【SID Display Week 2019】Mini LED Backlight Becomes New Paradigm in the Display Industry

Mini LED backlight solution seems to be a “must have” technology for all the panel exhibitors at this year’s Display Week. Despite that adopting Mini LED backlight to consumer electronic products is rather difficult due to high production cost; panel makers still proactively demonstrated related products. Therefore, Mini LED backlight might not be a flash in the pan. LEDinside noticed that almost every display maker participated in Display Week disclosed the focus on automotive display incorporating LCD panel and Mini LED backlight. The solut...
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【SID Display Week 2019】Micro LED Display Products Progress with Chinese Panel Makers Joining the Field

Display Week is an iconic event for the display industry across the world. Micro LED display is still a major focus of the show in 2019. Most of the Micro LED display exhibitors have demonstrated their products last year and came with upgraded Micro LED display this year. LEDinside noticed that Chinese panel manufacturers have joined the game of Micro LED and showcased active driven solution on glass backplane, indicating the technology progress of Micro LED display. Let’s take a look at the latest Micro LED developments at SID Display Week 2019. ...
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CEA-Leti Develops CMOS Process for High-Performance Micro LEDs That Could Overcome Display-Size Obstacles

French research institute, Leti of CEA Tech, announced a new technology development based on CMOS for GaN Micro LED displays manufacture. Researchers said the new process is capable of producing high performance Micro LED displays for a wide range of applications from smart watches to TVs. The approach fabricates elementary units of all-in-one red, green, blue (RGB) Micro LEDs on a CMOS driving circuit, and transfers the devices to a simple receiving substrate. The units are fabricated with a full semiconductor, wafer-scale approach. (Image: CEA...
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【SID Display Week 2019】Industry Players Demonstrate Display Technology Breakthroughs

The 56th SID Display Week 2019 kicked off on May 14 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, USA. This year LEDinside also joined the event to share the first hand updates in the display industry. Exhibitors across the world have presented their latest developments in display products. Display producers keep their focus on developing differentiated products to target niche market for avoiding price competition. Foldable mobile phones, flexible OLED TVs, flexible automotive panels, transparent displays and light field holographic ...
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VueReal’s 30,000 ppi Micro LED Display Reaches High Yield and Ready for Sample Shipment

VueReal, the Canada-based Micro LED developer, announced its achievement in Micro LED display production. With its self-aligned technology, VueReal has reached a high yield in Micro LED display production. VueReal will start accepting orders for Micro LED display samples by June 2019. According to VueReal, its self-aligned integration process is able to meet the alignment accuracy requirement without compromising Micro LED performance. Based on the technique and adaptive patterning technologies from VueReal, Reza Chaji, CEO of VueReal, noted that ...
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Tianma to Showcase Micro LED Transparent Display and Mini LED Backlit Display at Display Week 2019

The Tianma Group from China announced that it will exhibit a 7.56-inch Micro LED display, a Mini LED backlit HDR LCD, and a Flexible AMOLED display at Display Week 2019. Tianma will showcase a Micro LED display with over 60 percent transparency and a resolution of 720*480 (114ppi), along with a thin border of less than 0.8mm. With the transparent Micro LED display, Tianma targets automotive applications such as HUD or car window display. (Image: Tianma) The company is also presenting a LTPS Mini LED backlight-based HDR display f...
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Plessey to Showcase Its Latest Micro LED Display Solutions at Display Week 2019

UK-based optoelectronic technology solution provider Plessey announced that it will showcase its latest Micro LED display solutions for augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), head-up/head-mounted displays (HUD/HMDs), smartphones and other display applications at Display Week 2019 held from May 14 to 17 in San Jose, California, USA. Plessey said it will unveil its Micro LED technology breakthroughs and demonstrate why its scalable and repeatable GaN-on-Silicon monolithic process is the solution for next-generation display products. (Image: Plessey) C...
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE