Forepi Waves Goodbye to Financial Woes as Backlight Demands Rebound

Forepi has shaken off the financial troubles the company experienced in 4Q13. The Taiwanese LED epitaxial manufacturer benefited from strong large-size backlight demands. Consolidated revenue for 1Q14 hit NT $941 million (US $), up 9.85 percent QoQ and 0.35 percent YoY. March experienced staggering growth of 42.73 percent from February with revenue reaching 386 million, but dipped 3.67 percent from last year.
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FOREPI: Overseas Backlight Demands to Drive up March Revenue

Taiwanese LED manufacturer FOREPI could be seeing record high performance for a single quarter during third quarter this year, said the company Chairman Chein Fen-ren, while attending the Leadray Energy Taipei Office opening ceremony on  March 17, 2014. 
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Taiwanese LED Chip Manufactures Benefit from Large Order from Samsung

Taiwanese manufacturers could soon see an increase in flip-chip shipments as Samsung begins to purchase LED flip-chips from Taiwanese manufacturers.
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LEDinside: Competition for LED Supply Chains Heats up in 2014

December total revenue for Taiwanese market listed LED manufacturers dipped 0.1% to NT $10.6 billion (US $350.7 million). Revenue for Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers reached NT $3.98 billion (+0.8% MoM) and NT %6.67 billion for Taiwanese package manufacturers, a slight decline of 0.9% MoM.
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Forepi Becomes Supplier for Samsung LED TV

Taiwanese chip manufacturer Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi) has become one of three large suppliers for Samsung LED TVs. The company anticipates large shipment volumes in 1Q14 to help contribute to revenue proportions increasing from 15 percent to 20 percent this year, according to Investor. Legal persons estimate that Forepi 2Q14 will turn loss into profit, giving this year an opportunity to have a turnaround.
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Epistar Continues MOCVD Expansion While GPI and Forepi Remain Conservative

Chinese LED chip manufacturers are conservative towards expansion, according to the Commercial Times. Forepi and Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) have temporarily stopped introducing new MOCVD units for 2014 and are aiming to increase efficiency instead. However, Taiwanese manufacturer Epistar has continued to increase MOCVD units to meet lighting client demands, due to insufficient production during peak season.
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New Products Gross Profit to Play Major Role in Turning Forepi’s Loss into Profit in 2014

Forepi’s LED business hit rock bottom in 2013, said Jian Fengren, Chairman of Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Forepi. However, the company will benefit from the gradual development of flip chip, HV LED, and package free products in 2014. The addition of injections from rebounding industrial demands will help the company reach its goal of turning the year’s loss into profit. With 10 consecutive quarters of loss, gross profit margin for the first three quarters is still -14.32 percent and legal persons believe improvements of gross profit margin in 2014  will be the key to turning loss into profit.
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Low Price Trend Leads to Surge in Package Free Technology

With the continual low price trend of  in the LED market, manufacturers are beginning to consider options for lowering productions costs. LED package free products have become the focal point of the industry in 2013 with many manufacturers actively breaking into R&D and production.
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Taiwan Forepi Ordered Aixtron´s Brand New CRIUS II-XL Reactor for HB-LEDs

Taiwan Forepi has ordered an Aixtron CRIUS II-XL reactor in a 19x4-inch configuration to manufacture indium gallium nitride epiwafers for HB-LEDs. The order came in the third quarter of 2011, initially for the CRIUS II-L version, and was immediately converted into Aixtron´s brand new XL-configuration right after its launch. Delivery of the new reactor will take place in the fourth quarter of 2011. The CRIUS II-XL reactor has been acquired for the volume production of InGaN-based high-brightness (HB) blue LED epiwafer materials. One...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from Mr. Feng-Ren Chien, Chairman of Formosa Epitaxy

Formosa Epitaxy is specialized in LED chip and wafer production, its product lines including blue, green, UV LED chips. Currently, Formosa Expitaxy is not only holding a significant role in the LED backlight market through joint-ventures with the downstream panel makers, but also actively tapping into the lighting market. Recently, it has further forged a strategic partnership with Mitsui&Co., LTD, one of the Japanese largest enterprises, receiving much attention from the LED market and industry. In the increasingly fierce competition in LED industry, Formosa Epitaxy has found out its outlets by means of joint venture and alliance.
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Chairman of FOREPI, Mr. Feng-Ren Chien, Expects Canyang Optoelectronics Co. to Become the Biggest LED Epi Wafer Plant in China

The chairman of FOREPI, Mr. Feng-Ren Chien, indicated at an interview with LEDinside in Yangzhou that the MOCVD equipment owned by Jiangsu Canyang Optoelectronics Co. has reached 25 units by the end of 2010. While many LED Epi Wafer plants in China claimed their capacity goals without specific clients, Canyang Optoelectronics has ensured that there is a healthy outlet for their production capacity through successful vertical integration model. Hence, Chien is confident that by the end of 2011, the company will expand its capacity to 50 units, poised to become the largest foreign-invested LED Epi Wafer manufacturer in China.
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FOREPI selects its first AIXTRON G5 system for blue LEDs

AIXTRON AG announced that in the second quarter of 2010, Formosa Epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI), placed an order for a 56x2-inch AIX G5 HT MOCVD reactor which will be used for ultra-high brightness (UHB) GaN-based LEDs. Planned to be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010 it will join FOREPI’s multiple high throughput Planetary Reactor systems at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Lung-Tan, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
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Jiang Su Can Yang (FOREPI) orders more MOCVD tools from AIXTRON for GaN HB-LED boost

AIXTRON AG announced today a new order for more Planetary and Showerhead HB-GaN LED MOCVD tools from Jiang Su Can Yang, a joint venture with Formosa Epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI), an established AIXTRON customer and one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of ultra high brightness (UHB) LEDs. Jiang Su Can Yang placed the order in the fourth quarter of 2009. The Planetary Reactor® systems in a 11x4 inch configuration and Close Coupled Showerhead® tools in a 31x2 inch configuration will be delivered between the second and the fourth quarter of 2010.
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Luminus and Forepi Announce Licensing Agreement

Luminus Devices, developer and manufacturer of big-chip PhlatLight(R) LEDs, today announced a licensing agreement that enables Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi) to manufacture small and mid-power chip blue and green GaN LEDs on the PhlatLight platform. By licensing and incorporating PhlatLight chip-technology, Forepi now has the capability of producing high-performance vertical-GaN chips for markets that require the performance of PhlatLight technology, but in a small and mid-power chip form factor.
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FOREPI orders ten more AIXTRON MOCVD tools for blue LED production

AIXTRON AG announced that in the third quarter of 2009 Formosa Epitaxy Inc. ‘FOREPI’, based in Lung-Tan, Taoyuan, Taiwan, placed an order for multiple MOCVD reactors which will be used for the production of ultra-high brightness (UHB) InGaN-based blue LEDs.
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FOREPI and Epistar Revenues Beefed Up by the Increase of LED TV Orders

As the vanguard in the field, Samsung introduced the first series of LED TV and sold some 500 thousand units in the last six months. The launch triggered various brand vendors such as LG, Sharp, Sony to follow suit, and benefitted Taiwan's LED chip makers Epistar and FOREPI.
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Both upstream and downstream LED makers launched capacity expansion plans, LEDinside observed

According to survey of the industry research institute LEDinside, Taiwan's listed LED makers recorded total revenue of NT 5.982 billion in July 2009, a 5.8% growth from NT 5.652 billion in June 2009 and a 3.8% growth YoY. LED chip makers' total revenues in July gained 6.9% to NT 2.621 billion while LED packagers posted NT 3.361 billion, 5.1% growth MoM.  
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers Saw Substantial February Revenue Rise Due to Rush Orders for Replenishing Inventory

According to survey by LEDinside, the total Feb 2009 revenue of listed Taiwan LED suppliers reached NTD 3.74billion, up 33% than Jan 2009 (YoY-25%), with the revenue of LED chip manufacturers at NTD 1.496 billion, up 46% and that of LED packaging manufacturers improved by 25% at NTD 2.243 billion comparing to January.
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The 01/2009 Revenue of Taiwan LED Manufacturers Appears to Strike the Bottom, Demand of High Power LED Increases

According to industry research institute LEDinside, the January 2009 total revenue of Taiwan upstream LED manufacturers is 2.743 billion NTD. With the lunar New Year influencing the total working days of the month, the revenue of January went on its dropping comparing with December, 2008 (MoM -15.9%,YoY -52.6%).
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Forepi orders further six MOCVD systems for LED production

Recently, Aixtron announced an order from Formosa Epitaxy Inc. for further six CRIUS Close Coupled Showerhead MOCVD systems received in the first quarter of 2008. This order for our CRIUS CCS tools confirms the exceptional capabilities in the design and operation of these systems.Formosa Epitaxy Inc., one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of ultra high brightness LEDs, will use the systems for volume production of GaN-based UHB LEDs.
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