TOPCON Introduces Micro LED Optical Quality Inspection and Evaluation

The development of Micro LEDs, quantum dot (QD) displays as a next generation displays following LCDs and OLEDs are becoming popular. By reducing the chip size to less than 100 µm and 10 nm levels compared to existing LEDs, with high-definition, high color saturation, fast response and high reliability, it‘s performance surpasses conventional LCDs and OLED displays. These devices are also ideal for new applications such as AR/VR/MR/SR, automotive head-up displays (HUDs), micro projectors, and smartwatches, which are expected to expand the mark...
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Highlights of the International Micro LED Display Conference - Section Two

The 2018 Internationl Micro LED Display Conference has gathered AUO, eLux, Nationstar, Lextar, X-Celeprint, Veeco, Lumiode, San’an, TOPCON, Chipone, PlayNitride, Orbotech, Sony and ITRI to share Micro LED related technologies and future prospect. The conference has mainly focused on Micro LED epitaxy, transfer, color conversion, detection, drive and equipment.
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 - Osconiq E 2835 CRI 90 (QD) expands ams OSRAM's portfolio of lighting solutions that provide very high quality in a new mid-power LED. - In-house Quantum Dot technology ensures outstanding efficiency values of over 200 lm/W, even at... READ MORE

San Jose, CA – July 13, 2021 – Lumileds today introduced its new LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs engineered and designed to support the growing demand for a high volume, high-efficacy mid-power LED to serve commercial indoor lighting a... READ MORE