Rohinni Adopts CyberOptics MRS-Enabled SQ3000 Multi-Function system for Inspection and Metrology of Rohinni’s Micro LED Technology

Rohinni combines vision, execution and micron-scale electronics to make impossible products possible. Using its patented device-placement technologies, Rohinni, together with its joint venture partners, enables bringing innovative products to market in high volumes, and at greatly reduced cost. Example of micro/mini LED solutions. Challenge Micro LEDs developed using Rohinni’s technology can be deployed in consumer electronics devices, automotive applications and outdoor signage, among other applications. The disruptive technology enables products that are brighte...
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Rohinni and BOE Strengthen Their Partnership via Placement Solution Agreement

The agreement indicates BOE Pixey’s intent to purchase hundreds of the newly developed Rohinni Advanced MiniLED Placement Systems Liberty Lake, Washington–August 2, 2022–Rohinni, a leading developer of advanced component placement solutions, today announced its agreement with BOE Pixey, a joint venture between Rohinni and BOE, a global leader in the semiconductor display industry. The agreement outlines the intent to purchase hundreds of Rohinni’s new r-series placement machines to build miniLED display backlight engines and direct em...
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Rohinni Secures Chinese Patent Awards Covering LED Placement Technology

Claims cover proprietary placement solutions needed in the advanced display market to efficiently utilize miniLED technology Liberty Lake, Washington – July 25, 2022 – Rohinni, a leading developer of advanced component placement solutions, today announced four new Chinese patent claims related to high-speed placement processes have been awarded. The patents cover the company’s newest placement technology which allows for the placement of semiconductor die at speeds greater than 100Hz with accuracy levels of <10µm. The new patents protect Rohinni&rsq...
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Rohinni names semiconductor veteran Ryan Cameron as CEO

Company also relocating to Liberty Lake, Washington to expand manufacturing space by 170% COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – July 22, 2021 – On the heels of two recent technical milestones, Rohinni, the expert in mini LED placement technology, today announced its new CEO, Ryan Cameron, and that it’s moving its headquarters to Liberty Lake, Washington to increase the team’s engineering space. Ryan Cameron, Rohinni CEO After an extensive national search process, Ryan Cameron was chosen as the company’s new CEO as a res...
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Rohinni First to Bring At-Scale Mini LED Manufacturing Technology to Market; Reaches Monumental Technical Milestone Enabling Premium Consumer Products and Next-Gen Designs

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – April 22, 2021 – Rohinni, the expert in mini LED placement technology, announces its new composite bondhead, further securing its position as the leading technology developer for mini LED-based products. The new bondhead expands already-at-scale production capabilities for display backlights at cost-competitive prices. It combines Rohinni’s proven high-speed system that is 14 times faster than competing technology with a new design that will allow multiple bondheads to run in parallel, increasing speed and accuracy exponentially compared with today’s systems. The new approach will further elevate design capabilities in the display industry. Rohinni-enabled machines are already used in mass production of mini LED products, and target display backlight manufacturing for tablet, notebook and television industries.
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Breakthrough: According to Rohinni, Its New Technology Doubles Mini LED Transfer Speed

On January 11, Rohinni announced that its Mini LED transfer technology has made a breakthrough. Thanks to its new bondhead, Mini LED transfer speed has achieved 100Hz (100 times per second), which has been said to be the fastest transfer speed. Compared with its first-generation transfer technology, the new technology has doubled transfer speed and cut in half the cost. Rohinni has an exclusive manufacturing process which can transfer Mini/Micro LEDs to the substrate efficiently and accurately. During 2016-2019, Rohinni formed joint ventures with three companies to...
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BOE and Rohinni Launch JV BOE Pixey for Micro/Mini LED Backlit Displays and Video Walls

China display manufacturer BOE and Micro LED technology builder Rohinni officially announced the launch of their joint venture, BOE Pixey. The two companies reported in January 2019 that they will form a joint venture focusing on Micro LED and Mini LED based display backlight technology. In development for more than two years, BOE Pixey will design and build LCD display backlights, direct-emission displays and display-related sensors for televisions, video walls and other large-format end products. The joint venture will roll out at CES 2020, with ...
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Magna Opens New Manufacturing Facility for Accelerating Innovative Technologies including ADAS and Micro LED Lighting

Automotive component supplier Magna announced the opening of a new electronics manufacturing facility in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, USA. The facility consolidates three nearby locations into a single site which occupies 21,367.7 square meters (230,000 square foot). (Image: Magna) With nearly US$ 50 million investment, Magna expects the new facility to accelerate large-scale deployment of future technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced robotics and Micro LED lighting. Magna built partnership with Micro LED technology p...
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Micro LED Joint Venture Luumii Enters Mass Production Phase

Luumii, a joint venture (JV) of Rohinni and KoJa, announced that its Micro and Mini LED-based solutions for notebook computer keyboard backlights and logo lighting are in mass production. These solutions enable notebook designers to take advantage of the significant benefits of incorporating Micro and Mini LEDs into products, including savings in size and power consumption and enhancing product features and user experience via colors and animation. Luumii’s initial monthly production output is 34,000 units. By the end of the year, the company will be operating fou...
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Rohinni and K&S Announces New Order for Micro LED Placement Solution

Singapore-based Kulicke & Soffa Industries (K&S) and Micro/Mini LED technology provider Rohinni, announced that they have received initial orders of their co-developed PIXALUX™, a Mini and Micro LED placement solution. (Image: Rohinni) The two companies further noted that the PIXALUX™ advanced placement machine was honored with an Equipment of the Year Award by the Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA). The award was presented to K&S and Rohinni at JPCA’s annual trade show and conf...
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Next Gen Display Technology Makes its Way into the Market - Micro LEDforum 2019 Highlights Summary (Part 1)

LEDinside’s annual event, Micro LEDforum, has again gathered many experts in the industry and academia to share about their technological expertise and provide penetrating insights of products and applications in the current Micro LED landscape. The event started with Roger Chu, Research Director of LEDinside, delved into the development of the panel industry. He pointed out that panel production has outpaced market demand, causing furious competition and pushing manufacturers to focus on developing new display technology or improving the functionalities of the...
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Micro LEDforum 2019: Key Technology and Application Market

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, holds the annual pivotal conference, Micro LEDforum 2019: Key Technology and Application Market, yesterday (July 2nd) at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center. Invited were Rohinni, TORAY, Konica Minolta, PARC, Plessey, Kyung Hee University, Macroblock, Ultra Display, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and other leading manufacturers and experts at home and abroad to give penetrating analyses into the breakthroughs, applications and business opportunities o...
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Key Technologies and Advanced Applications of Micro LED Technology at Micro LEDforum 2019

Micro LED technology is on its way of business transforming! Since last year, we have seen different Micro LED display products in various trade shows from worldwide companies. Although Micro LED technology is still fraught with myriad challenges, it has become much more developed than it was two years ago. Schedules for the commercialization of Micro LEDs will unfold as the technology matures, predicted to bring Micro LED market revenue up to US$4.2 billion by 2023. This year, LEDinside Micro LEDforum 2019 has invited professionals across the world to sha...
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【SID Display Week 2019】Mini LED Backlight Becomes New Paradigm in the Display Industry

Mini LED backlight solution seems to be a “must have” technology for all the panel exhibitors at this year’s Display Week. Despite that adopting Mini LED backlight to consumer electronic products is rather difficult due to high production cost; panel makers still proactively demonstrated related products. Therefore, Mini LED backlight might not be a flash in the pan. LEDinside noticed that almost every display maker participated in Display Week disclosed the focus on automotive display incorporating LCD panel and Mini LED backlight. The solut...
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Micro LED Progress Updates from Worldwide Companies for 2019 – Europe and North America

As more Asian players demonstrate their progress in Micro LED, LED technology providers and researchers from Europe and North America also synchronize their advances through deepening collaboration with various solution providers. Europe: Plessey presents Micro LED AR/VR glasses; Osram joins in on Micro LED automotive display research After Plessey unveiled its GaN-on-Si monolithic Micro LED in 2018, the UK-based company has cooperated with several partners including Vuzix, JDC, Nanoco Technologies, Aixtron, Mojo Vision and others. In col...
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Rohinni and BOE to Form Joint Venture for Micro LED-based Backlights

Micro and Mini LED specialist Rohinni announced that it will be forming a joint venture with Chinese panel producer BOE. The collaboration will focus on the production of micro LED lighting solutions for display backlights. The BOE-Rohinni joint venture will be based in China and controlled by BOE, combining BOE's LCD design and manufacturing expertise with Rohinni's Micro LED placement technology. Supported with Rohinni’s placement technology which is capable of placing 50 die-per-second (dps) with 10 micron accuracy at 99.999% die yields...
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Kulicke & Soffa and Rohinni Launch Micro and Mini LED Solution PIXALUX

Kulicke & Soffa, a Singapore based semiconductor equipment provider and Micro LED startup Rohinni have announced the launch of an advanced placement solution for Micro and Mini LED, PIXALUX™. 
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Magna and Rohinni Form Joint Venture to Develop Micro LED Lighting Solutions for Automotive Applications

Canadian automotive components supplier Magna and Micro LED startup Rohinni have announced to form a joint venture for producing thin and flexible Micro LED lighting solutions for vehicles. 
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Micro LED Startup Rohinni Seeks More Investments in 2018

Among lots of companies developing Micro/ Mini LED, an Idaho-based startup is looking to use its products in a totally different segment. Rohinni, first exposed in 2014, has been developing Micro LED for keyboard backlighting and automotive lighting.
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Goodbye Bitter 2016: Emerging Micro-LED Applications (Part 3)

Micro-LED became a hot keyword in 2016, despite being years away from commercialization. Most in the industry agree this exciting next generation display technology will not be realized for another 3-5 years, HSBC projects the earliest date of commercialization will be around 2019 earliest.
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Rohinni’s Micro-LED Technology Initially Targets Keyboard Backlight Market

Founded three years ago, Idaho-based Rohinni is eyeing different segments in the micro-LED application sector with a LED die based manufacturing process: the first industries they have targeted will be keyboard backlight, logo and the automotive lighting sector.
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