Neo-Neon Suffers a Loss of Nearly 500 Million in Fiscal Year 2012

Recently, Neo-Neon announced the consolidated results for the year ended 31st March, 2013. The revenue during the notice period is 827 million Hong Kong dollars (HKD) (about 654 million Yuan), a decrease of 23.69% over the previous year; After-tax loss is 617 million HKD (about 488 million Yuan), each share losses 65.7 HK cents (about 0.52 Yuan). LED decorative lights business suffered a loss of 289 million HKD, and LED general lighting suffered a loss of 145 million HKD. Announcements indicated that turnover and gross margin of LED lighting business dec...
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Neo-Neon Benefits from Inspiring News

Lately, Neo-Neon Holdings Co., Ltd has released pieces of good news for developing a unique module-manufacturing method that can decrease product costs as well as its plan to buy back 94.24 million treasury stocks. Besides, its subsidiary, Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd., has been listed among the LED-lighting suppliers entitled to receive the Chinese government’s subsidies. A unique module-manufacturing method The new method includes chip-on-board packaging, integration of light device on PCBs, and standardization of thermal design and connector po...
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Neo-Neon launched a new generation of LED lighting products, declaring the end of an era for traditional lamps

"There is no product that can’t be sold, only the price, as the industry leader, Neo-Neon has been committed to technology innovation and keeping costs close to the market of LED products dedicated to all consumers in the world, while making efforts to protect the environment for the survival of our planet and humanity.” Says Alvin Chang, Product Marketing Director of Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd. Recently, Neo-Neon launched a non-dimmable LED bulb that costs $ 4.39 USD to replace 40W incandescent bulbs and a non-dimmable LED bu...
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Neo-Neon Signs a Patent License Agreement with Philips

Neo-Neon (HKEX:1868&TDR911868) announced that they entered into a patent license agreement with Philips. The license provides Neo-Neon with full access to the Philips’ LED-related patented technologies that Philips makes available to the lighting industry through its LED Luminaire and Retrofit Bulb licensing program.   “We are very pleased that Neo-Neon has joined Philips licensing program. We believe having such an open and accessible license program is greatly assisting in accelerating the adoption of LED lighting and fostering the gro...
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Neo-Neon to Supply LED Lighting for Sinopec

Recently, Hong Kong-listed lighting maker Neo-Neon Holdings has won a two-year contract to supply LED lighting fixtures to mainland China gas stations Sinopec Corp. According to Neo-Neon, it has begun supplying the fixtures to the petro company’s 1,360 gas stations in Shanxi Province as the first step of the provision. The initial provision is estimated to bring in sales revenue of around RMB76.5 million (US$11.9 million at US$1: NT$6.4). In two separate deals, the company singed a two-year contract for its subsidiary, Neo-Neon LED Lighting Inte...
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Neo-Neon LED Fixtures are used in the First Significant Tunnel Illumination Project in Brazil

In August of 2010, Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd (Neo-Neon) won the bid, amidst a field of world-class competitors, for a prominent tunnel illumination project in São Paulo, Brazil.  Winning the bid on this significant tunnel project,  Neo-Neon gained a significant order for 1800 pieces of LED Tunnel Light fixtures and at the same time this project serves to improve the brand image of Neo-Neon as energy-savings, excellent quality of both product and service. Good tunnel lighting allows the user to enter, pass through and exit the ...
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Neo-Neon expected 2011 revenues in Taiwan would reach NT$20-30 million

In Taiwan, Neo-Neon was reported that it would introduce 14 new LED embedded lighting products in December. Recently, the company's own-brand LED light bulbs were distributed in retail outlets and hypermarkets and it expected LED lighting revenues in Taiwan would reach NT$20-30 million in 2011.
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Neo-Neon planed to decrease installation of additional MOCVD equipment

A manager of Neo-Neon said, the company planed installation of additional MOCVD equipment has decreased to 30 sets MOCVD by the end of 2011 from originally planned 50 sets. And it would slow down expansion for LED epitaxial wafers, because worried about oversupply of LED chips used in backlight units of LCD TVs. The manager additional remarked, TFT-LCD panel makers had been expanding capacity for LED chips might bring oversupply of LED chips used in backlight units.
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Neo-Neon orders ten more AIXTRON MOCVD systems for LED production

AIXTRON AG has announced a new order for ten more CRIUS® 31x2-inch configuration deposition systems from Neo-Neon International Ltd. The China based company placed the order in the fourth quarter of 2009 and when the systems are delivered in the period between third and fourth quarters of 2010, they will be used for GaN ultra-high brightness (UHB) blue/green LED production.
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Neo-Neon will showcase their LED lighting products at Light Middle East 2010

Chinese LED lighting leader Neo-Neon will participate in the upcoming Light Middle East trade show to broaden its presence and further promote the use of environmentally friendly LED materials in the Middle East. The Light Middle East is the region's leading trade show for urban, architectural, theatrical and retail lighting solutions, which is going to be held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center on October 31 to November 02, 2010.
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Neo-Neon Announces to Open 2,000 LED Lighting Shops throughout Mainland China

The Chinese decorative lighting manufacturer Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd. will open 2,000 LED lighting fixtures shops in three to five years throughout mainland China, which is estimated an investment of 500 million Chinese yuan (US$73 million). B.Y. Fan, the company’s chairman, noted that the company opened its first retail shop in Hong Kong early this year and will open a store in Taipei next year.
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Exclusive Interview with Neo-Neon President Ben Fan: the Retail Price of a 7W LED Light Bulb is set at 50 RMB

Compared with 2009, the LED lighting market has become more and more heated. Like the gleam of the morning's first beam, the global LED lighting promotion began in 2010, especially in developed countries like Japan and Europe where demand of LED lighting products surged rapidly. LEDinside has conducted an exclusive interview with Ben Fan, President of Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd.
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LED makers illuminate 2010 Shanghai Expo in China

LED manufacturers are shining at 2010 Shanghai Expo in China, showcasing innovations such as the world’s largest LED screen at the grand opening. At the exhibition, Neo-Neon International Ltd is providing the LED lighting techniques seen in the 2,300-unit system on the Expo Culture Center’s performance stage.
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Neo-Neon enhances its competitiveness by marketing its own brand globally

The two highest entry barriers of the LED industry – in-house production capacity of LED chips and vertical integration – are critical factors in determining whether a company can successfully secure its leading position in the LED industry, said Ben Fan, chairman of Neo-Neon.
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Neo-Neon Moving to Deepen Presence in Mainland China

Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. is stepping up presences in mainland China, which is touted as the world`s biggest market for LED lighting, in hope of influencing the mainland`s drafting of industrial standards for the new lighting technology.
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Neo-Neon Targets a Seven-Fold Expansion in LED Wafer Capacity

Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd, a China-based decorative lighting manufacturer, Wednesday said it planned to expand its LED wafer output seven-fold over the next three years, according to an article on Taipei Times.
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Neo-Neon to Open LED Chip Factory in Yangzhou

Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. will spend around US$30 million to open an LED chip production facility in Yangzhou, China, according to an article on Taiwan Economic News.
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Neo-Neon to Issue US$63m TDR

Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd, a China-based decorative light manufacturer founded with Taiwanese capital, plans to raise US$63 million by issuing Taiwan Depositary Receipts (TDR) before the end of 2009, said its underwriter Fubon Securities Co recently.
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AIXTRON Receive Multiple Orders for CRIUS MOCVD Systems

AIXTRON AG today announced the delivery and qualification of multiple CRIUS MOCVD systems at Neo-Neon, a major customer in PR China. Neo-Neon is one of the largest LED-based lighting companies in the world. Since 2005, the company began the R&D and production of white lighting technology their vertically-integrated approach resulting in a complete supply chain from front-end (epitaxy, chip process) to back-end (LED packaging and application).
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Neo-Neon New Breakthrough in the Development of Core LED Technologies

Neo-Neon™ International(HKEX 1868), a global leader in the advancement of LED technology, has introduced a new model in the LED High Power Streetlight Series with Lux Boosting Optical Technology (L-BOT™). With 240 pieces 1-Watt White LED and the newly patented freeform reflective lens design the LED Street Light 240 provides a total luminous flux of 14,550lm. The company says that is another revolutionary breakthrough in the development of core LED Technologies relative to solid-state lighting.
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Neo-Neon to start making LED chip

It’s reported that Neo-Neon Holdings, one of the world's largest decorative lighting companies, plans to enter the LED chip-making sector, making it more vertically integrated. The company already has its own LED packaging capabilities and manufactures a wide range of LED lighting products.
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Neo-Neon to Produce LED Chips

It’s reported that Neo-Neon, a decorative LED lighting company based in China, announced that it will be making some of its LEDs at its LED plant in Quangdong, China.
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Interview with LED lighting Neo-Neon Taiwan presdient

Neo-Neon is a traditional lighting and decorative lighting company with a three-decade long history in the lighting industry. It houses an approximate of 4,700 customers worldwide with presence extended to LED sector for 6-7 years. Neo-Neon currently produces about 600-700mn light bulbs per month with one-fifth of them as LED-powered. It also performs OEM production for leading brands.
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