In night vision: projectiondesign® 2nd generation FS33 IR NVG projector is now shipping

2nd generation LED projector boasts brighter and even more realistic illumination levels for day and night-time vision, 24/7 operation and 100,000 hours of typical service life.   Designed for use with the industry’s leading Night Vision Goggles (NVG), the FS33 IR infrared ReaLED™ projector from projectiondesign® is now shipping.   The FS33 IR is already deployed in some of the world’s top training and simulation applications for critical night-time training as well as bright and full-daylight operations.     T...
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High-current LED for brighter projectors - A new generation of OSTAR Compact

The new OSTAR Compact from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is characterized by even better high-current capability and lower thermal resistance. It can handle up to 6 A in pulsed mode which is ideal for pico and pocket projectors for small mobile terminals. Depending on the design of small projectors these high-power LEDs can provide a real brightness boost.
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Samsung Partners With Luminus Devices to Launch The First LED-Based Data Front Projector

Samsung’s new LED data projector leverages PhlatLight PT-120 LEDs to slash total cost of ownership, deliver unprecedented color quality and reliability
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Digital Projection Announces New LED Illuminated DLP Projector for Home Theaters

Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the brand-new M-Vision Cine LED. The new Cine LED delivers 3-chip color saturation with the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments’ DLP® technology. The single-chip M-Vision Cine LED adds the first Lifetime Illumination™ display to DPI’s already extensive single-chip product line.
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LG Launches Picture Perfect LED Projector

LG recently launched the HS200, a stylish and lightweight portable projector, tipping the scales at only 800g. The projector’s small size (measuring 122mm x 183mm x 60mm (WxLxD)) lends itself to being fully portable for use in both the home and the office. With the inclusion of LED technology, it is ideal for displaying a presentation or recreating a high quality cinema or gaming experience.
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Samsung Presents New LED-based Portable Data Projector

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, today announced the upcoming release of its latest P Series (Portable) Projector, the P410M, an LED-based DLP Pocket Projector. Weighing less than two pounds, the P410M’s compact design (5.8” W x 2.5” H x 5.7” D), USB port, and auto play feature, make presentations “laptop optional” and packs easily into your laptop bag or briefcase.
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Samsung Introduces Portable LED Projector

Samsung's latest foray into the world of projectors has yielded a gem that measures a mere 147.5mm x 66.3mm x 145.5mm. Known as the SP-P140, this ultra compact LED projector from Samsung is able to support resolutions of up to SXGA (1,280 x 1,024). However, it can only display SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. Other features include a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and a 170 ANSI Lumen brightness. The inclusion of a USB port is able to turn the SP-P410 into an impromptu portable media player as it supports a wide range of popular video and audio formats.
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Wavien, Inc. Introduces 50 W White LED Projector with Output over 200 Lumens

Wavien, Inc. today announces that its patented Premien LED projector technology produces output in excess of 200 lumens using a single white, 50 W LED. The output efficiency of Premien technology, which is currently available for portable projector applications, is up to two times higher than the competing LED technologies. Wavien continues to optimize the system performance of projectors using Premien technology and expects that next-generation performance will increase to over 300 lumens.
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LED Projectors: Easy and Lamp-Free

As LED backlight is increasingly being used in LCD televisions, the new lighting source is also becoming common in portable pocket, or pico, projectors. Earlier this year, LED made its first debut in home theater projectors.
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Highly Efficient Premien LED Lamp Technology of Wavien Allows Easier Entrance into the LED Projector Market

Wavien, Inc., a U.S.-based lighting provider, recently announced the introduction of its highly efficient "Premien" white LED technology for front projector applications. The output efficiency of the patented Premien technology is up to two times higher than competing LED technologies, with no reduction in lifetime.
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Ultra Compact LED Projector CV-MP02 to Be Released by Castrade

Castrade Co. Ltd. in Japanese will release its ultra compact LED projector "CV-MP02” on March 19, 2009. The two major differences between CV-MP02 and the ultra compact projectors on the market are its low price and that it’s intended for automobile use. As an automotive device distributor, Castrade has planned to take advantage of its expertise in automotive audio-visual equipment and monitors to market the CV-MP02. Dedicated accessories will also be released to promote its use in vehicles.
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CRW Tech develops new LED landscape lighting fixtures

CRW Tech has developed new architectural lighting fixtures utilizing its innovative LED Projection Lighting System. The LED projection lighting engine produces nearly double the amount of surface light intensity achievable utilizing standard low power LED bulbs.
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CES 2009: Vivitek to show world's first 1080p LED projector

Vivitek Corporation, a leader in the environmentally responsible manufacture of today's most innovative visual display and presentation products, will be showing its first 1080p LED projector at the 2009 CES this week in Las Vegas. The quiet, new HC7500A, breakthrough projector, provides the growing HD home theater market with the industry's brightest, pure-color, video to-date.
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LEDs are powering new types of projectors, LED makers reel in new orders

Recently, Luminus Devices and Everlight have each announced that their LEDs are powering new types of projectors. Luminus LEDs used in Samsung, LG projectors, Everlight starts shipping LEDs for micro projectors.
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Luminus Devices' PhlatLight® LEDs Used in New Projectors

Recently, Luminus Devices announced that its award-winning PhlatLight® LEDs are powering two of the newest portable LED based projectors, the Samsung P400 Pocket Imager and LG Electronics’ HS-102 Ultra-Mobile Projector. Both projectors are lamp-free, weigh less than two pounds and fit in the palm of a hand.
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Delta Electronics launches the Industry’s First Full HD LED Projector

Recently, Delta Electronics, Inc., a long-time industry leader in DLP® optics, light engine and projector development for a wide variety of applications, announced it has completed the development of a groundbreaking full HD LED projector for the consumer market.
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