BIOS Lighting Partners TrueLight to Develop Circadian Lighting for Creating Healthier Indoor Life

BIOS Lighting and TrueLight announced their new strategic partnership to advance circadian lighting applications and bring the health benefits of natural sunlight indoors. The new dimmable TrueLight Circadia bulb uses patented BIOS SkyBlue Technology to pinpoint key photoreceptors that signal circadian responses. During the daytime, the TrueLight Circadia bulb infuses the critical sky-blue region (near 490nm), which helps improve alertness, mood and performance. Dimming the bulb after the sun goes down removes daytime photoreceptors and sends nighttime signals to he...
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BIOS Lighting’s Circadian Lighting Solution Verified by UL

BIOS Lighting, a LED lighting provider specialized in biological applications, announced that it has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Verification, confirming its solutions are designed for circadian health, wellness and productivity. BIOS Lighting has developed lighting solutions infused with its proprietary SkyBlue® technology which enables a wavelength spectrum of 490nm that reflects the peak sensitivity of melanopsin, a photopigment dedicated to circadian health. The SkyBlue lighting solution has officially passed UL Verification for Blue Spectru...
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BIOS Lighting Installed Circadian Lighting System in UC San Diego Health for Senior Health Improvement

BIOS Lighting, a specialist in the biological application of LED lighting, announced the installation of LED lighting system in the Gary and Mary West Emergency Department at UC San Diego Health in La Jolla, USA. The BIOS lights will aid patients and staff in UC San Diego Health’s geriatric emergency department (GED) in two crucial ways: to provide alertness during the daytime hours by adding a heightened amount of circadian signal; and by providing a unique wavelength of light dedicated to visual assessment of patients. (Image: BIOS L...
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BIOS Lighting VP to speak at Strategies in Light in Anaheim on March 1

BIOS Lighting, a manufacturer and innovator of human centric and agricultural LED lighting solutions, today announced that BIOS VP Human Biological Research and Technologies Robert Soler will speak at Strategies in Light in Anaheim on March 1, 2017 at 11 a.m.
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BIOS Lighting to Sponsor UC San Diego’s Center for Circadian Biology Symposium Held Feb. 15-17

BIOS Lighting, a manufacturer and recognized innovator of human centric and agricultural LED lighting solutions, today announced its participation as a sponsor of UC San Diego’s Center for Circadian Biology (CCB) Symposium Feb. 15-17.
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BIOS Lighting Debuts Grow Light at Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas

BIOS Lighting, a manufacturer and internationally recognized innovator of LED lighting solutions for biological and agricultural industries, today announced that they will be unveiling Icarus Gi II, the newest addition to their Icarus line of industrial grade grow lights, while exhibiting at the fifth annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas Nov. 16-18, 2016.
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BIOS Lighting Forms Partnership with Utah State University

BIOS (Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems) has entered into an academic partnership with Bruce Bugbee, PhD, Professor in the Plants, Soils and Climate Department and Director of the Crop Physiology Laboratory at Utah State University (USU). The partnership will combine Dr.Bugbee’s world-renowned expertise and research in plant physiology and photobiology with the industry-leading LED grow lighting technology development by BIOS.
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