IBM Initiates LiDAR Pilot Project for Elderly Care

LiDAR sensors not only improve road safety for self-driving cars, they can also help in monitoring and care of elderly. IBM began a trial home care service adopting LiDAR sensors with a UK startup company Cera Care. The pilot project will combine IBM’s machine learning software with LiDAR sensors, reported Reuters. IBM Research UK teamed up with Cera Care to develop an elderly home care system to monitor clients’ activity. They will install LiDAR sensors in the houses of 10 to 15 volunteers in the UK since June to track activities of t...
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Seal Shield Launches Mobile UV-C LED Sanitizer for Health Care Applications

Seal Shield, introduced and demonstrated the new ElectroClave™ UV-C Sanitizer and Mobile Device Management (MDM) System at the HiMSS healthcare show, Sands Expo Center booth 368.  The ElectroClave™ is the world's first Enterprise MDM to use low-power UVC LED technology, allowing healthcare practitioners to disinfect hard to clean devices such as tablet computers and smart phones, while charging, syncing, and managing those devices via a custom RFID backbone.
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Natural colour rendering of Optisolis™ LEDs lets visitors experience artwork as the artist intended without degrading the work. Tokushima, Japan – 23 July 2019: Nichia Corporation, the leader in high brightness LED technologies, an... READ MORE

TSLC Corporation, a subsidiary of SemiLEDs, launched sampling of its tri-color Mini LED series, targeted to provide LED display manufacturers with surface-mounting (SMT) compatible devices. The first product in the tri-color multi pixel series... READ MORE