ROHM’s New SBDs: Achieving Class-Leading* Reverse Recovery Time with 100V Breakdown Voltage by Adopting a Trench MOS Structure that Significantly Improves VF-IR Trade-Off

Ideal for automotive LED headlamps and other high-speed switching applications ROHM has developed 100V breakdown Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) that deliver industry-leading reverse recovery time (trr) for power supply and protection circuits in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. Although numerous types of diodes exist, highly efficient SBDs are increasingly being used inside a variety of applications. Particularly SBDs with a trench MOS structure that provide lower VF than planar types enable higher efficiency in rectification application...
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ROHM Offers the Industry’s Largest* Library of LTspice® Models at Over 3,500 by Adding SiC and IGBTs

Improves design convenience by allowing designers to incorporate power devices in circuit simulations ROHM has expanded the library of SPICE model lineup for LTspice® of its circuit simulator. LTspice® is also equipped with circuit diagram capture and waveform viewer functions that make it possible for designers to check and verify in advance whether the circuit operation has been achieved as designed. In addition to the existing lineup of bipolar transistors, diodes, and MOSFETs, ROHM has added SiC power devices and IGBTs that increases its number of...
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ROHM’s New High Power 120W Laser Diode for LiDAR: Increasing Measurement Range by Reducing Wavelength Temperature Dependence by 66%

ROHM has developed a high-power laser diode - the RLD90QZW8. It is ideal for industrial equipment and consumer applications requiring distance measurement and spatial recognition. In recent years, LiDAR is being increasingly adopted in a wide range of applications that require automation - including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), robot vacuums, and autonomous vehicles - where it is necessary to accurately measure distance and recognize space. In this context, there is a need to improve the performance and output of laser diodes when used as light sources to incre...
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ROHM’s New Ultra-High-Speed Gate Driver IC: Maximizing the Performance of GaN Devices

Class-leading* unit of nanoseconds gate drive contributes to greater energy savings and miniaturization in LiDAR applications and data centers ROHM has developed a gate driver IC - the BD2311NVX-LB. It is optimized for GaN devices and achieves gate drive speeds on the order of nanoseconds (ns) - ideal for high-speed GaN switching. This was facilitated through a deep understanding of GaN technology and the continuing pursuit of gate driver performance. The result: fast switching with a minimum gate input pulse width of 1.25ns that contributes to smaller, more ener...
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New Compact VCSEL Proximity Sensor Contributes to Greater Miniaturization and Battery Capacity in Wireless Earbuds and other Wearable Devices

ROHM has developed a compact 2.0mm × 1.0mm proximity sensor, the RPR-0720, optimized for applications requiring attachment/detachment and proximity detection. As the use of IoT continues to grow, sensor devices that play a critical role are requiring greater miniaturization and functionality. ROHM offers a lineup of proximity sensors that combine light emitting and receiving elements in a single package, providing unmatched versatility that has led to widespread adoption in a range of applications, from mobile devices to industrial equipment. Particularly for weara...
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ROHM’s New EcoGaN™ Power Stage ICs Contribute to Smaller Size and Lower Loss

Reduces component volume by 99% and power loss by 55% when replacing silicon MOSFETs ROHM has developed power stage ICs with built-in 650V GaN HEMTs and gate driver - the BM3G0xxMUV-LB series. The devices are ideal for primary power supplies inside industrial and consumer applications such as data servers and AC adapters. Consumer and industrial sectors more and more demand greater energy savings to achieve a sustainable society in the last few years. However, while GaN HEMTs are expected to significantly contribute to greater miniaturization and i...
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New Matrix-Type (8-line×24-channel) LED Drivers for Automotive LCD Backlights Enable Independent Control of up to 192 Zones

Local dimming function contributes to higher resolution and lower power consumption displays ROHM has developed LED driver ICs - the BD94130xxx-M series (BD94130MUF-ME2, BD94130EFV-ME2) - for automotive LCD backlights. The devices support large displays increasingly being used in next-generation car infotainment and instrument clusters. In recent years, the advancement of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) together with expanding car infotainment functionality have prompted a shift towards higher resolution vehicle displays to improve visib...
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ROHM’s New 600V Super Junction MOSFETs Combine Class-Leading Noise Characteristics with the Industry’s Fastest* Reverse Recovery Time

Contributes to lower power loss along with fewer man-hours and external parts required for noise suppression in devices equipped with small motors ROHM has added three new models, the R60xxRNx series, to its PrestoMOS™ lineup of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs. These devices are optimized for driving small motors in refrigerators, ventilation fans, and other applications where noise suppression is important. Greater energy efficiency in equipment is required in recent years in response to the tightening of the global power supply, with motor drives accounting fo...
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New RGB Chip LED for Automotive Interiors Minimizes Color Variations due to Color Mixing

Contributes to accurate color representation in cabin function/status indicators and accent lighting ROHM has developed an RGB chip LED, SMLVN6RGBFU ideal for automotive interiors, such as function and status indicators in instrument clusters, CID (Center Information Displays) and accent lighting for footwells and door handles. In recent years, more driver assistance functions (i.e., automatic speed control, vehicle distance/white line detection) have been introduced as vehicles become progressively electronic and sophisticated. As such, the demand for RGB...
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Vitesco Technologies and ROHM have signed a long-term SiC supply partnership

Partnership enables capacity assurance for energy-efficient silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors Total project volume of over one billion US dollars between 2024 and 2030 is expected Basis is the development partnership for chips made of silicon carbide that began in 2020 As early as 2024 the first series production of SiC power electronics for two major customers is planned These chips support highly efficient electric driving and fast charging at the same time Regensburg, Willich, June 19, 2023. Vitesco Technologies, a leading international manuf...
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ROHM Begins Mass Production of 650V GaN HEMTs That Deliver Class-Leading Performance

Increasing efficiency and miniaturization in a wide range of power supply systems, including servers and AC adapters ROHM has started with the mass production of 650V GaN (Gallium Nitride) HEMTs GNP1070TC-Z and GNP1150TCA-Z optimized for a wide range of power supply systems applications. These new products are jointly developed with Ancora Semiconductors, Inc., an affiliate of Delta Electronics, Inc., that develops GaN devices. Improving the efficiency of power supplies and motors, which account for most of the world’s electricity consumption...
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ROHM Introduces the Industry’s Smallest Class of Short-Wavelength Infrared Devices, Ideal for New Portable and Wearable Sensing Applications

ROHM announces mass production technology for SWIR devices The industry's smallest class 1608-size devices are ideal for portable/wearable/hearable applications Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROHM Semiconductor today announced mass production technology for Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) devices in the industry's smallest class [1] 1608-size (1.6mm × >0.8mm) for portable / wearable / hearable devices requiring material detection. SWIR is characterized by a longer wavelength than near...
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ROHM and BASiC Semiconductor Form a Strategic Partnership Contributing to the technical innovation of new energy vehicles through the development of automotive SiC power devices

Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor and ROHM have entered into a strategic partnership agreement on SiC power devices for automotive applications. A signing ceremony was held at ROHM’s headquarters in Kyoto to commemorate the occasion.   The signing ceremony was concluded by Weiwei He (right), General Manager of Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor Ltd. and Isao Matsumoto (left), President and CEO of ROHM Co., Ltd.   Under this agreement, the two companies will leverage their respective strengths to innovate and improve the performance o...
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ROHM’s High 8V Gate Withstand Voltage Marking Technology Breakthrough for 150V GaN HEMT

Solving the gate breakdown voltage problem of GaN devices contributes to lower power consumption and greater miniaturization of power supplies for base stations and data centers   Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROHM Semiconductor today announced it has developed the industry’s highest (8V) gate breakdown voltage (rated gate-source voltage) technology for 150V GaN HEMT devices – optimized for power supply circuits in industrial and communication equipment.   I...
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New VCSEL Module Technology: Increasing the Output of Spatial Recognition and Ranging Systems by 30%

Reducing laser circuit design load while improving distance measurement accuracy ROHM’s newly developed VCSEL technology achieves greater accuracy in spatial recognition and distance measuring systems by using Time Of Flight (TOF) systems. VCSEL has become popular in recent years with the adoption of laser light sources for spatial recognition in tablets and facial recognition in smartphones. And with the emergence of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and industrial inspection systems utilizing gesture and shape recognition, the demand for VCSEL is...
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ROHM Release Blue-green LEDs for Color Universal Design Applications

ROHM introduced its newly launched blue-green LED products SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W that support the adoption of Color Universal Design (CUD). (Image: ROHM) Color is used in a variety of ways but there are approximately over 200 million people have problem distinguishing between red and green color. In addition, each individual perceives color differently. Since people’s perception of color varies, there is a growing need in the society to implement Color Universal Design that takes into account the various types of color vision in order t...
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【AUTOMOTIVE WORLD】Driver IC and Compound Semiconductor Technology Overview

One of the major focuses at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2020 was driver IC, who plays a critical role for automotive lighting technology. Driver IC companies across the world came to the event with their novel technology and components to simplify current management, improve the flexibility of light design and increase applications. Rohm released a new four channel LED driver BD18337EFV-M, which its thermal dispersion outputs can be controlled by one pin to reduce component and installation area. The driver can be applied in rear lights including brake lights and tail...
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ROHM Launches High Output Lens LEDs to Solve Light Leakage Problem of Instrument Clusters

Japan-based ROHM Semiconductor announced its new lens LED products with compact high output. This new lineup includes 18 devices, comprised of the CSL0901 series featuring standard brightness and the high brightness CSL0902 series. Recently, most vehicle instrument cluster designs have adopted shields to prevent light leakage from the LEDs to surrounding areas. However, light leakage remains a challenge due to a small amount of space that is required between the shield and the PCB to account for expansion caused by temperature changes. Additionally, high reliabili...
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ROHM Debuts White Chip LED with New Resin Material

ROHM Semiconductor announced the availability of its new white chip LED, SMLD12WBN1W, sized 1608 (1.6x0.8mm). This new package is designed for display panel applications and thus offers superior mountability and long operational life. In order to meet the increasing standards of displays and visual indicators, high-reliability LEDs are required to guarantee no degradation in luminosity even with continuous operation for over 10 years. Achieving the requirements had been a big challenge with conventional while LEDs that use epoxy or silicone resins for molding. Ac...
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Highlights of NEPCON JAPAN – Expanding Market for Automotive LED Components

With more complicated functions rolling out, future cars are programmed to be safer, more electric, automatic, and digitalized. This year, 1063 Japanese manufacturers and 242 foreign companies participate in NEPCON JAPAN. The number of exhibitors has hit a new high, compared with previous years. At the exhibition, many LED component makers show their ambition to enter the automotive market.
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ROHM Adds New Colors to Ultra-thin LED Lineup

ROHM recently added 7 new colors to its PICOLEDTM series of low-profile, ultra-compact chip LEDs optimized for wearable tech, portable devices, and drones, allowing for greater color expression and improved design freedom.
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New High Brightness Single Rank Chip LEDs from ROHM for Industrial Equipment

ROHM has recently announced the availability of high accuracy single-rank 1608-size high-brightness chip LEDs optimized for a wide variety of applications, from industrial equipment and consumer devices to automotive systems.
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ROHM Develops New LED Driver to Achieve Less Power Consumption for LCD TV Panels

ROHM Co., Ltd. (Kyoto-based) developed a 4-wire LED driver for LCD TV panels, achieving significantly lower power consumption. According to the available information and confirmation from relevant TV makers, the power consumption of backlight accounts for approximately 70% of the total power consumed by the LCD panel, therefore it has always been a major issue most manufacturers have focused. New products use original ROHM prides control circuit technology, achieved both high efficiency and low noise. The voltage level improved to 80V through the built-in MOS...
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Rohm and Lumiotec Developed a New OLED Lighting Panel, to Start Shipping Soon

Rohm developed a new (2nd-generation) OLED lighting panel that uses a red phosphorescent material. The new material results in a more efficient device - about 25-30lm/W, up from about 11lm/W in their first-generation all-fluorescent device.   Lumiotec (which is partly owned by Rohm) will start producing these new panels in "volume" within a few days (Lumiotec reported earlier that it will make around 60,000 panels a year). The new panel's size is 145x145mm (the same size of Lumiotec's older panels) and will cost ¥30,000 (about $365) - which is cheape...
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Rohm Unveils New LED Bulbs Diffusing Light Widely as Incandescent Bulb

Rohm Co Ltd introduced its new E26 LED light bulb prototypes at Green Device 2009 held from Oct 28 to 30 in Japan.
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Lighting Fair 2009: Latest OLED Lights Emerge

Latest OLED lighting technologies were demonstrated at Lighting Fair 2009, an exhibition of lighting technologies and equipment that runs from March 3 to 6, 2009, at Tokyo Big Sight. Now some OLED lighting manufacturer is showing off their OLED lighting devices.
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Rohm ambitiously to enter LED lighting market

Japanese component manufacturer Rohm Semiconductor will begin selling LED-based lighting fixtures for offices and commercial facilities in March, according to a recent report. It’s disclosed that the company will sell five types of LED light fixtures, each shaped like an incandescent or fluorescent light and containing several hundred of Rohm's 1-3 mm sq. LED chips. The company had prototype versions of the fixtures on its booth at the Electronica tradeshow in November 2008 (see photo).
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Rohm introduces two high-intensity, high-precision Autofocus LED

Rohm Co Ltd has developed the SML-L1 and SML-J1 series of side-view and top-view high-output surface-mount LEDs designed to provide autofocus flash functionality and auxiliary lighting in low light conditions for increasingly compact digital still and video cameras.
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Rohm Develops "Smallest" LED Backlight Driver ICs

Recently, Japan semiconductor manufacturer Rohm developed LED backlight driver ICs that incorporate an ultra-compact wafer-level chip scale package (WL-CSP), which are designed for small 1.6- to 4-inch LCDs in portable devices requiring high efficiency for maximum battery life.
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ROHM Electronics announces White LED Driver

Recently, ROHM Electronics announces the availability of the BD8113EFV-E2, a white LED driver IC designed to provide constant current drive for white LED backlights in medium- to large-format automotive TFT-LCD displays.
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