LED Streetlights Can Transform Cities into Intelligent Hubs

Agostino Renna, President and CEO of GE Lighting for Europe, The Middle East and Africa, shares in this blog entry how LED streetlights can offer so much more than just light.
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GE Launches Recessed LED Track Lights

Higher lumen options, exceptional energy efficiency and sleek modern style are just three reasons to choose GE’s new Lumination™ TS Series LED Accent Lights.
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GE Expands LED Outdoor Lighting Portfolio

Property owners who want to upgrade their outdoor lighting now have an inside track to more energy-efficient lighting technology with the GE Evolve™ LED N Series fixtures. The new LED area lights, flood lights and wall packs make it easier to optimize space for visibility and operational savings while creating a consistent and contemporary look.
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Seeing Red with PFS Phosphor

GE sheds light on the company’s PFS phosphor red technology and developments in this latest blog entry.
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GE Invests US $40M in LED Circuit Board Production

Insourced LED circuit board production culminates three-year investment and adds technology-rich capabilities that help meet customer needs faster. Transformation brings 120 new contract and full-time positions to the plant. Site continues to add new LED lines and expand capabilities, lighting cities and spaces from the Middle East to Latin America to some of the most recognizable towns in the U.S.
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LED Nobel Illuminates Pioneering GE Research

Last October, the biologist and former GE Healthcare chief scientist James Rothman received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for solving the mystery of how cells shuttle molecules of insulin and other substances to the right place in the body. This year, two other former GE scientists looking for new sources of light, Bob Hall and Nick Holonyak Jr., almost felt the glow of a Nobel themselves.
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GE Launches New LED Security Lights

Utilities, commercial buildings and more can now rely on a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) security lights with GE’s Evolve™ LED Security Light.
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GE’s Lumination™ LED DownLights Now Offered in More Versatile and Designer-Friendly Options

GE’s Lumination™ LED DownLights are now available with new reflector finishes and anodized color options, offering even greater versatility and customization of the energy-efficient Lumination DI Series for new construction of high-end retail, commercial office and hospitality spaces.
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GE’s Launches Next Generation Evolve™ LED Canopy Light

Providing similar durability and uniform illuminance as its first-generation model, GE’s new Evolve™ LED Canopy Light is engineered with a sleek, new look that offers easy installation and expanded lumen levels for a variety of mounting heights.
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Japanese Farmer Partners with GE to Develop World Largest LED Indoor Farm

This GE blog entry interviews Japanese plant physiologist and farmer Shigeharu Shimamura about the developments of LED indoor farming and what the future holds for hydroponics.
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GE’s Launches Lumination™ BR Series LED for Commercial Lighting

Commercial ceilings in need of a refresh now have the option to do so more beautifully and efficiently with GE’s Lumination™ BR Series LED Luminaire with dimming functionality. Providing balanced, even lighting, this recessed LED troffer provides high uniformity, excellent efficiency and can help reduce glare in T-grid ceiling applications.
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GE’s Latest LED Luminaires Seek to “Shape” the Future of Lighting

GE’s new Lumination™ LED Luminaires using Cooledge light sheet technology can shape commercial spaces in ways as unique as the fixtures themselves. From curvilinear to concentric ring concepts, it’s what the future of lighting can be, and it’s on display in GE Lighting’s booth #4208 at LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 (LFI®) in Las Vegas, June 3-5.
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GE’s Albeo™ ABV1 Series LED High Bay Fixture Reaches High Luminous Efficacy

Strengthening its award-winning Albeo™ LED high bay lighting portfolio, GE introduces the Albeo™ ABV1 Series LED luminaire, which leads the industry with more than 135 lumens per watt.
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Grocer Finds GE’s New LED Fixture Is the Answer for Lighting That Lasts

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is one way Heinen’s Grocery Store creates an experience that keeps shoppers coming back, and lighting is essential to this equation—minus the time and cost of replacing lamps. When the Northeast Ohio grocer went looking for lighting that could last, it found an ally in GE—and an answer in LED—that together keep the ladders and lifts tucked away.
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GE Improves Chinese Bridge Lighting with LED Streetlights

GE Lighting has built upon the cutting-edge technology of its R250 outdoor luminaire to create yet another innovative product – the Eco R250. The Eco R250 is developed to provide consistently high quality LED light while enjoying a long lifespan. It is designed for optimal application on major highways, roads, pedestrian sidewalks, as well as parking and retail areas.
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Oakland Retrofits 30,000 Street Lights with GE’s Evolve LED Roadway Fixtures

Oakland, Calif., is committed to energy efficiency and has been named one of America’s greenest cities. Its decision was natural to upgrade more than 30,000 street lights to GE’s Evolve™ LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead fixtures—a move that will save this West Coast port city more than $1.4 million in annual energy and maintenance costs.
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National Lighting Bureau Launches 35th High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program

The National Lighting Bureau’s has announced its 35th annual High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program. The unique program is open to owners, architects, engineers, interior designers, facility and property managers, contractors, manufacturer’s representatives, utility employees, users, and virtually anyone else associated with a new or upgraded illumination system that provides at least some of the many benefits of what the Bureau calls High-Benefit Lighting(r).
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GE Illuminates San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Warf

On San Francisco’s northern waterfront lies the world-renowned historic fishing district, Fisherman’s Wharf. Home to an abundance of restaurants, hotels and attractions, the city’s most popular tourist destination attracts more than 10 million visitors a year who at the gateway can glimpse a nearly 16-foot iconic symbol of the area’s rich history and vibrant culture—the “crab wheel.”
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Next Generation GE’s Albeo LED Luminaires Meet the Latest Global Standards

GE’s Albeo™ ABH2-Series and ABHG-Series LED Luminaires offer an ideal modular lighting solution for retrofit and new construction of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, cold storage, sports arenas, convention centers and other commercial spaces with high ceilings. With greater foot-candle performance and a life rating of 100,000 hours at L70, the new LED lighting fixtures help to increase light levels while reducing lighting energy costs and associated maintenance.
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GE Albeo LED Lighting Is Natural Fit for Natural Grocers' Stores and Distribution Center

With a mission to support the environment and minimize energy use, it is only natural for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage to incorporate all-LED lighting in its distribution center and new grocery stores. The rapidly growing company has installed such fixtures as GE's Albeo linear lighting fixtures and LED high bay lighting fixtures---chosen for their energy efficiency, ease of installation and customizable configurations.
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USG Collaborates with Citi and GE to Create Custom Wall Murals at USA House in Sochi

Like the athletes they support, three U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) sponsors, USG Corporation, General Electric (GE) and Citi (C) used teamwork to produce custom installations at the USA House at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
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GE Albeo LED High Bay Lighting Upgrades Midwestern University Sport Facility

An energy-efficient upgrade with LED high bay lighting helps a large, Midwestern university sports practice facility reduce maintenance needs and costs.
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GE Launches Lumination RI Series LED Downlights for High and Low Ceiling Spaces

Maintaining the finely tuned aesthetics in retail, office and hospitality spaces while reaping energy savings has never been easier than with the Lumination RS Series LED DownLight from GE Lighting. Offering specification-grade, one-to-one replacement and standard 90 CRI, a lighting upgrade utilizing the Lumination RI Series downlights can bring increased flexibility, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs to your facility, all while enhancing the original design integrity of your space. GE’s Lumination RS Series LED Downlights offer manageable retrofit lighting solutions for high and low ceilings.
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GE: How Colours and Light Influence the Purchasing Process

In 1973 the marketing guru, Philip Kotler stated that noise, shapes, smells and colours helped to draw attention, transmit messages and create feelings that increased the likelihood of purchase. Since then, marketing has moved on in all senses and the reproduction of colour has become a key differentiating factor in the retail sector. In sensorial marketing, light is one of the most important factors in the purchase experience.
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GE’s LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System Gives Municipalities Smarter Street Light Solutions

Municipalities can benefit from reduced energy and more efficient management of street lights through GE’s new LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Control System.
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New GE Lumination IS Series Suspended LED Luminaires for Low Bay Retail and Industrial Spaces

Today’s retail and industrial lighting design continues to evolve with GE’s new Lumination™ IS Series LED Luminaires, which deliver high light output coupled with energy efficiency in a sleek, streamlined fixture for low bay, open ceiling environments.
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GE’s Evolve LED Scalable Area Light Wins 2013 LightTrades Award from EdisonReport

GE Lighting’s Evolve LED Scalable Area Light has earned a 2013 LightTrades™ Award presented by EdisonReport, which recognizes the top ten lighting products introduced in 2013.
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Putting On The Ritz: World’s Largest Chandelier Will Use GE LEDs

GE engineers are helping with plans to build the world’s largest crystal chandelier for Cleveland’s Playhouse Square. The 20-foot chandelier will use 4,200 crystal pieces and tens of thousands of GE LED lights and lighting modules. The light piece will be permanently suspended 40 feet above the street from a special steel support system.
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GE’s Futuristic Santa Space Sleigh

Like with many things in life, you can never ride the same Santa sleigh twice. Every holiday season the elves roaming labs and corridors at GE Global Research (GRC) trick out Santa’s ride with their latest technology. The need for their skills has never been more urgent than this December, with the planet’s human population above 7 billion and rocketing higher. How Santa pleaded with the elves to make him fly faster, smoother and increase his range!
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GE Installs LED MR 16 lamps at Hotel Adlon Kempinski

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the historical Hotel Adlon Kempinski chose GE Lighting's retrofit LED lamps to replace its current inefficient halogen lighting in its 382 suites and guest rooms.
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