China Frees U.S. Imported UV Lamps from Tariffs

The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council of China announced the second list of American goods to be excluded from the second round of tariffs countermeasures against the US Section 301 measure. UV lamps and IR lamps are listed in the tariff-free goods. (Image: Pixabay) China published the list of 79 items that will be exempt from extra Chinese tariffs and the exclusion will become effective from May 19, 2020, for one year until May 18, 2021. The already imposed tariff will be refunded with application within six months since May 19. The list includes m...
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US Halts New Tariffs on Chinese Imports, LED Lamps off the Hook

Trump said on December 13 that the U.S. has reached “phase one” trade deal with China including the pause of the additional tariffs on Chinese products which was scheduled to come to effect on December 15, 2019. Several LED lighting products on the list are thus free from extra tariffs for now. (Image: Pixabay) With the new agreement, the U.S. said it would delay or cancel the new tariffs on the US$160 Chinese goods and reduce the tariffs from 15% to 7.5% for the products imposed with extra tariffs in September. However, according to the United States...
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Unity-Opto Benefits from Order Transfer due to US-China Trade War

As the trade war between the U.S. and China goes on, some companies from other area enjoy the benefits from order transfer. Taiwan’s LED packager Unity-Opto, recently reported that it has receive orders from U.S. wholesalers and is seeing revenue growth for 4Q19. In order to avoid extra tariffs, companies across the world who target the U.S. market are seeking suppliers who have production lines outside China. With its production lines located in Taiwan, Unity-Opto thus benefits from the order transfer with sales in 1H19 rising 30%YoY. The company also too...
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Strategies of Global LED Manufacturers during Challenging Time in the Industry [Part 2]

Facing the difficulties in the industry, global LED companies developed their strategies trying to keep their business prospering. LEDinside analyzed the different approaches of worldwide LED manufacturers. For Taiwanese LED manufacturers, Micro LED and Mini LED technologies have directed them into a new field where they have a better chance to rival with competitors from China and Korea. Korean and Japanese LED suppliers, on the other hand, target niche products for novel applications such as UV LEDs and LEDs with wavelengths that are similar to natu...
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Strategies of Global LED Manufacturers during Challenging Time in the Industry [Part 1]

LED manufacturers all over the world have suffered from low profit and market uncertainty due to continuous price competition and on-going trade dispute. Besides cutting off lighting business, LEDinside observed the strategies developed by worldwide LED companies under the difficult circumstance to alleviate impacts on their business. Micro LED and Mini LED: the Turning Point for Taiwan LED Manufacturers Taiwan-based LED companies were challenged by Chinese competitors with their low price strategies in the past few years. However, Mini LED and Micro...
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US Delays Additional Tariffs on Chinese Good Including Some LED Products

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced that addition tariffs on certain Chinese-made consumer items will be delayed until December 15 for avoiding the holiday shopping season, according to President Trumps. As a result, USTR has announced two new lists for products with extra tariffs effective on September 1, 2019, and those effective on December 15, 2019. Several items were removed from the tariffs list due to health, safety, national security and other factors, according to USTR. Original list has covered LED products include “Ball...
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Increasing Tariffs on LED Product Continues to Impact the Industry

On August 1, 2019, President Trump announced an additional 10% tariff on US$300 billion Chinese imports which will come into effect in September. The new listed products which will be imposed with taxes also include several LED products. LED products that are listed in the new 10% tariff list include “Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes”, “electrical lighting equipment of a kind used on bicycles”, “flashlights”, and a series of electrical filament lamps, as well as LED lamps. (Image: Pixabay) According to data from the Chi...
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Epistar Sees Opportunity in Mini LED and Might Benefit from US-China Trade Dispute

Taiwan-based LED chip maker Epistar held its annual shareholder meeting on June 19, 2019. The company expects that Mini LED products will be the major driving momentum in 2019. Epistar continues to work on high margin LED products including UV LED, VCSEL, Mini LED and Micro LED. The company is working intensively with Mini LED projects and its products have been adopted in the end applications including monitors, notebooks and tablets. Epistar foresees an increase of product shipment with rising demands in the market 2020, which will push the produ...
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Top 10 LED Package Manufacturer Revenue Ranking of 2018, Says LEDinside

2018 has proven to be a difficult year for many LED manufacturers: the industry as a whole was burdened with the weight of oversupply, and the US-China trade dispute caused end demand to stagnate. This led to a less-than-expected business performance for LED manufacturers in general. According to the LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base report by LEDinside, LED packaging revenue in 2018 reached US$ 18.4 billion, a mere growth of 3.1 % over 2017. LEDinside Research Director, Roger Chu, points out that revenue rankings for the top ten LED packaging...
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