, up 20% YoY, while posting a net profit of NT$2.53 billion with EPS of NT$1.14.
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Lite-On Technology reported August consolidated revenue

Due to ongoing market share gains coupled with steady demand, Taiwan Lite-On Technology Corp. August consolidated revenue of NT$10.29 billion, up 23% Y-o-Y.
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Lite-On Group Sets New Revenues Target of 2013

Taiwan’s Lite-On Group hopes that its overall revenues can roughly grow 20-25% to reach NT$350-400 billion (US$10.93-12.5 billion) in 2013. According to the company, car components, LED and clean energy will garner NT$22 billion, NT$50 billion and NT$5 billion in revenues in 2013.
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New Energy Policies World-wide Promote the Development of LED Lighting Industry – LEDforum 2009 Report (10)

Faced with issues such as energy shortage and global warming, governments across the globe have implemented various incentives and subsidies for energy-saving products. At the LEDforum 2009 Panel Discussion, LED industry heavyweights shared their points of view on the competition and development in the industry. The panel discussion “New energy policies world-wide promote the development of LED lighting industry”, was hosted Dr Yi-Jen Chan, Vice President & EOL General Director, ITRI. Panelists include (from left to right, in the photo below):
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Lite-On, Everlight to Supply LEDs for Samsung, LG’ LED TVS

Lite-On Technology and Everlight Electronics, two of the major LED providers based in Taiwan, are reportedly to be supplying SMD LEDs to Korea’s Samsung and LG from the fourth quarter this year. The two companies will supply LEDs mainly for backlights of 46/47- and 52/55-inch TVs to the two Korean TV makers, according to the report.
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LED TV Exclusive Interview (2) - Lite-On: The Light Guide and Heat Dissipation Technology Will Be the Key to the Future of LED TV

Apart from lighting, LED backlight unit (BLU) applications are another driving force for the growth of LED market. The adoption of LED backlighting in medium and large-sized LCD panels has become more promising since Samsung first introduced the term “LED TV.”
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Tokushima, Japan – 25 January 2023: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce the additions of the NVSW719AC and NVSW219C-V2 to its industry standard ce... READ MORE

Pro9™ LEDs set the new standard for high fidelity (90 & 95 CRI min) LEDs   15% higher efficacy for 90 & 95 CRI LEDs 90 CRI light quality at 80 CRI LPW 95 CRI light quality at 90 CRI LPW Upgrade light quality without sacrific... READ MORE