【TILS 2019】Prodigital Technology Corp. - Triac Dimming Light Bulb and Outdoor Flood Light Series

Prodigital Technology introduces 5~20W Triac Dimming A19 Series Light Bulb and Outdoor 50~200 Watt Flood Light Series. A new generation of LED dimming light bulb series is produced with automatic method to improve the quality. The bulb production capacity is increased while the cost is effectively reduced to meet the market price with dimming function realized. It can be matched with various dimming equipment and peripheral system control. (9 watt dimming bulb product) 2019 white high-inverting outdoor floodlight series with efficiency up to 130 lm/W~150 lm/W. ...
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【TILS 2019】Prodigital Technology Corp. - Indoor Smart Lighting Wifi Control Bulb

Bright lighting is indispensable. However, the lights that accompany me every day are often underestimated and become simple consumables. The influence of lighting on life is actually bigger than imagined, and the same space is matched with different lights. It does create a completely different atmosphere. A bright LED bulb that makes the light more than just a lighting tool! Enriching the LED chip allows the bulb to have a life and bring life to endless possibilities. The simple way to use light to integrate life, the light bulb can be adjusted from candlelight to...
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【TILS 2019】Prodigital Technology Corp. - 120W High-efficiency Energy-saving LED High-bay Light

Adopting Japan's high-efficiency LED chip design, the body adopts the aluminum stamping structure assembly method, effectively absorbs the LED heat energy and quickly leads the body, and realizes the LED 50,000 hour wafer life curve, and the overall lamp can be used for 10 years.
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TILS 2018: Prodigital Technology Corp. — Programmable Swimming Training Equipment / Outdoor Mobile Lighting / Solar Street Light

Prodigital Technology Corp. — Programmable Swimming Training Equipment / Outdoor Mobile Lighting / Solar Street Light
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TILS 2018: Prodigital Technology Corp. to Display LED Full-Color Lighting Control System

With strong data managing capabilities, stable long-distance transmission capabilities and engineering planning flexibility and simple features, the system supports a variety of LED driver chips (including DM413, LDP1886 ... and other chips)
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TILS 2017: LED lighting of Prodigital Technology Corp.

Prodigital Technology Corp. creates special applications of LED light. We are committed to the use of LED to change life. LED lighting is no longer troubled with the professional planning to recommend the most suitable products.
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