Signify and Intelligent Waves Enter Into Strategic Collaboration to Deliver Mission-critical, Light Waves-based Wireless Connectivity

LiFi offers additional layer of data security and reliable communications infrastructure for defense personnel in challenging, high-risk operational locations BRIDGEWATER, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has entered into a strategic technology collaboration with Intelligent Waves, developer of the award-winning, cyber-defense solution, GRAYPATH. Together, Signify’s game-changing LiFi solution, Trulifi, and the GRAYPATH software use invisible light waves to e...
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Signify successfully completes acquisition of Fluence, strengthening its Agriculture lighting growth platformSignify successfully completes acquisition of Fluence, strengthening its Agriculture lighting growth platform

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has completed the acquisition of Fluence from ams OSRAM (SIX:AMS). The transaction strengthens our global Agriculture lighting growth platform and extends our position in the attractive North American horticultural lighting market.    “We’re excited to welcome the team from Fluence and to start working together to drive horticultural lighting innovation and create value for growers around the globe,” said Harsh C...
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Signify reports first quarter sales of EUR 1.8 billion, CSG of 6.4% and an operational profitability of 10.5%

Signify reports first quarter sales of EUR 1.8 billion, CSG of 6.4% and an operational profitability of 10.5% First quarter 20221 Signify's installed base of connected light points increased from 96 million in Q4 21 to 100 million in Q1 22 Sales of EUR 1,788 million; nominal sales increase of 11.8% and CSG of 6.4% LED-based sales represented 84% of total sales (Q1 21: 82%) Adj. EBITA margin of 10.5% (Q1 21: 10.8%) Net income of EUR 87 million (Q1 21: EUR 60 million) Free cash flow of EUR -189 million (Q1 21: EUR 168 ...
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Signify publishes its first-ever Climate Action Report

Signify publishes its first-ever Climate Action Report, illustrating our progress in taking climate action across our entire value chain   Remained carbon neutral in all our operations, a status we achieved in September 2020, using 100% renewable electricity On track to double the pace of the Paris Agreement 1.5°C scenario1 Generated between 61% and 64% Climate action revenues, on track with our 72% target for 2025   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has publis...
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Signify statement on war in Ukraine

At Signify, we value peace, unity and humanity above all else. We unequivocally condemn the devastating war in Ukraine and are extremely concerned and saddened at the loss of life and the impact on the civilian population. Our businesses have been discontinued in Ukraine and our absolute priority is to support our Signify teams and their families. We are keeping in daily contact with all our employees in Ukraine and monitoring their safety conditions. We are providing unrestricted financial support to our Ukraine employees and their families, based on individual circumstances. ...
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Signify to acquire Pierlite to strengthen position in Australian and New Zealand lighting markets

Combines the strong R&D and innovation capabilities of a world leader with the significant network of a Pacific-based company with a heritage spanning more than 70 years Unites Pierlite’s indoor portfolio with Signify’s comprehensive Philips brand of indoor and outdoor lighting portfolios Adds Pierlite’s access to the wholesale channel to Signify’s go-to-market approach and strategy in the Pacific Closing is expected in the second quarter, subject to customary closing conditions   Sydney, Australia – Signify (Euronex...
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Signify reports full-year sales of EUR 6.9 billion, operational profitability of 11.6% and a free cash flow of EUR 614 million

Fourth quarter 20211 Sales of EUR 2,008 million; comparable sales growth of 4.5% Order book increase of 67% in Q4 21 vs. Q4 20 Adj. EBITA margin of 13.2% (Q4 20: 13.4%) Net income of EUR 170 million (Q4 20: EUR 137 million) Free cash flow of EUR 257 million (Q4 20: EUR 332 million) Repayment of EUR 350 million of debt, as committed   Full year 2021 Signify's installed base of connected light points increased from 77 million at YE 20 to 96 million at YE 21 Sales of EUR 6,860 million; comparable s...
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Siklu and Signify Announce Agreement to Integrate Gigabit-Speed Wireless Connectivity into Lighting Infrastructure

The two companies have agreed to cooperate in innovation, development, and commercialization of pervasive multi-gigabit wireless connectivity for digital cities PETACH TIKVA, Israel and EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Siklu, a global leader in millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions for Digital City, Gigabit Wireless Access (GWA), and Mobile x-Haul, and Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced a strategic partnership agreement to add Siklu's MultiHaul™ TG multi-gigabit wireless con...
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Signify Unveils ONCE NatureDynamics - The First Dynamic Lighting System To Improve Well-being, Production Of Poultry

Gradual shifts in light color and intensity can reduce stress in chickens Signify, the world leader in lighting, introduces the first dynamic lighting system to improve the well-being of poultry. Gradual shifts in light color and intensity throughout the day optimize the chickens’ circadian rhythm and reduce stress in chickens, improving their health and farmers’ yields. The new lighting systems are brought to market under the name ONCE, Signify’s animal lighting specialty brand. ONCE NatureDynamics helps farmers to adjust intensity, photoperiod, and ...
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Signify to acquire Fluence to strengthen Agriculture lighting growth platform

Adds Fluence’s complementary technology and market segments to Signify’s existing horticultural lighting operations Provides Signify with access to Fluence’s strong multi-channel go-to-market approach in attractive North American horticultural lighting market Fluence to operate as an entity within Signify’s agricultural lighting business in Division Digital Solutions Closing is expected in the first half of 2022, subject to regulatory approvals and other conditions   Eindhoven, the Netherlands &nd...
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Signify's Third Quarter Results 2021

Signify reports third quarter sales of EUR 1.6 billion, operational profitability of 11.1% and a free cash flow of EUR 85 million     Third quarter 20211 Signify's installed base of connected light points increased from 86 million in Q2 21 to 92 million in Q3 21 Sales of EUR 1,643 million; Comparable Sales Growth of -4.8%, impacted by global supply chain disruptions Order book increased by 90% in Q3 21 vs. Q3 20 LED-based sales represented 83% of total sales (Q3 20: 82%) Adj. EBITA margin of 11.1% (Q3 20: 11.5%) Net...
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Reimagining Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel with Light

Signify’s Color Kinetics and Lumec solutions have transformed this iconic city landmark for the next generation of film production and community engagement.     Photo Credits: ©Forman & Associates   The Terminator, Kill Bill, Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and the Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” – what do these movies and music videos have in common? All feature Los Angeles’ (LA) 2nd Street Tunnel.   Dubbed the most recognizable city landmark most Americans have n...
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Signify Lights Up 18km Road Tunnel To Enhance Safety And Experience

Signify LED’s to enhance road safety and improve driving experience in one of Europe’s longest road tunnels   Specially designed tunnel luminaires to illuminate the 18-kilometer-long Stockholm E4 bypass tunnel New tunnel lights to provide the perfect transition between daylight and tunnel lighting, improving road safety and driver comfort Integrated LED tunnel lighting system to ease operations, and lower maintenance and energy costs     Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the w...
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A Home Filled With Smart Light: Signify Unveils New Easy-To-Use WiZ Smart Lighting Products

Create cozy reading corners with the new WiZ Hero table lamp Paint your walls with light with the portable WiZ Squire lamp Transform every room with WiZ’s connected ceiling lights Make any socket smart with the WiZ Smart Plug with energy monitoring function   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces a new range of WiZ smart lighting products for daily convenience. With WiZ’s ecosystem and newest product range — consisting of smart table lamps, ceilin...
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Signify Introduces Philips A-Lamp With Up to a 50-Year Life

Good for planet and purse: Signify introduces Philips LED’s first most energy-efficient A-class bulbs   New Philips LED A-class bulbs consume 60% less energy compared to standard Philips LED bulbs and have a longer lifespan Provides consumers with a smart investment for the planet and their purse Philips LED’s new and improved regular A-shape bulbs will be available starting September 1, 2021   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lig...
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Signify Foundation, City Hall of São Paulo and the Union of Residents support more than 25,000 people in the Paraisópolis favela through LED lighting

Transforms previously poorly lit spaces so residents can make their daily commute to work, school or leisure Enables extended opening hours, helping small businesses to generate more income, expanding employment opportunities and giving a boost to the local commerce ecosystem Benefits an estimated 25,000 inhabitants, further enabling productivity, safety, cultural and economic growth across the community   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has through the ...
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Signify Reports Second Quarter Sales Of EUR 1.6 Billion, Operational Profitability Of 10.9% And A Free Cash Flow Of EUR 104 Million

Second quarter 20211 Signify's installed base of connected light points increased from 83 million in Q1 21 to 862 million in Q2 21 Sales of EUR 1,609 million; 9.6% nominal sales growth and CSG of 14.1% LED-based sales represented 82% of total sales (Q2 2020: 80%) Adj. EBITA margin improved by 190 bps to 10.9% Net income increased to EUR 82 million (Q2 20: EUR 81 million) Free cash flow of EUR 104 million (Q2 20: EUR 158 million) Net debt/EBITDA ratio of 1.7x (Q2 20: 2.4x)   Eindhoven, the Netherlan...
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Signify Announces Price Increase

Due to pressures felt throughout the global supply chain, including raw materials, commodities and logistics, Signify will implement price increases for a select portion of our professional lighting products, effective August 9, 2021. The price increases will occur within our Genlyte Solutions collection of luminaire brands and our Lamps and LED Electronics portfolios, namely the Philips and Advance brands. LED Lamps will increase an average of 5% Conventional Lamps will increase an average of 3% LED Electronics will increase an average of 3% Lamp El...
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How UV-C Is Helping Dutch Theaters To Reopen With Peace Of Mind

Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam and Theater De Ruchte in Someren are pioneering the use of Philips UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires in theaters The UV-C technology provides an additional layer of protection against infection on top of existing governmental guidelines UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires in test setup inactivated 99.99% of SARS-COV-2 in the air of a room within 10 minutes1   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is helping theater goers in th...
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Signify Expands Smart City Offerings by Acquiring Telensa

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces today that it acquiredTelensa Holdings Ltd, a UK-based expert in wireless monitoring and control systems for smart cities. With Telensa, Signify adds a narrow-band and TALQ-compliant solution to its feature-rich, open and secured systems. This will enable Signify to service a broader group of customers, by making smart city infrastructure affordable to cities utilizing the unlicensed radio space. Telensa will continue to sell its systems under its own brand ...
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Signify’s UV-C Disinfection Trolley Can Inactivate 99% of COVID-19 Virus and Helps Boost COVID-19 Fight

The Taiwanese government raised its COVID-19 alert to Level 3 amid a spike in domestic cases. To help with epidemic prevention, Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, developed a UV-C disinfection trolley that can break down 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus in 6 seconds. Moreover, Signify has donated 10 trolleys to Taipei City in an attempt to stand with healthcare workers, police, and firefighters combating the pandemic. Coronavirus can last for a long time on specific surfaces, particularly on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for up to 3 days; expanded sp...
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Signify Boosts Fan Experience In Major European Football Stadiums

Optimizes fan, broadcasting, and viewer experience ahead of Europe’s biggest international football tournament Enables greater flexibility for bespoke pre- and post-match entertainment Upgrades lighting in six of Europe’s top football stadiums, including Amsterdam, Munich and Rome Eindhoven, Netherlands - Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has upgraded the lighting of six of Europe’s top stadiums, perfectly on time for&nbs...
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Signify Launches New and Future-Ready Philips Hue App

Improves app performance and enhances the user experience with easier automations, a new Hue scene gallery and more Serves as the foundation for the future of smart lighting Includes familiar user interface elements from the previous Philips Hue app and has been transformed to become sleeker than ever before.   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is further enhancing the user experience of millions of Philips Hue users around the globe as it launches the fourth generation of the Philips H...
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New Philips TrueForce LED highbay universal offers a quick and easy payback solution at Ipsen production site in Germany

Photo Credit: Signify Provides first universal HID replacement product in the market for easy switch to LED Results in fast and easy installation Offers energy savings of up to 65% Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has introduced its new Philips TrueForce LED highbay universal lamps that are easy to install, save energy with low initial investment and are particularly suitable for industrial use, in warehouses, and retail areas. As such, LEDs can have a meaningful contribution to the E...
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Signify’s new fish lights increase growth and improve the feed conversation ratio by harnessing the power of the sun

Provide light distribution specifically designed to enhance fish growth of many different fish species, including tilapia Fit any pond size and can Illuminate up to six hours after sunset  Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has launched new Philips solar fish grow lights that help to optimize farming for ponds, while harnessing the power of the sun. It provides spectral light specifically designed to suit many fish species, including tilapia. The grow lights enable fish farmers to increase fish producti...
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Signify’s LED lighting helps The Kingfish Company to accelerate eco-friendly fish growth

Improves energy efficiency, optimizes feed conversion and reduces costs Allows Kingfish to exceed system design output by as much as 30% Promotes consistent growth of land-grown Yellowtail fish and helps to reduce stress in fish Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, supplied Kingfish Company with Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED lighting products to optimize fish growth and feed conversion at the world’s first sustainable land-grown aquaculture facility for Yellowtail fish. The lights prov...
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Signify Will Halt Production at Its Factory in Tupelo, and Professional Indoor Lighting Products Will Be Affected

According to foreign media, in order to deal with the current status of lighting industry, Signify will halt production at its factory in Tupelo, Mississippi. Before the end of 3Q21, the production of its DayBrite and Chloride professional indoor lighting solutions will be transferred to its factories in San Marcos, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. This transfer also includes some indoor lighting R&D. Sales, marketing, IT teams and key R&D will continue to run in Tupelo. According to Signify, due to the transformation in the lighting industry, this chan...
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Signify Works with Honeywell to Promote UV-C, Smart and Human-centric Lightings

Signify has formed a strategic alliance with Honeywell on December 21, 2020 and will work on the comprehensive smart lighting solutions in the field of commercial buildings. According to the agreement, Honeywell’s Building Management Systems and its Forge enterprise performance management platform will be integrated with Signify’s Interact connected lighting system and software and its UV-C disinfection lighting. In addition, Signify will also offer human-centric lighting such as NatureConnect. With Signify’s connected LED lighting system In...
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Smarter Lighting, Better Driving: Gran Canaria Installs Signify’s Interact City On Main Highway

The combination of Philips DigiStreet luminaires and Interact provides an energy saving of 80% Minimizes light pollution with the 2700K color temperature fully in compliance with local regulations on preserving night sky without compromising road safety and driving experience Zhaga connectors make the highway ready for the future, enabling sensing capabilities for monitoring environmental conditions such as motion, tilt, vibration, and noise   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is transforming G...
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Signify And Honeywell Team Up To Deploy Integrated Lighting Solutions To Improve Occupant Experience

Honeywell adds Signify’s lighting systems and software to its Healthy Buildings solutions to improve occupant experience, productivity and wellbeing Includes Signify’s UV-C disinfection lighting, connected lighting, human-centric lighting and occupancy, space and environmental monitoring Integrating smart LED lighting solutions with building management systems can help buildings improve energy consumption   Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, and Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a ...
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San Jose, CA – April 26, 2022 – Lumileds today announced a new, higher performance level comprised of 21 new parts for its horticulture and illumination mid-power 3030 LEDs. Typical flux, PPF, and efficacy have increased 2%. In a lumi... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan – 26 April 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the launch of the Hortisolis™ series of white LEDs. By incorporating only the light... READ MORE