New Technology Combining Adhesive Tapes and Laser Lift-off to Achieve High Yield Micro LED Transfer

Researchers continue to focus on the current technology bottlenecks of Micro LED display manufacture. Recently, a team consisting of researchers from Guangdong Institute of Semiconductor Industrial Technology (GISIT), University of Tokyo, and Foshan Debao Display Technology reported their new transfer technique that integrates adhesive tape and laser lift-off (LLO) technology. The study was published in Advanced Materials Technologies, titled “Wafer-Scale Micro-LEDs Transferred onto an Adhesive Film for Planar and Flexible Displays.” I...
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New Flexible Micro LED Based on Graphene May Reshape Future of Wearable Technology

University of Texas at Dallas researchers and their international colleagues have developed a method to create Micro LEDs that can be folded, twisted, cut and stuck to different surfaces. The research, published online in the journal Science Advances, helps pave the way for the next generation of flexible, wearable technology. The research team created a detachable Micro LED with flexibility, aiming to fulfill the growing demand for bendable, wearable electronics. Researchers develop the flexible LED through a technique called remote epitaxy. To make it detachable, res...
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iBeam Materials Develops Paper-thin and Flexible Micro LED Display

iBeam Materials announced that it has successfully demonstrated the ability to make high-performance GaN Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) directly on thin, flexible and rollable metal foil substrates. These transistors can be produced without the need for a transfer step and can be integrated side-by-side with Micro LED emitters previously demonstrated by iBeam for use in a display. iBeam expects to see the technology available for large-scale manufacturing by 2022. The advent of paper-thin, ultra-flexible Micro LED displays using iBeam technology eliminates the trad...
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KAIST Team Develops Flexible Vertical Micro LED

A KAIST research team led by Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor Daesoo Kim from the Department of Biological Sciences has developed flexible vertical micro LEDs (f-VLEDs) using anisotropic conductive film (ACF)-based transfer and interconnection technology. The team also succeeded in controlling animal behavior via optogenetic stimulation of the f-VLEDs.
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