FitTech Invests in K-Jet to Strengthen Its Micro LED Development

On August 6, FitTech—an LED equipment provider—announced at its board of directors meeting that the company will spend no more than NT$50 million (US$1.8 million) on investing in K-Jet Laser Tek. The investment aims to strengthen FitTech’s technologies of Micro LED mass transfer and removal as well as precision laser processing for PCB substrates, which also helps the two companies to develop technology strategies for the Micro LED market, thereby facilitating the “cooperation within the same industry and interdisciplinary alliance” ...
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FitTech Orders Scheduled to September Under Accelerated Development of Mini LED

FitTech hosted an investor conference on the 9th of April, where Chairman Hsu Chiu-tien commented on the wave of production expansion in Mini LED during 2021, and how the successive expansion seen in the past will turn to a simultaneous implementation this year. The orders of Mini LED equipment for FitTech have been scheduled to September, and the three major businesses of the company are currently on a positive development. FitTech exceeded 40% in gross margin during the fourth quarter last year, and arrived at a historical new height in a single quarter at 43.2%. Ac...
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FitTech Receives Buy Rating Thanks to Apple Hastening the Adoption of Mini LED

The electronics supply chain in Taiwan has benefitted considerably from Apple’s decision to adopt displays with the Mini LED backlight for its latest devices. FitTech, a local provider of LED testing equipment and outsourced processing services, was recently assigned a buy rating and a target EPS of NT$195 by Yuanta Investment Consulting. The company was listed in 2019, and this was the first time that it was awarded a buy rating. The main reason for this bullish call is that Apple’s aggressive pursuit of the Mini LED technology will very likely spur...
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FitTech Expects Revenue Growth in 2021 with Booming Mini LED Applications

LED testing and sorting equipment manufacturer FitTech held investor conference yesterday (August 20, 2020) and announced that in order to meet the demand of Mini LED chip process from its clients, the company will expand its capacity in 4Q20. The expansion is expected to finish in the second quarter of 2021 and will be a major growing momentum for FitTech. (Image: FitTech) Being part of the Mini LED backlight technology supply chain, FitTech provides LED testing equipment for Epistar, who is known for the major Mini LED chip supplier for Apple’s ...
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Epistar Addresses Back-end Manufacture Process of Mini LED with Its Expanded Investment

Mini LED display technology is on its way to break into the mainstream market with several products including laptops and gaming monitors officially debuted. Apple’s rumored Mini LED-based iPad and Macbook are also expected to show up in the second half of 2020. In addition, leading TV brands are said to launch high-end 8K TVs with Mini LED backlight technology. Epistar, the Taiwan-based LED chip maker, is believed to be benefitted from the increasing demands for Mini LED. Aiming to fulfill the surging Mini LED display applications, Epistar has in...
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Mini LED Supply Chain Sees Positive Sign amid COVID-19 Crisis

Leading laptop and PC makers including MSI, Acer, ASUS and Lenovo are launching products adopting Mini LED technology. The technology is also believed to be seen on the new Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Pro coming in the second half of 2020. With more products using Mini LED entering the market, many hold a positive attitude toward the supply chain. (Image: Pixabay) For Mini LED chip manufacture, Taiwan’s Epistar has expanded its Mini LED production capacity with increased capital expenditures. The new capacity is scheduled to be ready by th...
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FitTech Sees Business Growth in 2020 with Increasing Orders for Mini LED Equipment

As Mini LED products entering the market, equipment producer FitTech, who experts in Mini LED probing, sorting and testing is expect thriving business in 2020. (Image: FitTech) Mini LED and Micro LED technologies became more mature in the past year, leading to higher demands and requirements for back-end manufacture processes such as testing and probing. Thus, FitTech is taking orders from LED companies in Taiwan and China. Taiwanese chip producer Epistar just revealed that it will increase investment in testing equipment in 2020. In addition, currently...
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Equipment Producer FitTech to Supply Testing Products for the Top Three Chinese LED Manufacturers

FitTech, a Taiwanese LED chip and wafer probers provider, has increased its product portfolio for the production of Mini LED and VCSEL and has been providing its equipment to the top three Chinese LED companies. FitTech has continued to extend its product lines in the optoelectronic field with a focus on system integration. Its products include LED/wafer probers, automatic solar sorters, laser micromachining systems and others. With its products, the company has successfully become a supplier for the top three Chinese LED companies. Its LED prober takes...
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