Mikro Mesa Develops Low Temperature Transfer Technology to Process 3µm Micro LEDs

Mikro Mesa Technology announced a breakthrough in Micro LED mass transferring and bonding which successfully transferred Micro LED chips sized 3µm to manufacture a 4-inch display. (Image: Mikro Mesa) Mikro Mesa’s technology is capable of transfer chips sized 2 to 5 µm and can produce display with a resolution of 1,800 ppi with millions of Micro LED chips, enabling large size applications including TVs above 55-inch. In addition, the technology is featured with low temperature and press-free bonding for better yield. The low temperature process ...
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Technology Developers on the Way to Overcome Difficulties of Micro LED Mass Transfer and Assembly

In order to commercialized Micro LED display, the current goal of Micro LED technology developers is to reduce production cost and improve yield through optimizing manufacture process. One obstruction to the goal comes from the production process of mass transferring and bonding, as assembling million Micro LED chips to targeted substrates poses a great challenge for display makers. Micro LED display is made from Micro LED array consisting of a massive amount of Micro LED chips, forming individual pixels. Since the size of Micro LED chips is less than 100 &m...
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Changelight Sends Micro LED Samples to Downstream Firms for Testing

As Micro LED still encounters certain technical bottlenecks, some companies are currently focusing on the transition technology Mini LED instead. The squad proactively developing Mini LED applications includes panel giants (Innolux and AUO), LED chip makers (Epistar and Lextar), and LED packaging firms (EVERLIGHT, AOT, and Harvatek).
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New XLamp® S Line LEDs enhance growth, last longer, lower energy costs Horticulture and other forms of agricultural lighting require application-tuned ratios of spectral content, high efficacy and long lifetimes. Whether you are interested... READ MORE

Introducing the world’s first LCoS light engine with adaptive LED illumination. Spotlight™ display technology delivers up to 90% illumination power savings and 10x local contrast compared to conventional LCoS. SAN MATEO, Calif., Ja... READ MORE