Taiwanese LED Companies Continue Transformation to Raise Shipment of Innovative Applications

Several Taiwanese LED companies have seen positive results after three quarters of business transformation. As they have been shifting more capacity to non-blue LED applications, more mid- and small-sized LED firms starts to see turnarounds. Looking ahead to 2018, Taiwanese companies will keep differentiating themselves from Chinese competitors and expanding product lines in niche markets, such as IR LED, sensors, and Mini LED.
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Tyntek Ends Investment in Alpha Plus Epi, Shifts Chip Manufacturing to China

Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Tyntek has ended investment in LED upstream chip manufacturer Alpha Plus Epi Inc (Alpha Plus Epi) with an estimated recognized loss of NT $1 billion (US $33.4 million) for 2013. The company however does not plan to completely back out of the LED chip market. Instead, the company is shifting focus from the Taiwan market to China. Tyntek through a joint venture with Fujian Electronics & Information established Fujian Prima Optoelectronics in 2010. This new epitaxy factory is projected to begin mass production in 2H14.
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Tyntek Brings in MOVCD to Expanded Its LED Industry

It’s reported that Alpha Plus Epi Inc., the epi-wafer subsidiary of Tyntek Corp. will spend US$30 million to add 10 to 15 MOCVD chambers in 2011. At present, Alpha Plus is testing seven MOCVD chambers which were recently tooled at its factory in Taichung Industrial Park.
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TYNTEK launched K-mark certified LED bicycle headlamp

TYNTEK Applied Product Division introduced a very bright 3W single LED headlamp. It achieves 40Lux from 10meters away. The lamp meets German bicycle headlamp regulation and it is K-Mark certified. TYNTEK's Optical Center designed the reflector which creates relatively sharp horizontal cutoff line. The light pattern is cut off to the top of the beam to keep focused light out of the eyes of oncoming drivers. To be simple, beam is brightest at the top getting progressively dimmer towards the bottom just like a high quality automobile low beam.
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Tyntek Corporation launches 8.5W LED PAR30 lamp with Y-shaped heat dissipation bar

Tyntek Corporation recently launches 8.5W LED PAR30 lamp, a PAR lamp that is distinguished from conventional LED PAR lamps. Tyntek Optical Center coordinates special thermal module with patented reflective chromed plastic on the LED PAR 30.
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Tyntek launches 8.5W LED PAR30 lamp

Tyntek Corporation recently launches 8.5W LED PAR30 lamp, which is distinguished from conventional LED PAR lamps. Tyntek Optical Center coordinates special thermal module with patented reflective chromed plastic on the LED PAR 30.
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TYNTEK introduced reflective 4W LED MR16

TYNTEK 4W MR16 has special designed reflectors with efficient focusing properties and extremely tight beam angles of 30° for high center beam luminance of at least 1700lux. The concept of reflective MR16 is from automotive headlamp. TYNTEK MR16 uses only 1 CREE LED, which is mounted on the back of the heat dissipation bar and emit toward the reflector.
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TYNTEK introduces non-directional AR111 LED lamps

TYNTEK introduces its new non-directional AR111 LED lamps. TYNTEK AR111 LED lamps have special designed reflectors with efficient focusing properties and extremely tight beam angles of 27° for high center beam luminance of at least 4000 lux so that objects can be highlighted even in bright surroundings. With 4 CREE LEDs and a reflector in one lamp, the non-directional LED design creates exceptionally smooth beam patterns, which solves the conventional LED spot pattern problem.
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Tyntek to Become Taiwan’s Third-largest LED Chipmaker by Acquiring Ubilux

Tyntek Corp, a Taiwan-based LED chipmaker, recently said it is seeking to acquire its local rival Ubilux to expand its output of LEDs for panel backlighting, according to an article on Taipei Times. The acquisition will make Tyntek Taiwan’s third-largest LED chipmaker, after Epistar Corp and Optotech Corp, the report said.
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New LED patent complaint with ITC Against firms in Taiwan and China

It’s reported that Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, professor emerita of Materials Science and Engineering at Columbia University in New York, filed a complaint with the U.S.
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ITRI demonstrates its patented AC LED Technology

Recently, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) introduced two patented LED innovative technologies-AC LED and LED healthcare lighting, which will help Taiwan hone the competitive edge of its LED industry via generating royalty income. Semiconductor devices, as computer chips and LEDs have been designed to work at low current ever since day one due to inherent characteristics, but call for direct-current (DC) transformers to be powered by household AC (alternating current).
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Global LED output growth is only 5% in 2009, while Taiwan accounts for 20%

It’s reported that the global LED output is expected to grow by only 5 percent next year, given the impact of the global economic downturn. While Taiwan, which accounts for 20 percent of the world’s LED output, is projected to fare slightly better with a 7 percent increase, according to an analyst with the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK) under the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
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ITRI wins 2008 R&D 100 Award with One-Chip AC LED technology

It’s reported that Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), with its One-Chip AC LED technology, has been selected a winner of the 2008 R&D 100 Awards competition sponsored by the U.S.-based R&D Magazine.  
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Taiwan ITRI, LED Makers Forms R&D Alliance to Develop AC LED Apps

It’s reported that Taiwan’s government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has teamed up with scores of LED makers to form an R&D alliance, in a bid to integrate industry resources to develop applications for AC LED technology.
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