Kyocera and glō's Micro LED Panel for Smartwatches to Present at CEATEC 2019

Micro LED specialist glō is going showcase its Micro LED display at the CEATEC show from October 15 to 18 in Chiba, Japan. glō has cooperated with Kyocera and introduced a 1.8-inch Micro LED display at Display Week 2019. The Micro LED display based on LTPS backplane achieves a resolution of 200 ppi and brightness up to 1 million nits. The product will be demonstrated in Japan during the CEATEC show targeting smart wearable applications. (Image: glō) glō’s technology creates Micro LED with InGaN for RGB pixels without...
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glō, Jasper Display to Demonstrate Micro LED Display with High Brightness

At SID's Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles, glō and Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) will, for the first time ever, demo the world's brightest self-emitting display panel. The industry's brightest Micro LEDs (10 μm), developed and integrated by glō, paired with JDC's new silicon backplane, the JD67E2, make it possible to deliver the high brightness and contrast that will benefit the next wave of watches, phones, heads-up-displays (HUDs), and augmented reality (AR) products.
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