Micro LED, QLED and More High-end TVs Technologies Compete against One Another at IFA

IFA 2019 opened on September 6 in Berlin and has attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors from across the world to showcase their latest products and technologies. Display technology has been a focus of worldwide big name recently and display products covering TVs and mobile phones are featured at the show. 8K TV is the battle field for global industry players. Samsung, Sharp, LG, TCL and others all brought their newly developed high end TVs adopting QLED, OLED, Micro LED, Mini LED technologies to the show. Korean giant Samsung announced its new 55-inc...
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ITRI Showcases Intelligent UV LED Water Sterilizer at IFA

The Taiwanese research institution, ITRI, has participated in IFA, the tradeshow for consumer electronics and home applications held in Berlin, Germany, to demonstrate its innovative technology applications. ITRI has introduced several intelligent living products including Companion Robots, Pesticide Residue Detection Technology and an Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Sterilizer.
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LG Showcases 173-inch Micro LED Display and 88-inch 8K OLED TV at IFA

Last week a Korean Media, The Investors, reported that LG would release its first Micro LED TV at the IFA electronics trade show in Germany. The news has been confirmed real as LG unveiled its 173-inch Micro LED display module at the show. 
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Philips Showcases Breathing and Light Therapy Innovations to Improve Sleep Quality at IFA

At this year's Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), taking place in Berlin, Germany from September 2-7, Royal Philips is presenting innovations that empower people to live healthier lives across the health continuum, from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment. During this year's show, Philips will highlight its vision for transforming the future of sleep. With more patients seeking medical care for sleep disorders1, the world is waking up to the challenge of healthy sleep, its impact on overall health and the need for a good night's rest.
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Luminus Devices' PhlatLight® LEDs Used in New Projectors

Recently, Luminus Devices announced that its award-winning PhlatLight® LEDs are powering two of the newest portable LED based projectors, the Samsung P400 Pocket Imager and LG Electronics’ HS-102 Ultra-Mobile Projector. Both projectors are lamp-free, weigh less than two pounds and fit in the palm of a hand.
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