UnitySC Introduces Phase Shift Deflectometry Technology for Detecting Invisible Topographic Defects on GaAs Wafer for VCSEL

Unity Semiconductor (UnitySC), the France-based semiconductor inspection solution provider, announced that it has demonstrate the capability of detecting topographic defects on GaAs wafers for VCSEL in LiDAR and 3D recognition applications. On top of common Surface Scanning Inspection Systems (SSIS) and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, UnitySC noted that it is able to find out defects that are not visible on standard optical inspection systems. These defects do not scatter or absorb light, and can only be revealed by their topography but the...
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Taiwanese GaAs Suppliers Face the Impacts of In-Stock VCSEL and Competitors

After Apple introduced 3D sensing technology in iPhone X last year, the technology has caught the eye of the market as well as its key component, VCSEL. The suppliers have been boosting the manufacturing of VCSEL since then but as the sale of iPhone X did not meet expectations, the in-stock 3D sensing component also influenced the revenue of suppliers. 
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