Auckson Opto Revenue and Gross Margin Drop in 1H16

Auckson Opto recently announced its revenue for first half of 2016, which revealed its revenue and gross margin all declined.
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San’an Opto Revenue and Net Profits Soar in 1H16

San’an Opto announced during first half of 2016, the company revenue was up 21.25% to reach RMB 2.78 billion (US $471.81 million), which was mainly from increased production capacity.  
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Landing International Development to Downsize Lighting Business as it Incurs Dire Losses in 1H16

Landing International Development posted a large net loss, despite its revenues rising 3.07 times annually in first six months of 2016 to reach HK $445 million (US $57.39 million).
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Jufei Opto LED Lighting Gross Profit Drops in 1H16

Jufei Opto announced its total revenue soared 57.32% Year-on-Year to reach RMB 654.96 million (US $98.62 million) in first half of 2016, but its gross margin declined during the period.
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Three Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance for 1H16

Chinese LED manufacturers Nationstar, Opple Lighting and Ocean King all unveiled their latest earnings for first half of 2016.
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HC Semitek’s Net Profits Triple in 1H16

HC Semitek revenue was impressive for first half of 2016, according to the company’s latest financial statements.
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Fifteen Keywords that Defined the LED Industry in 1H16

The first half of 2016 has flown by quickly, with the LED industry entering a mature phase and stabilizing growth rates, it is gradually losing its liveliness. Looking back to the first half of 2016, new terms emerged among the tide of acquisitions and price wars. The keywords can be summarized as five large niche lighting markets, four key markets, three competitive technologies, changes in two major products market positions, and one new technology term.
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China's LED Production Volume Undergoes Double Digit Growth in 1H16

China’s LED industry produced 296.3 billion LEDs during first half of 2016, up 19.21% Year-on-Year, reported China Light Industry Internet (CLII).
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Silan Forecasts Net Profits Plummet 60% in 1H16

Chinese LED manufacturer Silan Microelectronics (Silan) announced Thursday the company’s preliminary financial results for first half of 2016 plunged more than 60% year-on-year to RMB 64.42 million (US $9.66 million), reported Sinai.
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