ON Semiconductor Supply Image Sensing Technology for SUBARU’s ADAS Platform

ON Semiconductor announced that SUBARU has selected its image sensing technology to enable camera-based ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in the car manufacturer's new-generation EyeSight Driver Assist platform. The Levorg, a 2020 All-Wheel Drive Sports Tourer, is the first model to offer the new system. As with previous versions of EyeSight, ON Semiconductor's image sensing technology acts as the ‘eyes’ to enable this important safety functionality. The new-generation Eyesight, recently announced in the Japan market, provid...
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GT Advanced Technologies Partners ON Semiconductor for Production and Supply of Silicon Carbide Material

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) and ON Semiconductor announced on March 17 the execution of a five-year agreement which GTAT will produce and supply its CrystX™ silicon carbide (SiC) material to ON Semiconductor. The agreement is valued at a potential of US$50 million. Greg Knight, president and chief executive officer at GTAT, said, “Our agreement today helps address the very steep trajectory for SiC as the preferred semiconductor substrate material for power electronics applications.” By leveraging ON Semiconductor’s hi...
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ON Semiconductor Introduce Connected Lighting Platform for Wireless Smart Lighting Solutions

ON Semiconductor revealed the Connected Lighting Platform, leveraging the company's expertise in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and ultra-low-power Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, along with AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion design. The prototyping platform enables engineering teams to explore and innovate in the connected lighting sector, where light fittings become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Connected Lighting Platform features multiple forms of connectivity for LED control, including secured Bluetooth Low Energy, provided by th...
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【AUTOMOTIVE WORLD】Driver IC and Compound Semiconductor Technology Overview

One of the major focuses at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2020 was driver IC, who plays a critical role for automotive lighting technology. Driver IC companies across the world came to the event with their novel technology and components to simplify current management, improve the flexibility of light design and increase applications. Rohm released a new four channel LED driver BD18337EFV-M, which its thermal dispersion outputs can be controlled by one pin to reduce component and installation area. The driver can be applied in rear lights including brake lights and tail...
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LiDAR Applications and Technology Development Accelerated by More Industry Collaboration

At CES 2020, many exhibitors showcased their innovative applications incorporating LiDAR technology, including autonomous vehicles, robot cleaning service, autonomous food delivering service and more. Several LiDAR companies also introduced their new products or announced new partnerships with other industry players at the event. SOS LAB, a LiDAR startup for self-driving cars, reported that it has signed a LiDAR collaboration memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ON Semiconductor. They aim to advance the development and commercialization of LiDAR tec...
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ON Semiconductor Partners Almotive for Sensor Fusion Platforms for Automotive Applications

ON Semiconductor and AImotive have jointly announced that they will work together to develop prototype sensor fusion platforms for automotive applications. The collaboration will help customers explore highly integrated solutions for future generations of sensor data conditioning hardware platforms. The companies plan to develop a series of hardware platform demonstrators, combining ON Semiconductor’s latest HD camera and radar sensor and pre-processor chipsets and expertise with AImotive’s AI-based perception algorithms, hardware acceleration and simulation ca...
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Cree to Provide Its Silicon Carbide Wafers to ON Semiconductor based on Multi-Year Supply Agreement

Cree and ON Semiconductor announced the execution of a multi-year agreement where Cree will produce and supply its Wolfspeed silicon carbide wafers to ON Semiconductor. The agreement, valued at more than $85 million, provides for the supply of Cree’s advanced 150mm silicon carbide (SiC) bare and epitaxial wafers to ON Semiconductor for use in high-growth markets, such as electric vehicle and industrial applications. “ON Semiconductor continues to be a leader in driving the development of energy efficient innovations and devices,” said ON Semico...
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ON Semiconductor Orders Veeco MOCVD System

Veeco Instruments announced that ON Semiconductor has ordered its Propel High-volume Manufacturing (HVM) Gallium Nitride (GaN) Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system. Based on its successful beta evaluation of the Propel HVM tool, ON Semiconductor ordered the production-level Propel system for GaN power electronics manufacturing. As the industry’s first single-wafer cluster platform, the Propel GaN MOCVD system is specifically designed for high-voltage power-management devices used in data centers; automotive, information and communication technology; defense; aerospace and power distribution systems, among other applications.
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New High Efficiency Controller Solutions for LED Lighting Applications from ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, has announced two new QR PSR PWM controllers for LED lighting with Power Factor Control (PFC) function. The dimmable NCL30386 and the non-dimmable NCL30388 provide market-leading options for designers of LED lighting units such as luminaires used in office and industrial building applications.
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ON Semiconductor Introduces Scalable Image Sensor Platform for ADAS and Autonomous Driving

ON Semiconductor announced a scalable family of CMOS image sensors to address the spectrum of applications for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. 
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Highly integrated capacitive-digital converter delivers superior gesture sensing and enhanced touch performance to automotive & industrial systems

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, has introduced a new touch/proximity sensing solution that combines industry-leading performance, cost effectiveness and convenience in a single chip. The LC717A30UJ high dynamic range capacitance-to-digital converter uses mutual capacitance to detect changes in capacitance down to femtofarad (fF) levels. Parasitic capacitance cancellation raises the detector sensitivity, while its built-in noise rejection mechanism combats the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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ON Semiconductor Launches Intelligent Charge Controller for Next Gen Power Bank Solutions

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficiency innovations, has introduced a highly integrated single chip power bank solution for the development of next generation Li-Ion powered products. The LC709501F total Li-Ion battery solution offers broad power and voltage/current output range of 5 volt (V), 9 V and 12 V operation, with a maximum charge/discharge capability of up to 30 watts (W) through simple FET selection.
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ON Semiconductor Moves to Acquire Fairchild for US $2.4B

Key Transaction Highlights: Creates a leader in the power semiconductor market with a broad and deep product portfolio Highly complementary product lines offering the full spectrum of high, medium and low voltage products Strengthens presence in key strategic areas – industrial, automotive and smartphone end markets Immediately accretive to non-GAAP earnings per share and free cash flow Expect significant accretion to non-GAAP EPS within a few quarters post close Clear line of sight to $150 million in annual cost savings within 18 months of the transaction close
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ON Semiconductor Introduces New Automotive Image Sensor with LED Flicker Mitigation

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, announced sampling of ground-breaking LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) technology in a new 2.3 megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor that sets a new benchmark for automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications. Capable of capturing 1080p high dynamic range (HDR) video, the AR0231AT also includes features that support Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL B). 
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Fairchild Semi Rumored to be Seeking Potential Buyers

According to a latest Bloomberg report, Fairchild Semiconductor International hired Goldman Sachs Group to help it find a potential buyer, potential suitors in the lineup include ON Semiconductor and Infineon.
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ON Semiconductor Offers New LED Drivers for Automobile Lighting Applications

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficiency innovations, has introduced an array of new AEC-Q100-compliantintegrated circuits (ICs) optimized for implementation into next generation automobile designs.
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ON Semiconductor to Show Next Generation Power Systems in Action at APEC 2015

Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) – Booth 407 – ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, will be showcasing some of its latest advances in power management technology at APEC, including a new LLC current-mode power supply for computers and LED TVs, significant developments in GaN, and a sensor-less motor driver controller.
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ON Semiconductor Expands Power Factor Corrected Ac-Dc Drivers for LED Lighting Applications

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, announces two new series of power factor corrected (PFC) offline Ac-Dc drivers for high performance LED lighting applications. Extending the NCL3008x family of products, the NCL30085, NCL30086 and NCL30088 address single stage design implementations up to 60 watts (W) that require high power factor. The NCL30030 broadens the existing solutions which support higher power (up to 150 W) two stage topologies that require low optical ripple and wide LED forward voltage variation.
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ON Semiconductor Launches Distribution Channel Partners to Expand Business in Japan and Asia-Pacific

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficiency innovations, has announced new distribution channel partner agreements with two multi-national electronics trading franchises based in Japan. Ryosan and Macnica join the roster of ON Semiconductor channel sales partners to help expand domestic sales within Japan and work to drive sales growth in China and other Asia-Pacific geographies.
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ON Semiconductor Board of Directors Approves $1 Billion Share Repurchase Program

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, today announced that its Board of Directors has approved a capital allocation policy under which the company intends to return approximately 80 percent of free cash flow less repayments of long-term debt to shareholders, subject to a variety of factors, including the company’s strategic plans, market and economic conditions, and Board of Directors’ discretion. 
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ON Semiconductor Appoints Paul Rolls as EVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing

ON Semiconductor Corporation has named Paul Rolls Executive Vice President (EVP) of Worldwide Sales and Marketing to replace his retiring predecessor. Keith Jackson, president and chief executive officer (CEO), ON Semiconductor Corporation, said,“Paul is a proven leader with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. He brings a valuable combination of sales and business insight to his new role and is well-equipped to help us grow our business at a rate that outpaces the market.” Mr. Rolls has more than 25 years of technology sales, and ...
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ON Semiconductor's Constant Current Regulator for SSL Systems

Fully integrated, feature-packed devices offer easy-to-use, high reliability, cost-effective alternative to discrete component approach in demanding AC off-line lighting applications. ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has introduced the new NSIC20xx series of linear Constant Current Regulators (CCR) designed for use in solid state lighting systems.   The new NSIC20XX series of CCRs offer a maximum voltage rating of 120 Volts (V), 3 Watts (W) and are capable of...
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ON Semiconductor Joins imec’s Program for GaN-on-Si Power Devices

ON Semiconductor has joined the multi-partner, industrial research and development program at imec, to develop next-generation GaN-on-Silicon power devices. Currently, GaN-based power devices are too expensive for large volume manufacturing, as they are fabricated on small diameter wafers using non-standard production processes. Imec’s research program is focused on developing GaN-on-silicon technology on 200 mm wafers, as well as reducing the cost and improving the performance of GaN devices. Imec’s power devices on 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN-on-Sili...
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ON Semiconductor to Show LED Lighting Solutions at “LED Next Stage 2012” in Tokyo

ON Semiconductor Corporation is to showcase its broad portfolio of LED lighting solutions and launch a Japanese language version of its interactive GreenPoint® LED design simulation tool at LED Next Stage 2012 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 6-9. The company will demonstrate the LED lighting including, • General Lighting: dimming/non-dimming bulbs, wall pack for architectural lighting, T5 tube, desk lamp and solar-powered street sign • Automotive Lighting: LED front light and interior lighting • LED Backlight for LCD-...
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ON Semiconductor Introduces Highly Optimized LED Lighting Chipset

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has introduced two new LED drivers to help designers optimize their solutions for automotive, industrial and general lighting applications. ON Semiconductor’s new NCL30051 stage, power factor correction (PFC) and Resonant Half Bridge LED driver, combined with the new NCL30160, a dimmable constant current step-down (buck) LED driver, provide an ideal solution for high-brightness LED driver applications where space is limited an...
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ON Semiconductor Introduces High Performance Multi-Channel LED Driver with Serial Interface for Easy Programming

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, today announced the introduction of the NCP1840, a multi-LED driver with the ability to drive up to eight LEDs independently, using any illumination pattern the user creates. The NCP1840 is ideal for multi-LED status indicators that communicate status and diagnostic conditions to the user, and can help differentiate an end product via LED animation. By utilizing the NCP1840, engineers can offload some of the work normally handled by the...
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ON Semiconductor Expands Portfolio of Constant Current Regulators for 1.0 Watt LED Lighting Applications

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has expanded its portfolio of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) to include the NSI50350A. This simple and extremely robust device is designed to provide a thermally efficient and cost-effective alternative to passive/discrete components or driver integrated circuit (IC) solutions for current regulation of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The device is ideal for a variety of 1 watt (W) lighting applications including automotive, architectural l...
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ON Semiconductor Announced New LED Driver for Smartphone LED Backlighting

ON Semiconductor has announced the release of the CAT3649, a 6-channel, high efficiency Quad-Mode(R) LED driver coupled with Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC), to ensure market leading efficiency in LED backlighting using only external capacitors.
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ON Semiconductor Introduces Three New Products at the Automotive Market Sector at Electronica 2010

ON Semiconductor has launched three new products targeted at the automotive market sector at Electronica 2010.   The new NCV7321 is a fully featured local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver designed to interface between a LIN protocol controller and the physical bus in low data rate in-vehicle networking (IVN) applications.
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ON Semiconductor will introduce its new products at the Strategies in Light Europe conference

ON Semiconductor, will introduce its newest LED lighting solutions with four products and GreenPoint(R) Interactive Online Design Simulation Tool  at the Strategies in Light Europe conference Sept. 27-29 in Frankfurt, Germany.
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