Flexible and Foldable Panels to Enter the Market Soon, Will Micro LED Follow?

Flexible and foldable panels have created a sensation since Royole and Samsung introduced their foldable phones by the end of 2018. Soon after that, LG revealed a stunning rollable TV at CES 2019. Flexible OLED displays are getting more attentions with products launched in the market in 2019. Samsung is expected to launch its folding smartphone in February 20 while its rival LG is also set to reveal a foldable smartphone soon. Meanwhile, Chinese smartphone makers including Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei have all announced their plans of releasing folding phones in this y...
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Idemitsu Kosan to Build New Facilities for OLED Materials in China

Idemitsu Kosan announces that it will build a facility for OLED material manufacturing in Chengdu, China in order to accommodate the growing demand for OLED materials in China and to enhance technical support to Chinese customers. Idemitsu Kosan aims to expand its OLED production in China targeting the increasing Chinese market for OLED applications. The company will construct its third OLED material plant in China after its factory in Japan and Korea. The construction is expected to be completed in November 2019 and the commercial production is schedul...
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BOE to Break into OLED Supply Chain of Samsung

Chinese panel maker BOE has attempted to supply its OLED panels to Samsung Electronics, according to Korean media, The Investor. The report said BOE has been working on samples for the panels used in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.
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Corning Lotus NXT Glass Chosen for Samsung Display’s Flexible LTPS-OLED Line

Corning Incorporated announces Samsung Display’s selection of Corning Lotus™ NXT Glass as the carrier glass for its line of polyimide (PI) low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, which today power the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.
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OLEDWorks Introduces Brite Amber OLED Panel

OLEDWorks, a U.S. OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company, is pleased to introduce the Brite Amber panel to its suite of OLED lighting products at LIGHTFAIR International 2017.
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OLEDWorks Announces Availability of the Newest Addition to the Lumiblade Portfolio

OLEDWorks LLC, the leading U.S. OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the availability of the Brite 2 OLED Panels, a significant expansion to its product portfolio.
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Apple’s New Patents to Embed Light Sensors onto Device Displays

Rumor has it that Apple will shift to a bezel- free display iPhone in 2017, the company will have to embed everything into the display, reported Today's iPhone.
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Dai Nippon Printing Raises OLED Panel Component Production

Japanese manufacturer Dai Nippon Printing will triple the output of evaporation masks, a core component in OLED panel production, to take advantage of estimated growth demands from smartphone panel applications and others, reported Nikkei.
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Researchers Use OLED Smartphone Panels to Activate Nerve Cells

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have discovered that the lighting used in smartphone displays can activate live cells that are genetically programmed to respond to light.
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LG Asks Samsung to Form Large OLED TV Panel Partnership

Could Samsung be returning the OLED TV scene? For a while the company was backing away from large OLED panels or putting it on the backburner till yield rates improved. But the company might be making an earlier comeback, as long term rival LG Display seeks to forge a partnership.
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Japan Display Announces Mass Production of OLED Panels in 2018

Japanese OLED panel manufacturer Japan Display announced it will be mass producing OLED panels in 2018, which has led many tech media including Engadget and Apple Rumors to speculate Apple might be launching an OLED screened phone in the near future.
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Japan Display Becomes Latest Bidder for Apple iPhone 8 OLED Panel Orders

Rumors of Apple’s intention to trade existing LCD display technology for the lighter and thinner OLED screens has been circulating awhile on the market, a recent report from Japanese newspaper Nikkan has named Japan Display as the latest contender for Apple’s iPhone 8 OLED panel orders.
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LG Chem Manufactures 32x32 cm OLED Lights

LG Chem announced today that it achieved two important milestones in the development of OLED lighting products with the start of manufacturing of the 320 x 320 mm OLED light panel, the world’s largest available in the market, and the completion of the research and development phase for a new plastic-based OLED light panel.
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Windowless OLED Panel Plane Designs to be realized in Next Decade

The days of glimpsing the world through a tiny plastic porthole when you fly are soon to be a thing of the past; future aircrafts will offer a crystal clear panoramic view without any windows at all. At the UK based Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), scientists and engineers are developing ultra-flexible, high-definition display technologies that could line the interior walls of cabins and display live footage from external cameras.
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LG Chem OLED Panels Illuminate Pop-Up Restaurant Tincan

 LG Chem OLED Light panels have been used as the main light source at Tincan, a newly opened pop-up restaurant designed by AL_A. The restaurant which was introduced in time for this year’s London Design Festival, serves an exquisite collection of tinned seafood along with carefully selected beer and wine. The decision to use LG Chem OLEDs for the restaurant’s lighting was based on the excellent light quality as well as the design possibilities unique to OLEDs. Moreover, the simplicity of OLEDs enabled the architectural design firm, AL_A, to design and manufacture the lightings themselves.
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Kaneka Develops OLED Panels with Lifespan on Par with LEDs

OLED lighting’s short lifetime and high retail prices has been a major obstacle for the luminaires to acquire more market share, but new developments in Japan might be changing this, according to a MoneyDJ report.
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LG Chem High-Efficacy OLED Panels Catches up with LEDs

LG Chem has developed the world’s first OLED light panel with high luminous efficacy and long-lasting performance that can compete with LED lights, according to a report from The Korea Herald.
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LG Chem To Aggressively Lower OLED Panel Prices

LG Chem announces to strategically drop the price of OLED light panels from third quarter of 2014. The market price was set at $600/Klm or above, depending on order quantities. Today, LG Chem suggests a new price of $200/Klm. 
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Fraunhofer COMEDD Develops Flexible OLED Panels on Glass

OLED on flexible substrates offer unique scopes for luminaire designs. Additionally, they can be quasi transparent when switched off. Next to their appearance another aspect is of importance: the substrate they are processed on - like e.g. very thin flexible glass-, metal- and plastic foils.
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TDK Releases Its See-through OLED Panel’s Structure

TDK Corp recently has released the structure of the see-through OLED panel which started mass production in March 2011. The see-through OLED panel features a passive-matrix type and has a screen size of 2.4 inches. Its pixel count is 240 x 320 (QVGA). It can display color images. The brightness and transmittance of the new see-through OLED panel are 150cd/m2 and 40%, respectively.   TDK used metal electrodes as negative electrodes so that the company's proven manufacturing technologies can be used to start volume production as soon as possible. Then...
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LG Display to Release 40-inch OLED Panel in 2012

LG Display announced its plan to develop and release large-size OLED panels at FPD International 2009, which took place from Oct 28 to 30, 2009 in Yokohama, Japan.
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DNP Develops "Shining & Speaking Poster" with OLED Panel

Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd (DNP) of Japan has developed a "Shining & Speaking Poster" by combining an OLED panel, an inorganic EL panel and a panel-like speaker.
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LG Display Exhibited “Rugged” OLED Panel

At SID Display Week 2009, LG Display Co Ltd of Korea exhibited a “rugged” 15-inch OLED panel. And the company had surprised the visitors by showing a demonstration video in which the panel was repeatedly being hit with a mallet to prove its toughness.
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Samsung Expects Larger OLED Panels Used in Mobile Devices

The warranty period against image burn-in for active-matrix OLED panels is expected to exceed 2,000 hours in 2010, and these panels will be available for laptops, according to Woo Jong Lee, vice president of the Mobile Display Marketing Team of Samsung SDI Co Ltd.
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GE Creates New Printed Sheets of OLED Lights

It’s reported that General Electric has created a giant OLED panel printer to be specifically used for lighting.
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